Drew Droege’s New Web Series, ‘Hollywood Acting Studio’ – VIDEO


Many of you may be familiar with Drew Droege's series of shorts that feature the comedian as Chloe Sevigny, dishing about her most recent obsessions.

Daniel2However, it's recently come to my attention that Droege has another web series out there on the interwebs, "Hollywood Acting Studio." The series follows Droege as Professor Lafrange, a washed-up Hollywood hopeful now giving acting lessons at a California community college. His syllabus? "Students learn the pillars of the craft, such as auditioning, green-screen acting, crying, and more."

The full series is available online

The series also features the dishy Daniel Vincent Gordh (pictured right).

Watch episode six, "How to film a sex scene," and catch one more shot of Gordh AFTER THE JUMP...