1. walter says

    want to this opportunity to thank the Christian right for making hate the leading export of the United States. these people are losing here at home so they have decided to try everywhere else in the world from Russia to Uganda to Jamaica . hope to hell on their travels they contact some fatal disease

  2. disgusted American says

    ..I just don’t understand how they’re legally aloud to go to other countries and spread hate, bigotry, assaults and deaths to LGBT people

  3. SoLeftImRight says

    It’s just the most fantastically stupid thing — once again — from these maniacs. What is the issue with sodomy? Trust me, Porno Pete and friends, you have no idea if or when sodomy is going on in any random bedroom, straight, gay or otherwise, that you happen to pass by at any given moment. Making it illegal is ridiculous on its face!

    It’s one thing for these dangerous morons to be spewing this garbage at home, but going around the world, often to countries where GLBT people survive under extreme threat of violence, to stoke the flames of hate is not acceptable.

  4. says

    OMG, Massachusetts is such a scary place for straight people now, gasp!! Especially as compared to the paradise of Jamaica. The anti-gay zealots are sure accumulating those frequent flyer miles to backwards lands now that their brand of bigotry isn’t as welcome at home.

  5. says

    Especially impressed with Wayne West’s ability to lie while speaking of truth & standing up for freedom of speech & freedom of conscience’.

    What this law really means is that as consenting adults you’ll have NO freedom of conscience in your own bedroom. Stop & think clearly about that for a minute Jamaica.

    In the US we’ve been down this road for decades and as a society based on Constitutional guarantees of liberty & equality for all the resounding truth is that no one should be allowed to dictate or legislate the private consensual sex lives of adults.

    They’re asking you to give up a basic tenet of democratic Liberty.

    Check out the history of the speaker they brought in from the States. The SPLC lists his organization as a hate group.

  6. Fahd says

    I personally am boycotting Jamaica and Jamaican products. Everyone else should do the same. Its patronizing to not hold the people of Jamaica to a civilized standard of decency in treatment of the LGBT community. My heart goes out to those who suffer there.

  7. Todd says

    For a country that states the US influence should not factor into their cultural decisions they invite a lot of propaganda mongers to the country.

  8. Bill says

    Pathetic little man. A life devoted to hatred, lies, antagonism and bullying. Quite the proud legacy.