News: One Direction, Fukushima, Prince William, ‘Group of Death’

Brian RoadDid you want a blunt with that?

Road One Direction will be on SNL this weekend. Teenage glee said to be near all-time highs.

Road Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated

Road PETA upset over use of rodents in erectile dysfunction studies.

Road Lady Gaga gives her best impression of a Picasso.

Road Amidst rumors of retirement, Britney Jean Spears releases a teaser trailer for "Perfume."

Road Government panel in Japan urges continued use of nuclear power despite Fukushima disaster.

Road It would appear Grindr users might not be far off in their prediction as to who will be the next celebrity train wreck.

Road In case you missed it, his name is Michael Campayno.

Road Gabby Giffords starts PAC to boost Senators that favor gun control.

Road Reunited and it feels so good.

Road For those of you who love a man in uniform

PrinceRoad 'The Sound of Music' brought in NBC's biggest ratings in 4 years.

Road From Texas to Tennessee, much of the country is covered in ice.

Road Do you think their names are Naughty and Nice? 

Road Remembering Mandela: three films you can watch for free about the legendary freedom fighter.

Road US Soccer team draws Group G for 2014 World Cup. Panic ensues. "In 20 years, there hasn’t been a harder Group of Death."


  1. Sam says

    Only an uppity gay would have the nerve to pretend they wouldn’t let the future King of England put the tip in. Please, honey.

  2. Gregor says

    Carrie wasn’t Julie for sure (even Carrie would tell you that), but I thought both NBC & Carrie were pretty brave to attempt what they did. It was worth watching — and worth reflecting on what a singular talent Julie Andrews is.

  3. jjose712 says

    Sorry to bust the US bubble, but the group of death is the B group, with Spain (current champion), the Netherlands (current runner up) and Chile (one of the best south american teams right now).
    And as reward the one that clasifies the second will probably face Brazil in the next round.

    USA has a tough group, but not the tougher