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Gay Catholic School Vice Principal Was Given A Choice - Divorce Or Be Fired: VIDEO

Crittenden and Zmuda

A few days ago we brought you the news story of Mark Zmuda, a Catholic high school vice principal who was fired for marrying his husband and the backlash from students and faculty that resulted. The school maintained the position that it was a mutually-reached decision that Zmuda end his employment with Eastside Catholic High School, but an interview between Zmuda and a former student reveals otherwise. 

Caterina Crittenden conducted a 45-minute interview with her former vice principal about his employment and termination, and her family has released the first minute of it online, with the rest to follow in the coming days. In the interview, Zmuda revealed that he broke no contract with the school, that his termination was in no way related to his performance, and that he was given an offer that would never have been given to a straight couple: he could keep his job if he dissolved his marriage.

On the part of the school, President Sister Mary Tracy claimed that she was trying to do everything she could to keep Zmuda. The decision to terminate him was that of the church, not of the school, and the option to dissolve the marriage was a last-ditch effort to retain Zmuda and his services. Sister Mary Tracy says that she is not proud of making that offer, but owns that she made it.

The clip of the interview between Zmuda and Crittenden can be seen AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. The Catholic Church is an enemy of humanity and should be treated as such.

    Posted by: Nick | Dec 28, 2013 1:46:14 PM

  2. I wish Gay people would not ever work for homophobes. Let's take our talents and competence where they will do us some good. Let the 'phobes' orgs die from lack of creativity.

    Posted by: lewlew | Dec 28, 2013 1:56:53 PM

  3. OK, calm down, "enemy of humanity" is a little strong. They leave a lot to be desired on some fronts, but they do a lot of good too. I'm not sad to be a Catholic, I'm sad that these things (unjustly firing gay people, refusing communion to Obama voters, pedophilia, etc.) are done by Catholics.

    Posted by: Mike | Dec 28, 2013 2:03:18 PM

  4. The state should tell Sister Mary Tracy she has to renounce her vows to God or else start paying taxes.

    Posted by: trees | Dec 28, 2013 2:04:05 PM

  5. Classic. Divorce is forbidden per the Bible.

    Posted by: Michael | Dec 28, 2013 2:04:29 PM

  6. A choice? Yeah right.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Dec 28, 2013 2:05:39 PM

  7. Catlicks don't believe in divorce, but they do believe in a lot of other nonsense so I guess it averages out.

    Posted by: Hansel Currywurst | Dec 28, 2013 2:09:41 PM

  8. I wonder if they take it to the logical conclusion and terminate all of the divorced faculty, or those who have had affairs, how many teachers will be left?

    Of course, that won't happen, because it's transparent even to the students that this "rule" was selectively applied and the reason why.

    Posted by: Lorenzo | Dec 28, 2013 2:09:49 PM

  9. Look how much Mark Zmuda's exposure being a good man and marrying his loved one helped inspire these kids to stand up for him and the larger LGBT community. They get equality. They know the teachings of their Church on homosexuality are wrong. That inequality laws are wrong.

    A Catholic friend saw this story and quoted Mary Renault 'It shows you the hand of a God. When someone trying to harm you ends up doing you good.'

    Posted by: SERIOUSLY | Dec 28, 2013 2:10:33 PM

  10. I believe the nun. This is the work of Sartain, the archbishop of seattle.

    Posted by: woody | Dec 28, 2013 2:16:37 PM

  11. Headline: Catholic Church Supports Divorces!!....for gays.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Dec 28, 2013 2:21:57 PM

  12. The arrogance! The Catholic church doesn't believe in divorce any more than it believes in same-sex marriage. How could they make this insane offer?

    Posted by: throwslikeagirl | Dec 28, 2013 2:24:23 PM

  13. I believe the offer wasn't actually for a divorce. She said "dissolve" which I interpret as an annulment, which is basically just another check you have to write to the church in order to be "in good standing". Whatever that means.

    Posted by: Mike | Dec 28, 2013 2:28:28 PM

  14. @Mike

    It's exactly people like you who are enabling the Catholic Church to do what it does.

    Posted by: Eugene | Dec 28, 2013 2:34:09 PM

  15. Thanks, Mike. It's all ridiculous blather as far as I'm concerned, but I suppose in the eyes of a Catholic, an annulment makes some sense.

    Posted by: throwslikeagirl | Dec 28, 2013 2:41:00 PM

  16. What do you mean like me? I don't like that they fired him. And to me, an annulment is still a divorce, but they say a prayer and cash a check and poof, it never happened. That's obviously bs.

    That being said, Catholics/Catholicism do a lot of good. Don't use the countless bad Catholics (pedophile priests, Maggie Gallagher) and/or teachings (anti-gay stuff, birth control) as an indication that everything about them is bad.

    Posted by: Mike | Dec 28, 2013 2:46:36 PM

  17. Mike, we're in agreement. Things aren't black and white, but grey. That said, I must admit I'm not a fan of any organized religion. It just isn't my thing. Again, thank you for clarifying the divorce/annulment differences.

    Posted by: throwslikeagirl | Dec 28, 2013 3:02:03 PM

  18. @Mike

    You're defending the church in this. It's despicable. What's even more despicable is that you're arguing that Catholics do a lot of good - as if it excuses the bad things they do. It doesn't. It's like arguing that a rapist shouldn't go to jail because he happens to be a good father. Shame on you.

    Posted by: Eugene | Dec 28, 2013 3:11:54 PM

  19. @MIKE ... The whole point of annulments, as far as the Catholic church is concerned, is to provide a loophole for getting divorced, yet still be able to later re-marry in a religious church ceremony.

    Posted by: RJ | Dec 28, 2013 3:18:31 PM

  20. @Mike

    In your first post above you identified yourself as Catholic. Obviously you are free to be who or what you choose, but if you are giving time or money to the RC church then you are personally supporting these types of actions and policies by the church.

    Posted by: Jonty Coppersmith | Dec 28, 2013 3:18:52 PM

  21. Sorry but religious freedom is not a right to discriminate. Nope. Lawyer up, Zmuda. You won't need a job after the lawsuit.

    Posted by: Sean Maloney | Dec 28, 2013 3:21:29 PM

  22. There are a few points that make this whole story bonkers. First of all he chose to work for a Catholic school, so he must have known what he was getting himself into. When he signed his contract he will have agreed to uphold the teachings of the Church. Secondly, in the eyes of the Church he is not married and his relationship is "gravely disordered" so he must have known what the consequences of getting married were going to be. If he wants to live a life that is not in keeping with the teachings of the Church, then he shouldn't have taken a job that expects him to do so. You wouldn't expect a Catholic to take a job in a gay bar and then start complaining about the machine in the toilets that sell condoms. You'd think he was crazy.

    The gay movement is riding a wave of success at the moment, but we should be wary about trying to bring down every institution that doesn't agree with our lifestyle. I'd prefer that we established ourselves in the public arena through reasoned debate and patience rather than these vindictive legal spats. Who knows what the world will be like in 25 years, let alone 50, and it doesn't seem prudent to go around making enemies everywhere as we run around giving the impression that we're an untouchable and pampered minority. I'm of course all for gay marriage but I'm also for freedom. We cant expect to be free do do as we will and then deny others the right to do as they will. Let us be gay and Catholics be Catholics. Let us work together were we can and respect each others' differences where we can't.

    Catholics are slowly losing the debate anyway as more and more families recognize and accept their gay children and their relationships. Patience brothers, time is on our side.

    Posted by: Damian Johnston | Dec 28, 2013 3:55:30 PM

  23. @Damian Johnstone. It's not a frigging lifestyle!

    Posted by: bollox | Dec 28, 2013 4:12:06 PM

  24. @Bollox

    Thank you!

    Posted by: Jonty Coppersmith | Dec 28, 2013 4:16:40 PM

  25. @Damian Johnston
    "You wouldn't expect a Catholic to take a job in a gay bar and then start complaining about the machine in the toilets that sell condoms."

    What if the Catholic was fine with the machine that sells condoms but got fired anyway because he's Catholic or goes to church? Because that's the equivalent of what's happened to Zmuda - he got fired for something that happened in his personal life, not on the job.

    Posted by: Eugene | Dec 28, 2013 4:20:52 PM

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