Gay Weddings Made Up Seventeen Percent Of Washington Weddings Last Year

6a00d8341c730253ef019b01a8a332970c-250wiLast November, Washington's Referendum 74 passed in a "clear win" for marriage equality, making the Evergreen State the first in the Pacific Northwest to legalize gay marriage. According to the AP, more than 7,000 same-sex couples were married in Washington State in the last year, the first year in which it was legal for same-sex couples to legally do so:

So far, most of the state's same sex marriages, 62 percent, were between two women.

The top five counties where same sex marriages took place are King, Clark, Pierce, Snohomish and Thurston counties. Garfield County is the only county where no same sex marriages were performed.

As previously reported, the state's LGBT friendly marriage laws have also helped to drive tourism as many people from nearby Oregon as well as other parts of the county are coming to Washington to make it official. Roughly 25% of the gay couples who were married in Washington this past year came from out of state. Of those, the largest contingent was comprised of Oregonians. 


  1. andrew says

    Marriage equality is great. If you want to marry go for it. I think that most guys, straight or gay, marry because of societal or family pressures. Women love weddings. Not so much guys. At least not this guy.

  2. johnny says

    Andrew, you might like weddings more if you owned property or had an estate of any magnitude and also had a significant other which you were with for over 20 years. I’d be willing to bet you’d feel a whole lot differently about this subject.

    Especially if you’d helped your partner for those 20 years and then upon his death were not allowed any of his Social Security, any of his property, any of his stock or financial holdings and instead it went to his homophobic, bigoted family.

    Especially if you lived in a house that was in his name and you made half of the mortgage payments but now you were being padlocked out of it.

    Especially if you lived in a state that did not recognize you as his partner and he was dying in a hospital which would not let you visit him on his deathbed.

    Especially if he was in the military and his friend’s wives were allowed medical benefits but you were not.

    I could easily add to this list, but I hope you get the point. Weddings aren’t only about the trappings and the party, they’re also about having a public committment to each other, spiritually and LEGALLY for the rest of your lives.

    And the legal part is especially important once the party fades into memory.

  3. johnny says

    I’m wondering if this article is about weddings or marriages… there is a huge difference between the two and the terms should not be swapped so easily.

    Marriage: legal, binding ceremony

    Wedding: Same as above with additional huge expense, cake, clothes and honeymoon.

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