Can Nuts Help You Lose Weight? — VIDEO


Should you be pounding the almonds, pistachios, cashews, and walnuts over the holidays?

Well, not exactly. But new research suggests they could have something to do with controlling appetite:

Research has found that people can snack on modest amounts of them without gaining pounds, and that nuts can even help in slimming down.

This dieting power is particularly hard to fathom when you consider that nuts pack 160 to 200 calories in each tiny ounce, not even a handful. And most of those calories come from fat. Ounce for ounce, cashews and pecans and walnuts are loaded with more calories than many of the processed foods being blamed for the surge in obesity. In the conventional wisdom, a dieter’s best friends are watery foods like celery and carrot sticks.

Watch an illustrative video from the NYT, AFTER THE JUMP...