1. Derrick From Philly says

    @”Mr.” Geoffroy: It’s “The Guilty Conscience”, not “Conscious”, you shamefully illiterate little boy. It even says that in the damned video.

    Standards, Andy! Standards!

  2. QJ201 says

    Since NO ONE seems to play EDITOR anymore (and not just on here).


    Write your blog post in Word, Pages, whatever, and SPELL CHECK and GRAMMAR check BEFORE posting.

    thank you,

    The readers

    FYI the squiggly red line means incorrect spelling and the squiggly green line means wonky grammar

  3. jamal49 says

    Love ya, Andy et al, but ahem! Spell Check! Proofreaders! Something! Anything! The strains are starting to show!

  4. FFS says

    All these cat people with camcorders should commit harikari and make room for people that actually contribute.

  5. bandanajack says

    mr geoffroy may be a very nice person, but without intending to pile on he has demonstrated repeatedly that he has command of neither grammar nor spelling. his reportage has also proven to be inaccurate and ill chosen as well. not up to the standards of most posting in hear i am afraid. back to the bush leagues, please.