Connecticut Man Threatens to Kill Lesbian Sister if She Turns His Daughter Gay

A Connecticut man is in custody after firing off a series of violent threats directed towards his mother and lesbian sister regarding her sexual orientation, New Britain Herald reports:

Jack NicholsonGordon Bissonnette, 46, of 24 Canal St., was reported to police Wednesday by his mother, Clelie Bissonnette, of the same address, who said her son threatened to kill her if she saw her homosexual daughter on Christmas.

Also on Wednesday, Gordon’s brother, Brian Bissonnette, went to police and played eight voicemails from Gordon for investigators to hear, the police report said. The messages were all left in the middle of December and were of Gordon expressing his disapproval of the sexual orientation of his sister, Corinne Bissonnette.

“If she [expletive] with my child again, I will execute her myself. Corinne, if she goes against me, there will be bullets flying. She cannot talk to me. I wanna execute her. I will kill a gay,” Gordon said in a voicemail, according to the report. “I’ll put a bullet in both their heads. If they turn my daughter gay, I’m gonna kill them both. I’m gonna blow their brains out.”


Other messages left revealed his plan to ruin his sister’s Christmas by throwing a smoke bomb at the house where his sister and her wife were celebrating Christmas so they would think it was gun fire and “freak out”

Thankfully, he was issued four protective orders on behalf of his mother, his sister, his brother and his sister’s wife.

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  1. Jonathan says

    I’m glad his adult family has been protected from his drunk ass. Who’s taking care of the daughter in all this? There’s no mention of the age of the child, but unless she’s an adult herself (and since he’s 46, that’s certainly a possibility), I’m very concerned that her safety is as much in question as is her grandmother’s and various aunts and uncles.

  2. Profe Sancho Panza says

    A sterling example of why mental health and involuntary commitment laws need to be revisited. He’s clearly mentally ill (and not because he’s homophobic, but because of the threats and violent fantasies), and there should be some mechanism for getting him the medical attention he needs before he hurts someone.

  3. dearcomrade says

    @JHT: I totally agree this is far from over. You can imagine what this sick bastards New Years resolution is. A restraining order will do squat to stop this guy.

  4. Jonathan says

    I’m not willing to jump to mental health issues other than a possibility of alcoholism. It’s very hard to diagnose from a snippet of an incomplete news story. All we know is that threats were made under the influence of alcohol. This does not a paranoid schizophrenic make. While protective orders are not entirely helpful, they are a necessary first step. This is a criminal matter and if some sort of treatment is necessary, it can be mandated by the criminal justice system.

  5. Graphicjack says

    Ah… Family values! I think Bill O’Reilly should be talking about this when he whines about The War on Christmas. Gays and “heathens” are not the ones destroying family Christian values… The Christians are doing a good enough job doing that on their own.

  6. Gay Guy says

    There needs to be an order of protection to protect this guy’s mother, sister, daughter, and possibly other members of the family and perhaps some non-relatives as well,

  7. unokhan says

    if bissonette had made these threats against the potus, he would already be undergoing psychiatric evaluation. yesterday a louisiana man who had harassed his family for the better part of a year killed three of them. the threats were well-documented and restraining orders had been issued. but those orders are nothing but paper. he merely walked in and killed them, then shot himself.

  8. Rob says

    Yes, their safety now depends on his willingness to die. If he violates the restraining order, it only matters for him if he lives to see the consequences. If he is willing to kill himself, as people often are, then he has nothing to lose and they are in jeopardy. This is why court ordered mental health attention is important. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, also in Connecticut, I hope they are willing to hold this guy until he demonstrates decency, and prosecute him, as well. If his daughter is an adult or not, she needs to get out of there.

    Odd, my own homophobic father lives in Westport, CT, and once made a drunken threat to shoot my boyfriend if I ever brought him around. The last words I ever heard him speak.

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