1. northalabama says

    mr. fisher just doesn’t get it. the bakery owner is still free to go to church and believe whatever he wants.

    however; the moment he hangs the “open” sign on his bakery, no discrimination will be allowed, period. and, no, the bakery owner doesn’t have the right to force his beliefs on his customers, either. at least not until his bakery becomes a church, and he registers as a non-profit.

  2. Leroy Laflamme says

    Fair enough. And gays are vistims of the religious – what, again? Last time I looked, love was a two-way street, buddy.

  3. Jack M says

    The term “secular theocrats” is the best non sequiter I’ve heard in years. It must be sad when you make sense only to yourself.

  4. says

    The only thing the bakery owner is victim of is his own inability to follow simple, even-handed state non-discrimination law and his delusional belief that the religious should get a special right to discriminate. Of course, Fischer is not alone in his irrationality on this case–he’s just more of a drama queen than most.

  5. Ytr says

    Corporations are creations of the state, and as such as subject to the standards of the state — unlike people, corporations are not permitted, categorically, to hold prejudicial and discriminatory views and for good reason. Limited liability and lower taxes doesn’t come cheap: in exchange companies are not allowed to be racist, sexist, or homophobic.

  6. DeathsHeadHawkMoth says

    lol –

    And his vocabulary is so limited too. He can’t escape using biblical words; emotionally charged ones at that. Demagogue.

  7. Hey Darlin' says

    Sometimes as business owners are persuaded to stand up for a bigoted cause, they fail. That’s all that’s happened here, you can’t discriminate against a specific group, regardless of the business owners chosen wall color, pant color or religion.

  8. Josh M. says

    Why is this f**ker quoted every other day on this site? If he came knocking on my door, I would open and slam it so fast, the air rush would disperse his little cloud of sulfurous smoke. Seriously, we know the ruling was correct, the bakers are douches, and haters keep hating. Please keep offering the positive, uplifting news.

  9. says

    Much like children, when some adults don’t get their way, they say all sorts of things which are not true. Truth lies at the center of all that is right.

  10. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I second the motion that the daily haters updates are boring. I skip over every one of the near-daily posts about this particular idiot. I care about this case, sure, but not about the people who are making money stirring up their hateful, crazy audience over this case. So what else is new?

    This is why it takes me ten seconds to read joemygod — I just don’t care about the professional anti-gays and what they’ve said or done today, which is exactly the same things they say and do every day.

  11. David says

    I’m wondering if bigot guy was burned to death in public like the gay victims of the real Inquisition. No, I didn’t think so.

  12. Randy says

    Christians secretly want everyone else to treat them like they treated everyone else during the inquisitions, crusades, troubles, invasion of the Americas, etc.

    They get so upset when we don’t, because they really need that to justify past events.

  13. Ytr says

    I like to be updated on extremists like NOM and Bryan etc. Fall asleep at the wheel, and such people and organizations may gain too much power with the dum dums of society, al la Hitler. Yes I said Hitler. They need to be roundly scorned until the die off. Look at what they’re already doing in Africa and Russia.

  14. q says

    Oh my. Guess who’s acting like their church back ‘in their day’

    That would be you, Miss Fissure.

  15. Bill says

    Of course, Bryan Fisher is a liar – that baker was not risking jail but rather a fine: he was violating the civil code, not the penal code.

    But hey, if these guys have that much of a martyr complex, I’m sure there are some S&M “masters” who can show them a thing or two about what the real inquisition was like. He can sign up at (ok I’m making that up but a suitable web site shouldn’t be that hard to find and I’m sure there are some readers into that sort of thing who could help him out).

  16. Gay Guy says

    If you also accept that he can discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, disabilites that are not relevant to his operation, and against individuals of certain faiths, etc. then it’ also OK to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Otherwise it’s not.

    You cannot even refuse to admit seeing eye dogs in kosher or halal restaurants.

  17. HA! says

    SOOO— would you be spewing the same bile if it were a gay business owner? Say a florist forced to do flowers for Neo Nazis? How about a black Man or Woman catering for the Klan? He has the right to say no…AND WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BOYCOTT HIS BUSINESS

  18. q says


    You are a liar and ignorant to public accomodation laws in these United States.

    How about upping your game and getting a little education. I know it’s hard for LCR Trolls to hold actual facts in their heads…

    …but some of us hold out hope for you idiots.

  19. says

    Oh those poor, persecuted Christians! They’re constantly being bullied in schools, beaten to death in public, and prevented from getting married! Won’t somebody please give a f*ck?