1. Michael says

    LA Fitness being built in Bloomfield MI. Too bad! Already turning away members because of their bigotry and the building isn’t even finished. Nice work.

  2. JKM says

    LA Fitness just opened a new gym in Gaithersburg with a another one under construction. Sadly, I have a lifetime membership carried over from Bally’s but intend to express my displeasure with the management. If that happened here she would have been protected and could seek legal recourse.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    She IS suing, yes? If the state recognizes her as a woman and she has had sex-re-assignment surgery then by all means, she has every right to use the woman’s locker room and to be denied is flat out discrimination. Sue the SH*T out of LA Fitness to the tune of as much as you can get. Perhaps then they will make sure such denial never happens again. (I would be fuming mad!)

    BTW, she looks to be a lovely girl.

  4. Sean Maloney says

    I doubt this was a corporate decree. Sounds more like an unenlightened manager, is all. Here’s hoping corporate has a sit-down with the manager and provides some common sense training.

  5. says

    What do the anti-trans bigots want? For a woman that looks like a woman but was born a man to use the Men’s Changeroom, thus making other men in there do uncomfortable double-takes?

    It’s 2013. Y’all have the internet. There’s simply no excuse to not understand our trans brothers and sisters and what they’re going through.

    Every gay person who refuses to stand up for our Trans brothers and sisters deserves every ounce of the anti-gay hatred and prejudice they’ll continue to experience in life.

  6. nikito says

    maybe these things would be easier if we recognize that bathrooms/ locker rooms/ other sex separated places are meant to be just that, segregated by *biological sex*, not about notions of gender. Is there a penis between this woman’s legs? If Y, then biological women should have a say in whether they feel comfortable.

  7. Ben says

    Kiwi, does your moral rule about how people deserve hatred and prejudice apply to others too? So if a woman doesn’t speak out on antigay violence, she deserves to be raped? Or if an African American doesn’t actively speak out in favor of trans locker room access then he deserves to be harassed by the KKK?

    You are really a sick individual Kiwi, aka, Raymond Miller of Toronto and Brooklyn, NY. Please seek help and learn that no one deserves hatred and prejudice.

  8. says

    I think I agree with Nikito. If a person came into the locker room and the had a penis but looked like a woman I would feel uncomfortable. Maybe we should have coed bathrooms.

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