Boy Scouts Deliver Pizza to Utah County Clerks and Gay Couples Waiting for Marriage Licenses

Boy Scouts 1

As hundreds of gay couples anxiously waited in line to get married at the Salt Lake City county clerk's office over the weekend, some local boy scouts showed why there really should be a merit badge for promoting equality. 

In pictures posted on Twitter yesterday, boy scouts were shown spreading the love and delivering pizza to county workers who skipped their lunches to process the flood of marriage licenses. The boy scouts also began handing out pizza to couples waiting in the long lines in the hallways as well.

Now if only the BSA leadership could be as open and welcoming to gay adults…

Boy Scouts 2

[via The Daily Grind]


  1. woody says

    This is awesome.
    These kids gotta get on TV.
    This is chaos, right Gov. Herbert?
    Happy people, municipal workers giving of their time for others and Boy Scouts serving pizza…
    Gov. Herbert: You need to have a Scrooge realization moment…

  2. TANK says

    This is a great story with some really striking images. It’s nice to see a post that shows the beautiful side of life for a change. This story makes Tank proud to be an American and gives me hope for a better future for everyone! And Kendall, please don’t be a troll with your totally irrelevant comments about receding hairlines on middle aged queens. Today we are all Utahns!

  3. steve says

    this reveals a more nuanced side of Utah – not quite the one dimensional picture that people often imagine. I’ve enjoyed my visits there.

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    I must agree with Kendall, the male pattern baldness is a giveaway, as is the rainbow neckerchief. And the other one has Lesbian Hair, although lots of teenage boys have Lesbian Hair (or is it the other way around?).

  5. woody says

    He might by young. I started balding at 17, and that’s where my hairline was at 20 in college. He has on gray hair.

  6. q says

    Omg. Utah? Boy Scouts?

    Wow. You have to be a real lame ‘Troll-roadie’ not to be proud of this new generation of leaders!

    Certainly a shock to say I am proud of Utah! Never thought that would happen.

    But Love Wins Out. And so does Community! Bravo to Utah!

  7. Daddy Todd says

    Or, ya know, he could be the scoutmaster.

    And I think that’s my buddy Larry in the bottom pic taking a piece. Congratulations Larry & Kirk!

  8. crispy says

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but the rainbow neckerchief had me somewhat skeptical…

    That appears to be Troop 351, and some googling has led me to their scout leader Peter Brownstein. Troop 351 is part of a Jewish outreach in scouting.

    Brownstein is a gay advocate who was reprimanded by Boy Scouts of America earlier this year for marching in Salt Lake City’s gay pride parade. He’s also attempted to start a troop sponsored by Utah’s Pride Center for kids whose parents dispute BSA’s anti-gay policies, but he’s been denied by BSA. They’ve threatened him with expulsion from the Scouts.

    What these guys are doing is great. But they are no way representative of a larger cultural shift in BSA.

  9. says

    Rivers are made one drop of rain at a time.

    Today’s generation gets equality and are so much more aware of the power their voices have on social issues. Look at Eastside Catholic & #ChangeTheChurch. Those kids will be voting in the next election.

    The BSA is changing. Allowing open gay scouts was a huge move and they stood strong under a ton of backlash. We’ll get there.

    Congratulations Utah! The happy couples exchanging vows and the Boy Scouts showing courage of convictions. Proud moment.

  10. Alex says

    The title of the article is misleading. There is a county in Utah called “Utah County,” and the clerks there rejected the court order and denied to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The Boy Scouts brought pizza to the Salt Lake County offices.

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    The Course in Miracles says that the holiest places on earth are the places where the grosses injustices have been committed. Utah seems to be in the process of becoming one of those places.