‘Case Study In Transmisogyny’ Points Out The Uglier Sides Of Colbert, Stewart’s Television Personas

ColberttransAn article titled "A Case Study in Transmisogyny: The Colbert Report & The Daily Show" by Leela Ginelle makes a point of revealing the damaging, transphobic language of the otherwise progressive television show hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Ginelle, writing for PQ Monthly, uses pointed remarks and maddening examples of dialogue from the two host's respective shows to make clear the lack of respect they hold for transgender women. 

Here is a selection of dialogue and Ginelle's commentary, reported by PQ Monthly:

“Governor Bob Riley, of Alabama, is fond of banana pudding…when served off the breasts of a Thai shemale.” – The Colbert Report

Isn’t Stephen Colbert funny? He’s a satirist.

“…President Elect, Obama is meeting every day with his transition team, or in beltway lingo, ‘trannies’.” – The Colbert Report

He pretends he’s a conservative pundit, like Bill O’Reilly, but you can tell he isn’t. He never makes jokes that are actually hurtful to minority groups, like gays and lesbians. It’s more like he’s making fun of conservatives who in real life would make those jokes. Clever, huh?

Stewarttrans“C’mon democratic party. Play along! If your party does not implode, we’ll have to go with our backup scandal. Ed Rendell is a tranny!” – The Colbert Report

There seems to be one exception to this, though. A group he appears to think is beneath dignity, and that feels free to bully. A set of slurs he finds hilarious.

This consistent ridicule is completely unbalanced by any positive representation on the program. Transwomen are purely unseen punching bags, brought out for a quick “laugh.”

Stephen Colbert and his show suffer no loss of luster for this behavior, even as actual transgender women suffer 53% of all lgbtq violent crimes and remain 50 times more likely than any other population to contract HIV.

Though Ginelle is selective in her choice of the host's dialogue, there nonetheless appears to be an inordinate level of allowance for such slurs on television. She also links to a change.org petition aimed at informing Stewart and Colbert of their offensive language, and asking them to correct it.

However, Ginelle won't settle:

As for myself, until I hear as many apologies from the two as I’ve heard “jokes” like these, I’ll get my news and “laughs” elsewhere.


  1. oncemorewithfeeling says

    She has some valid points, of course, but they’re smothered by both her cutesy snark and strident attacks. It’s a shame she’s not a better writer because these are issues that need to be addressed and corrected. She’s just not the one to address them.

  2. northalabama says

    education is the key with stewart and colbert, not boycott – don’t turn into the religious right or the gop. intelligent comedians, when presented with sound arguments and facts, will be more than willing to adjust their comedy.

    they have leeway to make fun of everybody, and i don’t hear the jewish league calling for a boycott of stewart. take a deep breath, and call for a little more sensitivity towards the oppressed.

  3. epic says

    Couldn’t this be a little more about context? I understand it could be taken as an offense but who outside the lgbt community is aware of it as an insult…and the offended group is not even the target of the offense…I don’t think it is funny but isn’t there a better way to go about it then this? Did they try contacting them? are they just ranting?

  4. Randy says

    I don’t see anything offensive in the first two quotes. The third quote is borderline, but still only works due to Republican transphobia. The main reason you’d take offense to it is your own transphobia.

    It should be noted that there was a big to-do about the word “tranny” already, regarding a movie title. It seems that (like “queer”) there’s disagreement whether the term is positive or negative.

    And what the heck is “transmisogyny”? We already have a word for transphobia. It’s a red flag when people start inventing words we already have words for.

  5. BreckRoy says

    Can’t speak for Stewart, but I have heard enough of Colbert’s comments to know that he speaks “in the voice” of an idiot religious conservative with extreme casual bigotry, all as a way of satirizing real life idiot, sexist, casual bigots like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly. If these jokes aren’t coming out of his mouth when he’s himself and not his character, which is not likely if she’s critiquing the SHOW, then there is little to nothing to see here.

  6. 2old2getangry says

    Leela Ginelle makes a point… of taking herself too F’ing serious to be taken serious by actual thinking people. Get a life outside your own head.

  7. Ryan says

    We would not accept it if Colbert used the word “faggot” in his program, even if he really meant it as satirization of a conservative bigot.

    Yes, “faggot” is more generally recognized as offensive than “tranny” currently, but come on, let’s not pretend that just because something is “satire” that no language is off limits.

  8. Thomas says

    I am a staunch supporter of the trans community, but this is such crap.

    This was clearly written by someone who has never seen The Colbert Report. To claim Colbert never makes “hurtful” jabs at other minorities is flat out wrong. He does a horribly racist character named Ching Chong Ding Dong for Christ sake…

    You can scoff and act like it’s not actually satire because you need a witch to burn, but the fact is Colbert does more to help the LGBT community by portraying this terribly conservative news pundit, then all your misguided angry trans zines and essays ever will.

  9. Matthew says

    Lol! The trans activists have found more people to hate! Colbert and Stewart join the trans activists enemies list, which includes:

    – Dan Savage
    – NPH
    – lesbian feminists
    – members of a teenage girls swim team in Washington
    – a music festival in Michigan
    – a rape crisis and support center in Vancouver
    – gay film maker Diego Luna
    – Jay Leno
    – David Letterman
    – Conan O’Brien
    – Procter & Gamble
    – the Washington Post
    – the New York Times
    – HRC
    – “Cis scum”
    – LGBs, whom they see as stupid marks to be exploited for money and labor.

    That’s just a partial list. Colbert and Stewart should wear these attacks like a badge of honor.

    To hell with trans activists. To hell with their hostility, their hatred, their endless Nixon-like enemies lists, their homophobia, their misogyny (which is actually a real thing, unlike “transmisogyny”), their violence, their bullying, and their transjacking of the LGB civil rights movement.

  10. alex says

    Here’s what I want to know: Prior to publishing this article, did the author contact The Colbert Report or The Daily Show? The transgender community is quite small. It’s possible that the writers might not understand that these terms are offensive to some people.

  11. throwslikeagirl says

    The trans community has had a very rough go of it, and has only recently risen up and become vocal. Good for them. It will take some time before humor can be accepted, as it is with many other marginalized groups. It’s a balance for comedians to keep in mind. Yes, let’s push the envelope, relax and enjoy some humor, but at the same time be aware that this group has a lot of good reasons to be taken seriously and treated with dignity and sensitivity.

  12. Rob says

    This was annoying to read, and only further suggests that transgender issues are completely foreign to me and should be divorced from the LGB movement. How they became intertwined is beyond me.

  13. TheSuzi says

    Tranny outrage! Its been 6 hours since the last incident, so we were overdue. :-)

    Tranny was never an insult. It was used for decades, mostly by trannies. It was only in the last few years that trannies decided that they needed more things to be angry about, so the word was instantly zapped into a terrible slur. How do I know? Simple. I am a tranny.

    The bottom line which I know from personal experience is about 95% of trannies are very damaged people. They desperately do NOT want to look inward, at their own lives and at their own psyches. That task is unpleasant and difficult. It is far easier and more enjoyable to turn one’s disaffection outward, to vent one’s unhappiness with life on other people. Hence the never-ending list of insults, slights, and jokes that they rage about. The best thing that the cis world can do is to ignore stuff like this. Don’t feed into it. Don’t give “Leila Ginelle” a reason to avoid looking at herself.

  14. 2old2getangry says

    Attention must be paid… Outraged judgement (righteousness) is as intolerable coming from the Left as it is coming from the Right. It is usually, if not always, just plain stupi.

  15. andrew says

    That’s food for thought. I think many of us, myself included, need to be more understanding of and sensitive to the issues faced by all the people who make up our LGBT community.

  16. Steve says

    You can’t laugh at anyone else until you can laugh at yourself. It only shows how low your self-esteem is. Until the trans community deals with its own problems and rises up with some positive role models, you won’t get any respect.

  17. Thedrdonna says

    I wonder how many of these brave souls would be willing to share their stories of brutal oppression at the hands of trans people if TowleRoad required linking one’s account to, say, their facebook profile?

  18. Sienna says

    Look everyone, TheDrDonna, the tranny from the United Kingdom, has come here to threaten us. Poor Donna!
    It must frustrating not to be able to see our FB profiles. How you would love to unleash your trans activist thugs on Towleroad readers who dare criticize trans activists. I have no doubt that your fellow psychiatric patients would waste no time terrorizing the LGB readers here just as they have done to the women who attend the Michigan music festival, Dan Savage and Dr. J Michael Bailey and 1000 other innocent people.

    LGBs need to wake up. Ts are not our “people.” They use us. And when anyone calls out this exploitation for what it is, trans activists go after them, often violently. We need to start working with the police to bring down violent trans activists, who are just a few notches above neo-Nazis and terrorists.

  19. Chris says

    I am exhausted of people waking up one day and deciding a word is offensive and launching attacks, especially against allies.

    How about this, I find the word “cisgendered” to be incredibly offensive, it’s actually not even a word just the figment of someone’s imagination. So from now on, anyone who uses the term “cis-anything” shall be immediately branded offensive and a bigot. Maybe we can even make up more words like cisogyny-the irrational hatred of non trans individuals by members of the trans community.

    It may be time to drop the T from the LGB

  20. Ugh ! says

    So some activists are just jerks. Big surprise there.

    Look, just calling yourself an activist doesn’t make you one. An angry cross-dresser is just that. And not surprisingly, nobody wants to be around them. Which makes them even more angry. And ugly.

    They are not representative of the trans community, so stop acting like they’re anything other than angry clowns.

  21. Thomas Cardellino says

    23 years ago, I met for the first time a woman who was born physically as a man, but undertook the awe-inspiring journey to become the woman she always knew she was. As a good friend to one of my best regarded friends, and me as a newly settled resident of San Francisco, I was so immediately educated and won over by the lifelong travail this beautiful, inside and out, woman had to endure to become her real self that I vowed then to forevermore embrace and simply treat as fellow citizens along the path of life all the men and women I would meet as victors over the biological errors that occurred in uterus beyond their control and the pressures of gender conformity beyond their birth. I then vowed, in as nonchalant but as effective a manner personally possible in my daily life, to further nurturing and reinforcing their deeply personal discovery about themselves; it became a primary interest of mine when meeting all humanity. Ever since, I have been so greatly rewarded by revealing my own personal struggles as a gay guy, as well as sharing in my few transgender friends lives’ details that are supremely inspiring in our mutual human quest to become the best and most authentic persons we can become. Furthermore, I profoundly believe that the personal histories of the brave folks who have embraced their own transgender challenges can be an inspiration to all of humanity, from children who feel outcast for some peer pressure induced reason, to teenage and older folks who feel as if a better life is possible for them as they strive to be the best citizens they can possibly be. For me, it comes down to the US Constitution’s guarantees of absolute equality of humanity and the Constitution’s extended task of ensuring the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness not only here in the USA but worldwide. Would that otherwise “enlightened” folks, especially those who command public podiums, would be as nurturing to those who need it most in these American States.

  22. JMC says

    Yeah, this has always bothered me and transgender activists have been making noise about this for a while.

    Colbert is of course a parody of bigoted right wingers but you never see him use slurs when he’s feigning bigotry towards other minority groups. Imagine if he said n*gger and faggot as freely as he uses tranny in his “humor” to gain some perspective on how unacceptable what he’s doing is. Stewart making mean spirited jokes about transgender is just straight up inexplicable though, bigoted humor is not a part of his humor otherwise.

  23. TheDrDonna says

    First of all, I’m from Cali, not Britain. Not sure why someone decided that was the case, but it’s probably the same nut that claimed they could look up my IP address based on this site’s anonymous comment system. That said, I don’t post my name because there are actual real people out there who have it in for trans folks, like Cathy Brennan and the Pacific Justice Institute, who have shown time and time again that they don’t have any qualms about lying and misrepresenting the truth, and destroying trans folks’ lives, in order to further their bigoted agenda. I don’t want to open myself up to that, or to cowards on this website who would use that information to protect themselves from repercussion even as they attack me. My point was that there are basically no people out there (Cathy Brennan and other TERFs aside) who are claiming that trans people are bullying them or that LGB and T shouldn’t be together. Some sad sacks on the internet like to complain loudly, but don’t do anything in real life. Would you be willing to talk about how awful it is that you can’t carelessly demean people if you had to do it under your own name?

  24. andrew says

    @SIENNA: All over the U.S there are LGBT Community Centers. We are indeed One Community. I volunteer at an LGBT Community Center. Among the many groups that are part of our Center are two Trans Groups. A Trans Woman is on our Executive Board, a Trans Man is on our Staff and several Trans people are frequent volunteers at our center. SIENNA it is time to rid yourself of your narrow view of what makes up our Queer Community. LGBT is our reality. Get with it or get left behind.

  25. Enchantra says

    Let’s review: You are a man who claims to be a woman, and you don’t want other people to have an opinion, make a joke, or otherwise question your delusion.

  26. AM says

    Words can have multiple meanings. Tranny is, among other things, a slur used to refer to transgender and/or transsexual people.
    Stewart and Colbert are satirist, and inherent in that distinction is the idea that satire is a type of humor. There are other types of humor, including some that stem from bigotry. The point of this effort is that the specified transphobic humor disseminated by TDS/TCR is often free from the cues that indicate satire, and are instead suggestive of either true bigotry or complete ignorance of the issue, with trans people being the intended butt of the joke.
    The idea that a popular entertainer’s bigoted actions are excusable simply because they *are entertainers* is myopic and ignores reality: popular entertainers have immense influencial power that often surpasses that of politicians, teachers, parents, etc.

  27. macguffin54 says

    I think there are points to be made in general, but citing these 2 shows is silly. They often take the opposing side and satirize it. And to the point that Colbert would never use language that mocks the gay community, the writer needs to watch the show. That is Colbert’s whole schtick. He uses the offensive language of others to poke fun at them. I have no idea why they are choosing to single out these allies. I do think there are some pretty hateful things being said HERE. Not ANYthing can be said in comedy (we often complain about homophobic content). And just because people complain (even a lot), does not mean they don’t have a point. I just think they are way off base on this one.

  28. S in SF says

    i’m a 49 year old gm who has lived in san francisco for over 25 years. i just learned today from this article that the word ‘tranny’ is a slur and that there is a word i’ve never heard before today: ‘Transmisogyny’

    i guess i’m not too old to learn.

    i’ve worked with and known both FTM and MTF folks here. some of them were nice and at least one of them was a real piece of work. i took it as he was a bad egg just because he was a bad egg and didn’t say to myself: ‘ah, i bet they’re all like that!’

    i have a hard time remembering names and faces and in that same vein, i haven’t been able to correctly keep straight in my mind over the years the difference between transexual, transvestites, or any other category that relates. when i was a little kid it took me forever to remember left from right and how to tie my shoes. go figure.

    i’ll probably use the word tranny again after today, but without malice. hopefully that doesn’t make me an enemy anymore than i think colbert or stewart are to the trans community.

    and outside of all that, i’m kind numbed out to the daily barrage about what’s offensive to everyone.

    i can kind of see how china slipped into sending people to re-education camps back in the day.

    that doesn’t mean i don’t find other points of view valid. i just can’t absorb any more of the daily offense parade.

    at a certain point i think you just have to let people show their ignorance and don’t try to force everyone to think like you. yep, sometimes you’re going to be offended by what they say and think cause it’s not like you…

  29. Marcus says

    It’s amazing how the LGBT community gets all up in arms about the word “Tranny,” and yet LGBT bars around the country are PERFECTLY fine playing up the word to attract a crowd with events like “Tranny Bingo,” “Tranny Disco,” “Tranny Bar,” and “Tranny Night” specials.

    So much emphasis is placed upon being sensitive to every word that may be deemed insensitive to one group or another that we’ll eventually run out of words to blacklist.

    Oops! I used “blacklist.” A term that associates “black” with “bad,” and we shouldn’t use it, anymore. Guess we’ll have to stop using that one, as well.

  30. Sienna says


    “Left behind”? I knew that the adherents of LGBT/Queer ideology were sort of like a cult, but I didn’t think that you all believed in the rapture too. Well, I am quite happy to be left behind with my gay/bi brothers and sisters. You self-proclaimed “queers” and LGBTQIIAAPNGCs can go ascend into your mythical heaven.

    Every single one of those “LGBT” centers was created by LGB people with LGB money and LGB labor. They were called “Gay and Lesbian Centers” or “Gay/Les/Bi Centers” only a little while ago. Then, like a scene out of Stalinist Russia, the signs on those buildings were “amended” to read “LGBT”. No discussion was allowed. No debate was permitted.

    But reality is not determined by fiat. Because trans activists stole buildings that didn’t belong to them doesn’t make them the owners.

    The signs changed once, they can change again. We repealed DADT. We repealed sodomy laws. We can and will repeal LGBT, which like DADT and sodomy laws, hurts gay people and is based on lies.

  31. Sienna says

    @ S from SF:

    You seem like a nice guy, but believe me that FTM was not one bad egg. They are all bad eggs. Just get to know them better. This is one reason why they haven’t succeeded in the public arena and they need to attach themselves to LGBs: when the public gets to know more about them, support for trans rights drops. It is the opposite with LGBs, where knowing an LGB person correlates with an increase in support for gay rights. The difference: getting to know LGBs proves to the public that the negative stereotypes are wrong. Getting to know trannies proves that the stereotypes are right.


    So what you are saying is that other people should do what you won’t do yourself. That is called hypocrisy and it is a consistent component of the warped ethical makeup of every trans activist.

    BTW, the PJI never named any trans person. And Cathy Brennan never “destroyed” anyone. You folks are out to destroy her, a fate you would gladly visit on all lesbian feminists if you had the chance. But as you go about your campaign of intimidation, you should know that you are not as anonymous as you think. Cheerio! We are watching you, cheeky yob!

  32. andrew says

    @SIENNA: Nice try. I’m an agnostic. I don’t believe in any mythical rapture or heaven. By “get with it or get left behind” I was pointing out that today most LGBT people recognize that they are part of one Queer community. We are moving on. Most no longer hold your narrow view of what makes up our community. No Trans people stole our buildings. They were invited in and became part of our community. We are moving on. It is LGBT now. We are a more inclusive community now. Join it. Open your mind to change. Shed your dogmas of the past.

  33. chris255 says

    I think it would be far more effective to just go on the show with an authority (wrote a book on it or movie) on the matter and talk about the difficulties.

    Steward is really good about culture pieces.

  34. Sienna says

    No Andrew, you do have a religion, whether you know it or not. When you buy into LGBT, you are believing in a concept that makes no sense, is not supported by evidence or logic, and which is based on lies. You believe LGBT because you want it to be true and because it makes you feel pious to promote it. It takes the mind of a religious person if not a cultist to think like that.

    Old dogmas? The concept of gay people as a third sex, as gender conflicted, and as crossdressers is as antiquated as stereotypes come. You now promote ideas that were held by psychiatrists over a century ago. And you actually think that you are progressive. Lol!

    So good luck to you and your fellow “queers” as you “move on” into the late 19th century. We gay people somehow manage to muddle through here in the 21st century without you, always appreciating that LGB is full and complete and beautiful in and of itself. LGBs aren’t queer and we don’t need heterosexual hermaphrodites or hormone injectees to complete ourselves.

  35. andrew says

    @SIENNA: “Like a scene out of Stalinist Russia, the signs on those buildings were amended to read LGBT”. “No discussion was allowed. No debate was permitted.” “Trans activists stole the buildings”. Happily SIENNA, there is even room for drama queens like yourself in our LGBT Community. When I speak of the LGBT Community, I am not “promoting” anything. I am just recognizing reality. I volunteer at an LGBT Community Center and it works well for all the different groups that make up LGBT. Put aside your narrow view and recognize reality.

  36. jjose712 says

    Anglosaxons are totally obsessed with words.
    Sorry but it’s not the word what matter, it’s the context and the tone, the same word can be totally different if the context and the tone are not the same

  37. Edgar Carpenter says

    @RYAN – Colbert can use “faggot” in his ridiculous screeds, so far as I’m concerned. I won’t be at all offended. He’s holding up bigoted right-wingers to ridicule, which I approve, and the real ones call me much worse in real life.

    About the article – it looks like Ginelle is being offended by specific words if they are used by anyone, anywhere, for any reason. She’s missing the context completely, and that’s typical behavior for some serious academics of every political persuasion. They are always with us, draining the life out of most discussions with pedantry, and missing the point. Attacks against trangender/transsexual people should be addressed and stopped. But those quotes are not attacks so far as I can see.

    For example – “shemale” is a purely porn description which refers to actors in a very specific genre of porn and sex work. It’s a real thing, whether or not it’s a commercial entity which “should” exist. Colbert uses the term in that very narrow sense, and it’s clear in the quoted sentence that he’s not even thinking about transgender people as a group when he uses that term, he’s being appropriately specific.

  38. Homo Genius says

    I find the phrase LGBT offensive. Its like be referred to as colored. Even more offensive are LGBTQIetcetc.

    I am so sick of being lumped in with trannies and hermaphrodites and the generally confused.

  39. anon says

    This looks like academic exegesis, with the ridiculous technical jargon and the political ax grinding masquerading as “research”. There are limits to “taking offense” beyond which you are just an isolated nut job. “Taking offense” only really works when there are enough people behind you and agree with you that you can make concrete political threats.

  40. ty says

    Tranny is a cute term, refering to a transmission on car, you know the thing that makes it go forward and backward. There are way worse words out there… breathe!!

  41. Jon says

    I used to listen to my tranny all the time when i was a kid – i still have it somewhere – probably in the attic. It was seldom a problem – i do remember being told off for having my tranny turned on in bed after 9:30pm.

    sign me up for a return to LGB. I will support the t.q.q.etc community but i’m not part of it. Never have been.

  42. Erin says

    Wow, there’s a surprising number of awful, transphobic bigots infesting this comment section, isn’t there?

    And no, Colbert’s jokes aren’t “in character”. Look at the way those jokes are formulated vs. how his jokes involving, say, gay people are formulated. There’s a fundamental difference.

    But that would require giving things two seconds of thought instead of reflexively knee-jerking against anything involving the trans community, so clearly that’s too much to ask.

  43. Thomas Cardellino says

    The preponderance of hatred aimed at the Transsexual community in this blog post is emblematic of why it took so very long after the bravery of Harvey Milk for the American “queer” so-called community to achieve the paltry degree of recognition of universal Equal Rights so far clawed from the hands of the dead and dying heterosexual haters, even given the American Constitution’s explicit wording used by two straight brilliant Constitutional attorneys, Messrs. Boies and Olsen, to set many more neglected Americans free. The anti-transsexual commenters herein are truly worse than the Uncle Toms of the post Civil War USA. You haters are political cannibals and lack all humility about your limited life experience by casting an entire portion of American Humanity into the gutter because you anecdotally encountered a righteously pissed off oppressed minority who happened to be transsexual. You are the George Wallaces of the 21st century.

  44. Matthew says

    Cardellino –

    Harvey Milk never once referred to gay and lesbian people as “LGBT” or “queer.” He never once supported the warped, homophobic idea that because someone is gay, that makes him or her “one people” with crossdressers, transsexuals, and hermaphrodites – the vast majority of whom are straight. In fact, Harvey Milk spent a lot of his life fighting against those very stereotypes. So please don’t invoke his name in an effort to justify your bigoted, archaic views.

    No one is hating on transgenders. We simply are fed up with having our identity as gay people hijacked and we are tired of being handcuffed to a bunch of emotionally unbalanced, perpetually aggrieved heterosexual transgender activists. Gay people love Colbert and if this straight “transwoman” wants to fight a crusade against him, she can do it by herself or with her fellow trannies.

  45. Markt says

    We’re all on a journey to find who we are and then a journey be true to that. This has been true since before civilization began I guess. Castratis excepted, the ability to change one’s anatomy and hormones is a half century old. Why is it so important? Is it based in a need to fit in to society’s idea of what your anatomy must be despite who you are? Anyway, no matter how you look at it – one’s anatomical traits do not have to dictate who you are. And to varying degrees that’s a battle for most of us at some point in our lives. So good luck to us all – we’ll all face words some day that let us know we’re not perfect and not the most desirable.

  46. Put another way says

    “Middling academic issues ridiculous study, using an extremely small number of cherry-picked examples to make a non-existent point.”

    This is utter crap.

  47. MichaelJ says

    I too have some problems with the criticism of Colbert and Stewart and, especially, the way it was expressed. But I am really saddened by the all the hatred and ignorance expressed by so many of the contributors to this thread. I don’t understand trans-sexuality at all and what people who identify as trans-sexual feel, which is precisely why I am in no position to judge it.

  48. Daniel says

    Did she have examples of John Stewart’s show using this language?

    There is a difference between the two shows. Colbert is playing and ignorant, bigoted blow hard in the tradition of Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.

  49. andrew says

    Thankfully we gay people have been given a lot more support from good hearted straight people, than transsexuals have been given by heartless and uncaring people like MATTHEW, and many of the other rude and ignorant people who have posted on this thread. Shame on them!

  50. jal says

    Transvestites everywhere should start a movement to take their word back from the transsexual population, who stole it and decided it to be offensive. Why would you decide to take up a word that wasn’t even about you and then decide to make it offensive? I’ve never seen such craziness before.

  51. Erin says

    @ Matthew – You are a terrible human being.

    @ Daniel – Yes, there are several instances of Stewart using transphobic language, even if they’re not cited in this post.

    (And that ignores the fact that the jokes Colbert makes about trans people are DIFFERENT than the ones about, say, gay people. In the jokes about gay people, the punchline is homophobia. In the jokes about trans people, the punchline is…trans people and their existence.)

  52. Matthew says


    Regarding those kind-hearted straight people you mention: Imagine if gay activists had demanded of straight people not that they be supportive friends and allies, but that they take on a gay identity themselves and that they instruct all their children that they must identify as gay, even when they are not gay. I think you would have seen a reaction of shock, outrage and hostility. Potential friends would have been transformed into foes. And that is what “LGBT” is doing to relations b/t LGBs and Ts.

    No “cis” people on Earth have done more for transgenders than LGBs. We have given our time, our money, our very limited political capital for their benefit. For that generosity, we have been attacked and smeared and have been the subject of more and more demands. Shame on you for defending this.

    Like most LGBs, I have no problem with trans rights per se. If I were given the final say on trans political goals, I’d probably vote in favor of 90% of what they want. But I will not give them my identity. There is no such thing as LGBT and it is wrong and a lie to tell gay kids that they are linked at the level of identity to crossdressers, transsexuals and people born with 2 sets of genitals.

  53. Matthew says


    Being condemned as a terrible human being by a trans activist is like being attacked as immoral by a neo Nazi. I wear your condemnation as a badge of honor.

  54. Erin says

    @Matthew – It’s funny that you use the “neo nazi” slam, since you’re the one explicitly arguing for the marginalization of an entire part of the population (some of whom, let’s remember, are also children, like your hypothetical gay kids).

    I take some solace in knowing that you are on the wrong side of history, and in the long run, you will be viewed the same way as Uncle Toms throughout history.

    Also, the idea that trans people have “hijacked” the LGBT movement is laughable (not only because of the fact that trans people have -always- been a part of it, all the way back to Stonewall, but because of the fact that trans people are usually the first ones kicked to the curb when it’s convenient).

    Seriously. Why all the hate? You seem to have an awful lot of hostility for a group of people who are already disproportionately targeted for discrimination and violence.

  55. andrew says

    @MATTHEW: What are you talking about? Transgendered people don’t want your identity. You are just blowing smoke. I am a gay man and I volunteer at an LGBT Community Center. Two of the many groups who meet at the center are transgendered groups. One of the ten Executive Board members is a transgendered woman. One of our Staff persons is a transgendered man. One of the volunteer peer counselors is a transgendered woman and several transgendered people do regular volunteer work at the Center. We have a well integrated LGBT Center. All of the Centers around the USA, that I know of, who support sexual minorities identify as LGBT. That is reality and it isn’t going to change. Are you a member of an LGBT Center near you? If you are, get to know some ordinary transgendered people and it may help you to put away the anger that you have because they are part of our community. Just like straight people’s attitudes toward gays improves once they meet and associate with us, your attitude toward transgendered people might change once you get to know some of them personally.

  56. Matthew says

    Everything changes, Andrew. What you believe to be an unalterable “reality” can change tomorrow. Not too long ago, those “LGBT” centers were Gay and Lesbian Centers. What changed once can change again.

    BTW, I have absolutely no problem with trans people volunteering at or using LGB Centers. I have no problem being friends with or helping out trans people. I have a major problem with trans activists showing up and telling me and all gay people that we are now something called LGBT (or LGBTQQIIAPNGC) and that gays must now identify as “one people” with transgenders and a host of other groups, most of whom are not gay.

    That is a hostile act against me and against all gay people, especially gay youth who are trying to understand themselves and their place in the world. It will not stand.

    BTW, increased exposure to trans activists (not trans people, but trans activists) is a major driver of anti-trans feelings, as is evidenced by the response to the antics of Leila Ginelle.

  57. Erin says

    Ah, yes, the “a trans person was mean to me once, therefore my prejudices are validated” defense.

    Of course, you can replace “trans person” with “feminist”, or “civil rights activist”, or a number of other things, and you’ll get pretty much the same result.

  58. andrew says

    @MATTHEW: There is ZERO chance that LGBT is going to become LGB or LG or whatever narrow focus you might like. Once DADT was ended, it is never coming back. Once Slavery was abolished, no chance it is ever coming back. History and liberation moves on. Stay behind if you choose or embrace reality. Trans people are not using LGB Centers. They are a welcomed an integral part of LGBT Centers. Including Transgendered people in our LGBT Community was not the result of any hostile acts. The only hostility I see is on your part and a MINORITY of LGB people. LGBT is here to stay. Deal with it. Again I ask, are you a member of an LGBT Center? If yes, have you ever sat down and talked with real life transgendered people? Try it. It might free your mind of ignorance and prejudice about ordinary real life transgendered people. If you can’t accept the reality of LGBT, your involvement in our community is certainly going to be marginalized.

  59. Thomas Cardellino says

    Well, I guess fighting fire with fire might come in handy here concerning this seriously disturbed “Matthew” commenter. You calling me a bigot is indeed a great badge of honor I will cherish for about ten minutes, then toss into the trash where any derivative of your crooked thought patterns belongs.. Your logical fallacies are like shredded gauze over a bleeding psychological wound. What’s so special about “B” people that they’ve escaped your ire? Can’t an (unfounded by science) argument also be made by you that they (if men) are vastly more prone to cheat on their spouses because over 90% of the female population self-identify as straight? Why not rant on that for a while and add some nuts to your mixed salad? And those (possibly, from your warped lenses) damned lesbians get so many straight homophobes’ nuts off sexually in porn that they, too, must be just another form of “threat” to your very personally fragile life, lived in fear of one of the most oppressed segments of American society. You really should seek some serious psychological help, and no, not just because we disagree on the world’s issues, but that your perception of people who are most like you in the American population is that they are “threatening” to you. How can you sleep at night? And, I don’t ask that because I’d ever expect an iota of shame to possess any single cell of yours and keep you tossing and turning. (One of my guesses about what fuels your frustration and hatred is that you probably don’t spend any accompanied time tossing and turning in any bed!) I ask it out of your manifest fear of something absolutely bereft of fearful features.

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