1. Mundus says

    I am Irish (living in Dublin) and don’t see any animus here – I suspect that a high-level decision was simply made that the scene would only be included in jurisdictions where SSM is legal. This, in and of itself, indicates absolutely nothing about the stance of the company re: LGBT equality.

    We should bear in mind that multinational conglomerates such as Coca Cola who wish to appeal to a universal audience tend to be very cautious and bland; but being bland and cautious does not necessarily constitute a snub

  2. MaryM says

    Seriously who cares.

    Coca Cola is a corporation that like all corporations cares ONLY about profit.

    Coca Cola is sponsoring the Sochi Hatelympics and refuses to condemn Russia’s fascist homophobia because staying silent is better for its profits.

    Coke’s PR people think that omitting gay marriage from its Irish advert is better business for them.

    Coke does not care about gay people or straight people, black people or white people.

    Like each and every corporation it will throw us under the bus if it is better for sales and profit.

    Expecting a corporation to act with integrity is a losing game.

  3. MaryM says

    Mundus – well Coke says that because Ireland only has CPs they did not want to use a gay marriage element in their advert. Then again Scotland and Northern Ireland only have CPs as well but the gay marriage element is included.

    Coke is lying but as it’s a corporation this is entirely predictable – Coke does not care about gay rights – it cares about profit ad sales.

    By the way – I hope Coke is paying Towleroad for the advert here. Or is Towleroad airing the advert free of charge?

  4. Mundus says


    “Then again Scotland and Northern Ireland only have CPs as well but the gay marriage element is included.”

    I must admit I did not realise that (although it should be noted that Scotland should have SSM very shortly).

    If you are correct then, Yes, it is most odd; the only other thing that occurs to me is that Ireland is due to have a constitutional referendum on SSM in 2015 and they, perhaps, were very nervous about being seen to act to influence the outcome.

    Either that or they were extremely lazy and assumed that because Ireland is nominally a Catholic nation that such a depiction might cause offence. In which case they are foolish – every poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Irish citizens support SSM.

  5. Lymis says

    Is there some way of behaving at a CP that makes it visually distinct from a wedding?

    In other words, could you tell from the footage that it was or wasn’t a legal marriage rather than a celebration of a civil partnership?

  6. anon says

    Since Coke wants the add to be relevant to each country where it is shown, does that mean that the version shown in Russia will have two gay men being beaten while the police look on approvingly?

  7. Ernst Rhoem's Ghost says

    I don’t think that this is a BIG ISSUE. The explanation Coke gave seems reasonable enough. Gay people cannot expect a business to become a partisan player in the culture wars. Clearly, Coke is pretty neutral on the subject of gay rights, and that should be OK.

  8. Jack Ford says

    @Marym – Scotland and Northern Ireland are part of the UK and therefore part of the same TV market as England and Wales where SSM is legal. You can’t air two different national commercials – only different local commercials and they only air out of primetime when they’re cheap.

  9. jJamesC says

    Hmmm, the gay couple featured in the ad is also Australian and held their wedding ceremony there (it was featured here on Towleroad). Ironically that country is where…wait for it…same sex marriage is also not legal nationally. Sort of undermines Coca Cola’s whole relevancy argument.

  10. Thomas Cardellino says

    Coca Cola = all things corporate. Equal rights for all = all things human! Despite the dying brains of some of the USA’s Supreme Court Justices, this is one more of millions of instances of proof that corporations are not human persons and should not be afforded the same civil rights, anymore than a farm tractor or dollar bill should be considered a human person under the US Constitution.

  11. MaryM says

    Coca Cola IS harming gay people though.

    It is pumping millions into the Sochi Hatelympics and allowing the Putin dictatorship advertise Russia as a non-fascist state.

    Coca Cola does NOT care about LGBT equality or human rights. It cares about profit and it will throw us under the bus the moment it is convenient for them.

  12. DW says

    Well, they are both handsome gingers, more auburn but still in the ginger range. You’d think that would go over in Ireland. (And just for the record, when I was younger I had auburn hair and red hair, in its many manifestations, was throughout my family. I still fancy a ginger.)

  13. JackFknTwist says


    No Irishmen are not all ‘butt ugly’…..fool.
    Have you looked around New York recently …that will show you enough ugliness for a lifetime.Get out more !

  14. TYLER says

    No one over 30…boycott coke. Hey why stop there, boycott Ireland. MaryM is right about corporations, lets boycott them. Gee, we should boycott liquids in general.

  15. DMiner says

    Actually, gay marriage will only become legal in the UK from March this year. There is no reason to delete the gay marriage scene in Ireland other than the fact that there is pressure from the Catholic church. A part from this small hiccup, we should applaud Coke for being so progressive and producing such a great ad.

  16. Brian Shanahan says

    Seeing as there’s nearly 80% support for gay marriage in the country, this is a massive PR self-immolation for coca-cola.

    Well, look on the bright side, there wouldn’t be to many more deserving companies than coca-cola for this kind of bad press.

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