1. Fahd says

    He proved himself a comedic genius in the unreasonably short-lived television comedy series, Blue Mountain State.

    In his case, I think his physical attributes distract from what a good actor he is.

    I wish he would find his vehicle, because I think if he did, he would be destined for stardom.

    I assure you, he also is great in bed.

    He needs hair and makeup right now though.

    Love him and wish him the best!

  2. says

    @FAHD: Agreed. He was the best thing about Blue Mountain State. He really showed his comedic skills and didn’t rely solely on his looks like most other prettyboy actors do.

    He was also great in his guest appearances as Aquaman on Smallville. I hope they bring him back as Aquaman on Arrow (yes I know it’s not in the same continuity, but he’d still be a good choice if they bring Arthur onto the show)

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