Bullied Minnesota Student Calls for Ban on ‘Ex-gay’ Therapy for LGBT Kids

Alec Fischer

A University of Minnesota student who experienced extreme anti-gay bullying growing up has launched a Change.org petition urging Minnesota to become the third state to ban ex-gay therapy, behind New Jersey and California.

That student, Alec Fisher, has secured over 82,000 signatures for the petition and has already drafted language for a bill that would ban the practice in Minnesota with the help of State Representative Karen Clark (DFL-Minneapolis). Both hope to have the bill introduced before the legislative session begins in February.

"This bill is about saving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender kids in the state of Minnesota," said Fischer, who chronicled his and other students' stories of bullying in a Kickstarter documentary film, Minnesota Nice?

GLAAD, which worked closely to help pass the ex-gay therapy ban in New Jersey earlier this year, said that Fischer's work in Minnesota is critical in creating a culture accepting of all kids.

"The vast majority of Americans, including every scientific and medical professional association, are aware of how harmful and dangerous so-called 'ex-gay' therapy is for LGBT people and their loved ones, said Ross Murray, GLAAD's Director of News. "The fact that this practice hasn't been banned is a grave injustice that is quickly righting itself."

To sign the petition (and help get Marcus Bachmann unemployed), click HERE



  1. FFS says

    Hopefully, some Congressional Republicans will die so we can get this passed at the Federal level, as well.

    And they need to ban the process of taking minors out of the country for this purpose. That ex-gay “camp” in Costa Rica is essentially just a front for human trafficking.

  2. Frank says

    Anti-bullying programs are a great start. Some kids need to be taught they have a RIGHT to defend themselves. Being LGBT doesn’t abrogate that right, no matter what your religion, your parents, or classmates say.

  3. bkmn says

    The Luddites…er TeaBaggers….er MN GOP & crew are already trying to stir up the senior citizens against an anti-bullying bill.

    Fortunately the hag they sent to do the job came off so nutjob the old folks told her to take a hike.

    Of course M. Bachmann’s old cronies in the Anoka-Hennepin school district are already revving their masses too.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ KMN- when the state voted on the Marriage Amendment, I saw someone bring in a van load of senior citizens. They got their ballots and sat down at a table with the woman that brought them. She was telling them how to vote, and it was definitely for the amendment. That was perfectly legal.

  5. anon says

    Okay, the ninth circuit of appeals allowed the law to remain in force while the trial continued. Currently a series of court cases are moving around the CA court system.

  6. RonCharles says

    Kudos to Alec Fisher! Young people like him are leading the cause of gay rights at the state level, and they are helping to change minds and pass legislation.

    I just now checked out his Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his anti-bullying film, and it was gratifying to see that he had raised the money that he needed to make it. Also, I signed his petition on-line.

    This shows just how important it is to keep supporting groups such as GLAAD and GLSEN, as well as all the Alec Fishers of the world.

  7. Bernie says

    this young man is the picture of backbone and courage……..Alec Fisher is standing up for what he believes and not too many young people are able to do that……the fact that this is in Minnesota, where the Bachmanns live is icing on the cake……I would never stop laughing if this law was passed……Marcus Bachmann would have to close down his offices and maybe he could find work as a dog, er rather rat catcher along with his wife, who thankfully is finished her term in Congress

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