Duck Dynasty Fans Launch ‘Chick-Phil-A’ Day


Following the widespread backlash against "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's racist and homophobic comments in a GQ profile published earlier this month, a group of Robertson supporters have started a campaign to show support for Robertson entitled, "Chick-Phil-A-Day," The Huffington Post reports. The group is calling on people to "stand for free speech" by wearing camouflage and eating at Chick-Fil-A, notorious for its support of anti-LGBT groups, on January 21. The proponents of "Chick-Phil-A-Day" claim no ties to the fast food company, saying they are "independent and organized from a grassroots view." The campaign's Facebook page has amassed some 34,000 likes to date.


  1. jamal49 says

    It figures. I think we need to put this whole Phil Robertson nonsense up on the shelf. It’s all we need, to have a groundswell of sympathy for that evangelical reprobate and give a shot in the arm to the Tea Batty’s once-waning influence with this ridiculous, media-generated non-controversy.

  2. I wont grow up says

    Oh brother! So on Jan. 21 we can all choose to NOT eat at that chicken joint. One question…if all these idiots show up wearing camouflage, will anyone be able to see them?

  3. Bucky says

    The controversy over his comments about Teh Gay were played up to hide his disgusting racism. Sorry, but his homophobia is pretty par for the course these days. But his racism isn’t. It may still be acceptable to hate on the gays, but it isn’t acceptable to hate on the blacks.

    And he does.

    But A&E has done a good job of focusing on the gay hate and making sure people forget the race hate.

    And how sad is our political discourse when eating unhealthy fried food is considered a political statement?

  4. says

    This is terrific. They’ve done the work of gathering a list of bigots & racists for us. A national callout for putting your name to discrimination. Every ‘like’ is forever recorded. Let’s see how you face up to your approval of racism & bigotry in the future. See if any of the Robertson’s are to be found at one of these Chick-Fil-A dinners. These ‘supporters’ are the ones being played for fools.

    LGBT equality activists have no reason to hide from anything we’ve done. We’ve exposed the fallacy of a wealthy white country club family acting as a backwoods southern family defending their family patriarch in his ignorance while trying to hide his racism & bigotry first behind free speech & now behind religious liberty.

    In the greater struggle for civil rights this is nothing. It’ll end up being an embarrassment to those Robertson family members that aren’t racist and aren’t homophobes but have now sided in silence with the rest for their thirty pieces of silver.

    The Robertson clan in real life will have to be on guard for everything they do and the millennial lesson will be learned. When you stand for discrimination history won’t forget. The internet NEVER forgets.

  5. JJ says

    Ha ha. Chik-fil-A is a business. They no doubt want everyone to feel welcome and come spend money. But they just couldn’t help branding themselves as a haven for haters. They prided themselves on being straight supremacists. Now all the other Bible-thumping haters have taken that as their invitation, and there’s nothing Chik-fil-A can do about it.

    Let’s hope Chik-Phil-Hate-Day is a huge “success,” because once the white supremacists claim Chik-fil-A as their own, they’ll have peaked.

  6. lewlew says

    It would be funny if these ‘phobic places became the next new thing for us gay folk. Just take them over with our business until we are the customers who need to be pleased. Just thinkin’ aloud…

  7. Macmantoo says

    According to Chick-fil-a they have nothing to do with this. This is just a group of nitwits who are pushing the situation. Face it, as far as Phil is concern he is just another idiot redneck who is spouting off his religious beliefs. Not going to change him and if you try (as A&E did) you’re just going to get a lot of “Palin Mentality” people’s panties in a wad. This was done just to increased the sales of the products over the holidays. If you don’t like A&E just don ‘t watch.

  8. Jaker says

    @red. this unnecessary controversy was completely glaad and a&e generated, focused solely and stupidly on the gay comments, and foolishly egged on by stupid pc authoritarians. complete and utter misfire/ disaster for our side. you’ve now created a right wing cultural hero. good show.

  9. Terrence says

    Another racist Caucasian, big surprise!! I’m African American and if one of you POS said anything racist to me I and people I know would shoot you in the face.

  10. MickyFlip says

    You think this is screwed up? There’s a gay Philly gay couple on twitter that tweeted a pic of them eating food from CFA.

    Idk about you all but I’m starting to throw in the towel and saying to h*ll with it. You know what they say? If you can’t beat em… *Shrug*

  11. TonyJazz says

    This is a good thing. The more that Chick-Fil-Hate is associated with bigotry and backwardness, the sooner they will become part of the past.

    No one I know would ever eat at a Chick-Fil-Hate outlet nowadays. (That wasn’t true a couple of years ago.)

  12. says

    Yes, all you mindless right-wing swine – please continue to mindlessly consume because so-called Christian corporations tell you that it will stick it to the liberals and homosexuals. Eating lots of greasy crap will make Jesus magically appear and smite all the f*gg*ts, using a magic flaming sword formed from the First Amendment. All those wearing camo will be spared from Jesus’ gay-hating wrath.

  13. Ugh ! says

    I can’t help laugh at this whole silly PR stunt, that everybody stupidly took part in, and made bigger than it deserved to be made.

    The really funny thing is that if you shot vid in Phil’s Pentecostal church of people speaking in tongues and “falling out for the holy spirit”, most people would just cringe and have nothing to do with his “free speech”.

    You’re all tools for a corporate agenda.


  14. Bill says

    Good. Let the bigots eat there. Their standard “chicken sandwich is 440 Calories. Add in a small coke and cole slaw, and chick-fil-A sauce for the sandwich, and you are up to 1060 Calories.

    They’ll die off faster due to the adverse health effects of obesity.

  15. SpaceCadet says

    I used to eat at a Chik-fil-a a lot back in the day in college when they opened an outlet on my campus in VA in 2002 or so. Several years later I was living in Columbus, OH and eventually I found them there as well and ate there ocssionally. I reside in Chicago now and it was a big deal when the chain came to the city a few years ago. At first I excitedly ate there but once I really understood how the company was anti-gay I stopped giving them my money. My conscience trumps my appetite. And besides, if I get a hankering for a chicken sandwich I’ve always found the selections at Wendy’s to be quite tasty!

  16. says

    GLAAD & every LGBT activist that had a platform spoke out against Robertson’s racism as well as his bigotry at every chance. It’s completely dishonest to say that they focused on the LGBT issues only. Most major media has ignored his racism so far, that’s on them, but we haven’t. And it’s far from over. He can’t ever escape from having made his hate filled & racist remarks. They’re never going away. Stop acting as though every minor skirmish is the end game.

    Robertson: a culture hero? LOL That’s my fondest wish: that the opponents to LGBT equality hang their hats on Phil Robertson as their culture hero.

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