1. Mark says

    So here I am..a 62 year old gay troll crying at a beautiful wedding video!!! I am so happy for will never happen for me BUT I am happy for them and all the others who have been able to find love and each other!!!

  2. Howard B says

    Best wishes to the happy couple.

    While these cast of thousands marriage videos are fun to watch, everyone needs to be reminded that a simple city hall marriage between two people can be just as beautiful and memorable (and a lot more affordable).

    My husband and I married on Sept 16, 2013 in a simple city hall marriage that was attended only by our best friends. It was the happiest day of my life, and would NOT have been made any better if it were a glitzy affair with marching bands and hundreds of family and friends.

    There’s nothing wrong with the big blowout weddings, but sometimes less is more.

  3. woodroad34 says

    Charming. And I was really impressed with the two military Chaplains who seemed to be really into marrying them–given how many of the military clergy seemed so adamant against doing this.

  4. says

    Mark: Do not call yourself a “62 yr old gay troll!” It demeans your human worth, the pride you should feel being a gay person, and I know that there is someone for everyone. It’s like an Easter Egg hunt, you just gotta keep looking!

  5. TampaZeke says

    Of all of these wonderful videos I’ve seen, this one is most definitely my FAVORITE! It was just beautiful. And being from Mississippi and spending a lot of time in New Orleans it brought back so many fond memories. The wedding was SOOO New Orleans. I absolutely LOVED the Second Lining! You have to be a local to understand that tradition.

    Kudos and mazel tov to the awesome couple.

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