1. Jack Ford says

    “NOW he’s gonna let us know? Please! I’ve would have stayed at home. Call me tomorrow…” He’s hilarious! The lawyer doesn’t seem convinced at all and that newsreader woman in the second clip kept calling the judge Piazzi instead of Piazza. Oh and the “man on the street” in the first clip didn’t have a clue what he was talking about either.

  2. woody says

    Check out this article on how judge piazza ruled regarding allowing unmarried couples to adopt. He seems concerned about not infringing on the rights of couples. The attorney general of arkansas was against him on that case too, but he pretty much told him to suck it.
    Sounds like he’d be with us on marriage equality.

  3. YSOSERIOUS says

    Really cool articles on this on the web. I think Arkansans will be surprised by this. The reason he’s taking his time is he’s ‘feeling’ the situation out. Usually a good thing for our side. The right side of History.

  4. SpaceCadet says

    That would be amazing if the judge would rule in favor of same-sex marriage because Arkansas is the last place anyone would expect it so soon. The right-wingers and Bible-thumpers would be in an uproar!