This Man is wrong about gay people. He uses his religion to demean us in the public. Enough is enough.

    Straight people need to realize that this world belongs to all of us. Stop hiding behind religion to hate and to kill !

    He had his free speech, and he there were consequences. His words cause gay teens to kill themselves. Cause hateful parents to kick their gay children out of homes.

    HE IS A PRODUCT OF THE 60S! The 20th

    Enough !

  2. Chris says

    What I don’t understand is if Robertson is a strict follower of the Bible why he allows himself to endorse Under Armour. Their clothing are a mix of polyester AND cotton! The blending of two fabrics is strictly forbidden by the Bible. Why doesn’t anyone call him out on his bull. Unless he denounces Under Armour, he is just another bigoted hater hiding behind the Bible cherry picking his passages to promote his hate. Enough is enough!

  3. Bernie says

    There is irony and hypocrisy with Cracker Barrel for those who remember…..years ago Cracker Barrel was cited for being anti-gay………it sounds like Cracker Barrel has reformed and changed its policies about the glbt community..

  4. Whatrealmenknow says

    The day that homosexuality is accepted as “normal” in America, will be the same day that this great country is judged by God. Heterosexuals, unite and resist this disease at any and all costs!

  5. Chris says

    I thought judgment day was when the slaves were freed. Or when women were allows to vote. Or when divorces were allowed by the church. Or when Maine started shipping shellfish lobster to people to eat. Or when Hanes came out with their poly-cotton blend of clothing….

  6. John Allard-Lawson says

    Duck Commander items, which remains available at Cracker Barrel, bear the trademark owned by the Robertson family. It is highly likely that the items removed by Cracker Barrel were Duck Dynasty branded items from which A&E profits.

  7. Remembering says

    I remember sitting at a Cracker Barrel in NC back in the late 80’s with some friends, after ordering glasses of water…

    I remember being scared, but laughing and smiling…

    I am the only one in our group still alive today…

    It seems like such a long time ago, like a different world, yet at the same time, I can still hear their voices…

  8. Chris says

    It’s time we started calling bigots out for what they are. None of this hiding behind the Bible. I know TRUE Christians who understand the Bible and focus on the message of love from it. Bigots like Robertson and Palin who use it to perpetuate their hate give good Christians a bad name.

  9. woody says

    Cracker Barrel. I went there once in Alabama.
    It’s all about heart disease-tainment.
    You walk through a retail store full of chakas and food while you’re deliberately kept waiting for your table in the hopes that you’ll buy some junk while on line. Then it’s a menu full of stroke and heart-attack fare.
    Ah… America. Land of the free and home of heart disease, strokes and copd.

  10. Mary says

    “Gordanier, did you get lost on your way to FreeRepublic? What brought you to our little neck of the woods? Someone’s a little curious.”

    Tyler, nothing’s wrong with a little curiosity. This is often how opinions begin to change. Welcome Gordanier to Towleroad and eventually the gay community may have a new ally. Trolling doesn’t always end up the way trolls intend it to! I know from experience.

  11. littleribbon says

    In an over-crowded marketplace where we have SO MANY options, there is a way to make the decision process easier.

    We try to get the biggest bang for our buck, or try to buy the best or most esthetically pleasing products that we can afford.

    But there is something else we can do to make the decision process easier; disqualifying brands that are supporting prejudice.

    Under Armour may have issued a statement that Phil Robertson and his family’s attitudes are not necessarily those of Under Armour,
    but they are still supporting prejudice by proxy.

    The word “boycott” gets thrown around a lot. For me, it’s just a matter of disqualifying anti-gay brands and not supporting them. I would rather spend my money on brands that aren’t taking a stand against gays, or standing idly by as the faces and voices of their brands are busy hatemongering, demonizing, rabblerousing against gays. Period. I don’t really care if it doesn’t make a huge dent in their bottom line; it’s the principle.

  12. TonyJazz says

    I get tired of right-wingers screaming free speech, but I don’t recall them supporting Alec Baldwin….

    People do have free speech, but there are consequences to public stances.

    …and we’re not all guaranteed a television show paying us a lot of money (no matter what we say or do)….

  13. Ryan says

    Free speech was not limited in anyway whatsoever. Robertson had his right to free speech, A&E had its right to fire him for saying something that is deeply offensive to many of its viewers.

    Free speech protects people from being fined, jailed or otherwise punished by their government. It’s what protects us from going to a Soviety-style Gulag because we speak out about the government.

    It is not a blanket protection to be employed against regular people and businesses for every dumb thing we say in life. Anyone who doesn’t understand that simply doesn’t understand the first amendment.

    The fact that they’re now trying to wrap the bible around themselves is even more pathetic.

    These people are disgusting and deserve to get canned. A&E does not need them.

  14. anon says

    One real tragedy here is the idea that every “brand” needs to be marketed to every niche, giving us Duck Commander products at Cracker Barrel. There’s no earthly reason for Duck Commander products to be sold at Cracker Barrel. What idiot is going to think there’s something special about a Duck Commander sausage sold at Cracker Barrel over a nameless one sold elsewhere? And why would you pay a premium for the privilege?

  15. Francis says

    So Cracker Barrel is shelving products that feature Phil Robertson but not all Duck Dynasty merchandise. That type of halfway step is probably going to offend more people than if they would have just done nothing, or shelved Duck Dynasty products entirely. At least Cracker Barrel didn’t side with hatred.

    Under Armour—we know not to shop there now.

    It’s instances like these where we know who our true friends are. Cracker Barrel has been trying to rid itself of it’s homophobic, racist image, and this is a good step in doing so.

  16. Duah says

    This whole contrived controversy is about one thing and one thing only : money.

    So before you play your parts as pawns, consider how you’re being used and manipulated.

    Nobody here was going to buy DD merchandise anyway. This whole thing is just for the polarized fundy base. Nothing changes at all.

    We should be making friends not making people more entrenched.

  17. says

    If they’re “more entrenched” the chance that they would be “friends” is moot.

    What’s important to me is the LGBT communities. Whether straight’s like us or not is of no concern. We’re Here. We’re Queer. And if you can’t Get Used To It, we” that’s just too damned bad,

  18. Carlos Morales says

    Wow people check yourselves already. His words are causing gay teens to kill themselves? Religion is a way for people to hate. Comparing what he said to Alec Baldwin? He is a fundamentalist Christian, as are a large amount of the population. Many religions consider homosexuality to be a sin. Christians, Jews, Muslims. He did not preach hate or violence (I wish I could say the same about some of the posts here). The harm such extreme rhetoric causes to groups such as GSA that promote open dialogue (not seek to shut it down) is immeasurable. Let’s put our big boy pants on and tolerate differing opinions while speaking respectively about why we disagree. This entire scene (GLAAD actually called it some of the violist speech ever said about gays. seriously? are they kidding?)is turning into a negative for the gay community.

  19. ratbastard says

    Ladies and Gentlemen;

    The Robertsons are laughing all the way to the bank, to the tune of $400,000,000. They’re making $ hand over fist during this “outrage”, as is A&E. This is a manufactured stunt designed to get Duck merchandise off the shelves, just in time for Christmas.

  20. colorkid64 says

    as a homosexual who came of age in the 80’s I find it quite embarrassing how gay people act over anyone who disagrees with them. I used to support tolerance but all I here is intolerance. the gentleman from duck dynasty has my support to believe and say what he believes. the problem with homosexuals today is a very soft skin.Growup

  21. Jim Beehn says

    You are Mad at Mr. Robertson because he quoted the bible. ( it says what it says ) if you choose not to believe in the God of the Bible that’s your decision and one day you will have to answer for your belief’s.

  22. HappyClown says

    @ CARLOS MORALES You need to check YOURSELF, dear.
    “He is a fundamentalist Christian, as are a large amount of the population. Many religions consider homosexuality to be a sin. Christians, Jews, Muslims.” ARGUMENTUM AD POPULUM.
    “He did not preach hate or violence..” I encourage you to look up “prejudice” in any social psychology textbook, read about its processes, and try serving that tripe again.
    “The harm such extreme rhetoric causes…” Demagogue rabblerouser.

    Yes, I ENCOURAGE YOU, CARLOS MORALES, to try putting YOUR big boy pants on.

    By the way, I think you meant to say “respectfully”, and not “respectively”… and “vilest”, not “violist”… lol… big boy pants indeed.

    Try being the change you want to see, first.

  23. Jeebus says

    @ COLORKID64 We know you’re not gay. It’s SO OBVIOUS. Pathetic, stupid anti-gay troll.

    @ JIM BEEHN One day you will have to answer for all your nasty inhumanity, and will hopefully be unpleasantly surprised as you’re cast down to the worst depictions of hell to endure for ever, and ever, and ever!

  24. Crystal says

    People who ask others to be tolerant of intolerance have gone too far – but really, as it has been said,
    they’re just haters looking for a free pass.

    To paraphrase commenter Chris earlier,
    ‘If Robertson is a strict follower of the Bible, why does he allow himself to endorse Under Armour? Their clothing are a mix of polyester AND cotton! The blending of two fabrics is strictly forbidden by the Bible. Unless he denounces Under Armour, he is just another bigoted hater hiding behind the Bible cherry picking his passages to promote his hate.’

  25. MajorTom says

    You just have to love the fundamentalists who show up on Towleroad to preach to us about how we are going to hell for violating a biblical teaching they choose not to (while they violate plenty of others without a second thought). I suppose if it’s alright for them to show up here, it’s alright for us to waltz into their churches and call them out for their intolerance and hypocrisy, right? Or does the “sanctity” of the church mean that their turf cannot be violated while ours is fair game? While you fundies who drop in here ponder that question, I will point out that recent studies indicate that about 70 percent of those who are anti-gay (that’s you) are actually suppressing same sex attractions themselves. So get over your self-righteousness and take a long hard look in the mirror. You might just find a homosexual looking back.

  26. Carlos Morales says

    Happyclown isn’t a very happy clown is he. He must be a south pole clown. Keep pointing out voice recognition errors instead of addressing issues. Since my time in grad school homosexual behavior has been removed from the DSM and is no longer viewed as a pathological mental illness. This has not been accomplished by the attacking the science of psychology. Likewise attacking religion will not lead to acceptance by Christians Jews and Muslims. Go ahead with your histrionics over this case and see how much good you do for the gay community..

  27. andrew says

    Phil Robertson and his Duck Family are only a slightly less offensive version of the Phelps Family. They use the bible as a cafeteria. They pick out the hateful things those primitives authors wrote about people they already hate. They ignore the hateful things that dreadful book says about them and people they like. Make no mistake about it, these bible extremists would establish a Taliban like society if they had the opportunity.

  28. simon says

    There is absolutely no freedom of speech or first amendment issues here. A&E is not the government. The only thing that binds this guy and A&E is the contract between them. If they think you hurt their bottom line, you can be fired. It is likely in the contract. A good lawyer will tell you that you are not likely to win in court. That’s why Alec Baldwin didn’t sue or a lot of actors before him didn’t either.

  29. Aurora says

    Has anyone ever thought that “his” opinions were not his own. He was strictly quoting the bible. He was asked and he gave an honest answer. Doesn’t anybody even think that all this BULL was started by the interviewer? If they didn’t want an answer like that they shouldn’t have brought up the question or even the topic. They are Christians. You know what he is about to say! In our world everything is instigated and it is bull.

  30. simon says

    His opinion may not be his own. But it was he who spoke those words. Alec Baldwin can’t blame his parents for bringing him up like this. When he spoke those words, it is always assumed that he agreed with them and it became his. A&E doesn’t care whether his words happens to be those in the Bible. Hate is still hate. You don’t get a pass by hiding behind the Bible. Or more horrendous acts by those who hide behind the Koran.

  31. andrew says

    @JIM BEEHN: You are just another cafeteria style bible believer. When is the last time you called for the stoning to death of those who work on the Sabbath? Have you ever called for the stoning to death of adulterers, people who curse their parents, those who worship gods other than Yahweh, people who act as mediums or fortune tellers, anyone who blasphemes the name of God, anyone who strikes his parents? The God of the bible calls for all their deaths. Hit the road you phony. You and your ILK just use that primitive tome to beat up on people you hate and ignore anything that applies to YOU or those you like. You are a fraud!!!

  32. Bill says

    @ Jim Beehn : he didn’t exactly quote the Bible – he gave a paraphrase of some translation. To really quote Romans or Corinthians, he’d have to speak in 2000 year old Greek.

    Paul never used the word “homosexual” – he used some term he made up instead of the normal Greek word he could have used. One word that is now translated as “homosexual” had previously been translated as “masturbators” – basically it would turn into whatever sexual practice Christians were up in arms about at the time the translation was written. With only Paul using that term (and only once or twice), nobody today can say what he really meant.

    I might add that even if God exists, it is unlikely that he would care if you believed in his existence or not. Do you really think some alleged deity that created a universe as large as ours would get upset about the opinion of some creature a couple of meters tall living on a planet orbiting an unremarkable star situated in a spiral arm of a rather ordinary galaxy? Such a deity would have to be the proverbial micro-manager from hell, and yet that “micro-manager” is conspicuously absent.

  33. BigGuy says

    The Robertson’s were preppie millionaires before the TV show. Now with all the publicity and behaving like they are White trash for the cameras, they are multi millionaires.

    Phil Robertson was a first string quarterback at Louisiana Tech. Terry Bradshaw was his backup. He has a masters in education.

    Maybe he purposefully said these things to GQ to boost catalog sales. Who knows? Smart rich White men pretending to be stupid do lots of nutty things.

  34. Steve says

    I support A&E’s decision to control their relationship with someone who uses the notoriety they provide to speak against the company’s standards of inclusion and human respect.

    Nobody told the man he couldn’t say what he says, but with speech come consequences. It looks like bigots and a lot of religious conservatives only like free speech when it echos them.

    The creep hides behind his beard and religion. Those who support him are just expressing their anti-gay bias, nothing more.

  35. dam846201 says

    Strange that none of the “Defenders of Free Speech” cane to Martin Bashir’s defense when he mentioned Sarah Palin needed a load of feces in her mouth. Where are Bashir’s First Amendment rights? Double Standard, anyone?

  36. NwYrkr says

    Starquisha, excellent post, they are really just a bunch of Southern preppies in Halloween drag. I would hazard a guess this is a manufactured stunt on their part maybe they are looking for more $ from A & E or maybe one of the major networks is courting them and they are trying to leave A & E.

    Still alarming that their followers have sent death threats to A & E, apparently their followers believe in the free speech insofar as it only applies to them. Happy that they are a rapidly decreasing part of the country. Depressing though that the likes of Jindal and Palin embrace them for their own purposes, in Jindal’s case political and in Palin’s case to keep the money flowing.

  37. Chris says

    Palin, Jindal, and Robertson—the cafeteria Christians—could learn a thing or two from the new Pope such as compassion love and kindness towards your fellow man.

  38. Mary says

    I completely agree with those here who point out that free speech doesn’t free you from the consequences due to what you said. People on the right who are acting as if Robertson had his free speech taken away are playing a public relations game – and they know it. There is no such thing as a constitutional right to be on a TV show. What is going on here is the free market in action. Companies don’t want t be associated with anti-gay attitudes because these attitudes are increasingly in the minority in society and viewed as suspect. Many social conservatives don’t like the fact that their long-held views on homosexuality are no longer the norm in American society. But this is reality and they need to face it honestly and not cry foul with every reminder of it.

    Is there a passage in the Bible that promises us popularity and economic success for our social views? No, I didn’t think so.

    Liberals 1, Conservatives 0 – at least on this issue!

  39. Carlos says

    I am kind of pleased that straights are reading and posting here. That is just my opinion. I would propose anything that promotes sincere dialogue is a positive. Should not expect straights to listen to gay voices then refuse to hear what they say. As for the whole Phil Robertson speech, I do not see it as being equal to what Bashir or Baldwin said. Those comments were based in hate (not to mention Bashir was a representative of msnbc speaking on msnbc as a news host, not a reality figure.) I would give much greater weight to words by Bashir vs someone like snooki, or Phil.
    CrackerBarrel has placed “all” DD merchandise back on the shelves after tremendous public pressure. I have been criticized for saying this, however this is not the right battle.

  40. ArtificialTree says

    @ Carlos (Carlos Morales I presume),
    Places like Chick-Fil-A take profits and donate them to anti-gay groups; repeatedly. They were caught, said they wouldn’t do it again, and did it several more times, and got caught again.
    Do you think it’s really a good idea for LGBTs to contribute to the people who oppress them? “Yes gays, give us your money so we can fund more anti-gay propaganda against you, organize more trips to other countries to hatemonger against people like you, hire litigation against any equality you might aspire to, etc…”

    You like that straights come here. Fine. I don’t mind if straights want to elevate their consciousness. But to comment as well? Hmm. It’s not really a dialogue that anti-gay straights want. They’ve already been subject to “attitude inoculation”; that means someone taught anti-gays in advance “When gays say X, what they really mean is Y; when gays say P, what they really mean is Q.” It precludes the possibility of dialogue because the second a gay person says X, the anti-gay person interprets Y, and responds to Y, not X. Also, anti-gays 99.99% of the time just want to lecture, preach, instigate, troll, and tell us what’s what. That’s not dialogue. Also, if you area Carlos Morales, it’s clear you aren’t interested in dialogue because you didn’t seem to address any of the arguments leveled against you.
    Also, as a straight person, you should think twice before telling LGBTs what battles they should or should not be picking. It’s NOT UP TO YOU.

  41. Carlos says

    I’m not a very religious person but I recall from my childhood something about harden not your hearts. It looks like both sides have already decided what the other will say. I see no evidence (on this thread at least) for people wanting a discussion. One post actually says straights can visit the site, but implies they are not so welcome to post (ie participate). You then go on to say 99.99 percent of non gays only want to lecture. I hear similar points stated by straights towards gays. So where do we go from here? no where I guess. I believe many strides made by the gay community were done so because they were seen by those with open minds as reasonable human beings. There are some you will never convince, but there are those open enough to listen. By hardening yourselves and attacking anyone with differing views any progress will be halted. Also, I would argue civil rights is the responsibility of all people, not just the group being denied their rights.

  42. Karen says

    @ Carlos;
    Either work on your reading comprehension or stop using the Straw Man fallacy.
    “Anti-gays” was said, not “non-gays”. Seriously…
    Where do we go from here? Nowhere with you, that’s for sure. Sometimes one party is wrong, and once it has been throroughly pointed out, and their assertions have been deconstructed, there is no more discussion to be had.

    We’re not just talking about simple ‘differing views'; anti-gays want to snuff LGBTs in every way.

    When ALL PEOPLE understand that civil rights includes ALL PEOPLE, and not just SOME PEOPLE, then we can ALL share the responsibility in upholding that. But when the mob/majority anti-gay straights think that “human rights”, “civil rights”, “equality”, means just straights, or just what ‘most people’ want, then unfortunately all the responsibility falls on LGBTs, their allies, and other oppressed groups to stand up and push for the equality that the mob doesn’t want.

    I think we can aggree that a white person telling black people in racist America what battles they should or should not be fighting is gross. A man telling a woman in “a man’s world” what battles she should or should not fight is gross.

    A straight man telling gay people in an anti-gay world what battles gays should or should not be fighting is gross. How dare a straight person assume they know what’s best for gays. Blissfully ignorant and privileged; unaware of the nuances of our plight. Still Strident…

    It’s people like Carlos that give essentialists a good name and a leg to stand on.

  43. WYSEGUY says

    Stop being gross Carlos. Your mistake was in saying you were straight. You have no right to say what you think is best for the LGBT community. You may think you are trying to help, but no one asked for it.

  44. SthrnMn says

    Carlos you are an idiot and “gross” lol for even trying to talk with these people. They hate you and what you represent so why should you give a damn. They ridicule religion and the traditions we stand for. You trying to “understand” them are as responsible as they are for the chaos the country is in. Idiot. AND I doubt you are straight.

  45. andrew says

    @JIM BEEHN: HEY BIBLE THUMPER. Why haven’t you responded to my questions? You empty headed fraud. We all can see that you have no answers. The bible is just the primitive tome you use to hate with!

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