1. Francis says

    Several cities in Utah apparently aren’t issuing licences, but Salt Lake City is and there are long lines. It is literally happening. In Utah. What an amazing year.

  2. MikeBoston says

    Mazel to the couples in Utah!

    And Yay for us! This makes 18 states plus DC covering almost 40% of the population. There may be an appeal in Utah but that will only be a bump in the road. There is no unringing this bell.

  3. Gerry says

    Congrats… I’m sure Utah will appeal though… the big question is will the 10th circuit grant an emergency stay…

  4. Gerry says

    P.S. and since the 10th circuit ruled that Hobby Lobby as a corporation can exercise a religion, I think it is highly likely they’ll issue a stay…

  5. Hansel Currywurst says

    What is that sculpture behind the couple in the 3rd picture? It looks like something from the Martian Chronicles miniseries.

  6. says

    I’m dreaming of a queer Christmas
    With all the Mor[m]ons screaming “Help”
    Where the bridal parties glisten
    And Mor[m]ons listen
    To queer wedding bells all night

  7. BigBlackMariah says

    Wow! Just wow… Congratulations to the happy, historic couple and to the people of Utah who are so lucky to have a Federal District Court Judge who is not afraid to follow the constitution, whether a majority approves or not.

    The fact that a judge in Utah, of all places, has recognized that gay people are entitled to equal protection under the law is so encouraging. Maybe there is hope for us in Tennessee, after all.

  8. says

    We need an across-the-board decision by the Federal Government. Here in TN, they’ve gone as far as to create a new holiday- “Traditional Marriage Day” in which the wording of the bill quotes The Holy Bible. Why does the State feel it has the right to continually define marriage? Exactly what is “Traditional” Marriage in Tennessee seeing as even Interracial Marriage is STILL outlawed by the State Constitution along with Same Sex Marriage?

  9. Vint says

    @LITPER: absolutely right, couldn’t happen at a better time. So I echo your thought: “Take that, duck-wads!”

  10. anon says

    Careful! A license alone in most states does not mean married! You still need to have the ceremony performed in front of witnesses. There’s often a deadline on the license too. Make sure to get the paperwork in order.

  11. Tidings says

    @Hansel: I think the sculpture is a depiction of Brian Brown’s ego deflating. And as said in “A Christmas Carol,” Scrooge: “The spirits have done it all in one night.” Tiny Tim: “God bless us everyone.”