1. Chris says

    It was Tommy Tune’s number in the original show, but Shirley MacLaine has been doing this number in her live show forever, notably recorded on “Live at the Palace” so it is from Seesaw, bit its association with Shirley MacLaine is through her live show.

  2. GMB says

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s awfully curious to hear how Anna Kendrick’s vocals hold up to the super-demanding soprano of Cinderella in INTO THE WOODS. No doubt they’ll change some keys for her (on “On The Steps of the Palace,” most certainly), but the ensemble numbers and duets continually keep her in her head voice, rather than these honey-dued belty notes that she’s been working since her HIGH SOCIETY days.

  3. Rascal says

    There’s another association between MacLaine and Seesaw – she starred along with Robert Mitchum in the original movie on which the musical was based, “Two for the Seesaw.”

  4. MFinBH says

    The highlight of the MacLaine tribute was Sutton Foster; Kendrick isn’t yet at Foster’s level (who is?). And Rufus Wainwright was fantastic; he’s really growing better looking with age.

    Unfortunately, in spite of a worthy slate of honorees, this was the least grand induction show the KCH has ever done.

    BTW: was I the only one surprised that they didn’t get Rob Thomas (or anyone else) to sing ‘Smooth’ in the Santana segment?

  5. Drew in SF CA says

    Anna was FANTASTIC. She’s got a great voice and the tribute to Shirley MacLaine was touching. I was blown away by Anna’s performance in Camp. She sang The Ladies Who Lunch and it was brilliant. Can’t wait to see her, Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski do Into The Woods.

  6. gr8guyca says

    For Shirley MacLaine, the absence of Warren Beatty – her brother – seemed very odd. Is there bad blood between them? I would also have preferred Jack Nicholson over Kathy Bates to introduce the tribute.

    The performances by Don Henley and Rufus Wainwright were great, but I was surprised that there wasn’t a huge star there to perform.

    To me, the highlight of the KC Honors series was Beyonce’ performing, “The Way We Were” during the Streisand tribute.
    A great performance that rivaled, yet honored, the original.

  7. L Goethe says

    Good Going, Shirley! Started as understudy who got an unusual break (the lead broke her leg) and here Shirley is years later a natural for still stardom! BRAVO

  8. CK says

    Yeah, I felt that the show as a whole was pretty lackluster, especially for the people they were inducting. That being said, Brendan Urie (from Panic at the Disco) was just looking delicious during the Billy Joel tribute, and who would have thought that throwing Sutton Foster, Patina Miller, Karen Olivo, and Anna Kendrick together would have meh results. It’s the curse of Streep + Close + Redgrave again.

  9. elinda says

    why wasn’t Warren Beatty mentioned in the Kennedy Center honors tribute to Shirley MacLaine? I think his childhood photo was shown? Was the mention of him cut? Was he in the audience? Also, why not more from Pajama Game (the Broadway show that Shirley MacLaine was in) instead of Sweet Charity? (Gwen Verdon was on Broadway; MacLaine was in the movie.)

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