1. Randal Oulton says

    There’s a whole lot more to weight management than calories; counting calories alone isn’t enough. That’s why a few years ago Weight Watchers made most vegetables and fruits free foods — for the fibre in them, I think (not sure of whole reason.) If you’re considering weight management in the New Year, you may wish to consider Weight Watchers for men. You can do it online for 20 bucks a month. No, I don’t work for them, lol, I’m just a member who can say I’m one person it totally worked for.

  2. dommyluc says

    Of course nuts can help you lose weight. Every time I see Sarah Palin on TV I can’t eat for a week without puking.

  3. Name: says

    i eat less when I eat anything healthy. When you eat junk food your body isn’t satisfied and you eat more. Also going to the gym or running 3 times a week for 45 min will keep you from adding weight.

  4. ascanius1 says

    excellent bbc documentary on the most recent science of weight loss. explains why soup and low-fat yogurt (along with the usual fruit and veg) make losing weight a whole lot easier without feeling hungry.

  5. ian says

    I enjoy raw almonds and cashews, probably too much. I snack on them during work breaks. They do satiate my hunger. I end up eating less because a handful of nuts are filling, and that fullness lasts a good while.

  6. Craig says

    Why do I feel like the price of nuts is about to double. Just like every time Doc Oz recommends something, the prices double and it sells out.

    My go to snack – celery with Sriracha.

  7. Quicksilver says

    One Xmas I was exceedingly genocidal and consumed nothing but cashews and skim milk. Lost twelve pounds in a week.

  8. Paul R says

    Quicksilver, I know a similar feeling. I work from home, and since my ex moved out, I’ve become more of a grazer than I already was. Never a full meal. I also got tired of grocery shopping. Within two months I’d lost 40 pounds without realizing it was anywhere near that much.

    I had an inkling that something was amiss when the only jeans that fit were from when I was 13–almost 30 years ago. And all my friends were constantly trying to get me to eat, but it seemed gross. I was probably having an overly empathetic response to my dog giving up food, knowing what that would mean.

  9. james st. james says

    There’s another aspect to snacking on nuts. Since the volume is small your stomach can shrink even though you feel full. Then later meals of smaller volume will fill you up. Same principle as lap band surgery to shrink stomach capacity.