1. Onnyjay says

    Maybe it’s a question that will never get answered, but why is T’road giving these money-driven charlatans so much space? Who needs to see their dog’s breakfast?

  2. Jaker says

    @litper. attaboy, but i know you can get lower. this is, after all, sop for pc bullies, trying to intimidate opponents into silence, turning rational people into defenders of bigots. smart strategy. you should work for glaad. maybe you already do.

  3. scottie TX says

    The log cabin republicans have been trolling every gay blog saying how this story proves how victimized they’ve been by gay democrats. They are all throwing hissy fits and are the ones behind the comments that read suspect. Hi Jaker, how are thinks at the log cabin empty walls?

  4. MIke says

    Why go to Megyn Kelly and Fox News? Why not MSNBC and Chris Hayes? He supports the guy. Says if you want “reality TV” you get “reality” and to censor someone reeks of Stalinism. Chew on that.

  5. Gigi says

    Jeremy was very nervous here — as would I have been — but he did a good job of taking Perkins to task. Kelly was a way too “I’m not taking any sides here…” for my liking, but at least she wasn’t doing an impression of Ann Coulter. There’s that.

  6. Mentos says

    LOL Faux news is soo transparent in their actions that I honestly feel like I’m watching an SNL skit. I mean they are so obvious that it’s pathetic! So thirsty for a story to sensationalize.

    This will be old news in two days!

  7. Jaker says

    there is no comparison between a commentator advocating on air that a public figure get shat in the mouth and a redneck reality “star” espousing his absurd, regressive and mock-worthy religious and racial beliefs. any rational adult can discern the difference. but by all means, keep bringing this episode up, when people will remember how there was little outrage on the left about that, but omg we must silence a redneck reality star. it’s obvious this strategy will lead to a pr win for the left and gay peeps.

    it’s amusing to me that because rational liberals can see the complete hypocrisy and boneheadedness of the authoritarian left, we’re called right wingers and log cabin republicans. believe what you like, but this is going to backlash on you, on us. but you’re too wrapped up in y’all blinding self righteous outrage that you cant see the forest for the trees.

    it’s carrie prejean part deux, electric boogaloo. and our side will take the hit, again.

  8. thom says

    …”Cherry picking?” Really? In my estimation (and study) These “Christians” “cherry pick” the bible with every turn….First, Jesus never said a word about homosexuality Not one. But his followers back then did and more… e.g. it’s cool to own slaves (See Paul’s letters). The list goes on. He gave an “okay” on slavery. What could be more Christian than owning another human being?
    The book of Leviticus, which is used most often by religious zealots forbids homosexuality, but eating shellfish, pork and wearing two articles of clothing from different fabric….can’t plant certain crops next to each other…if these acts were performed, all were banished to hell.hmmmm. Methinks I smell a cherry pick moment here.

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Notice the difference in her interviewing style between the two guests. She interrupted the GLAAD guy repeatedly, and challenged the things he said, but she let Perkins go on and on, and seemed apologetic and knit-browed when asking him questions.

  10. q says

    What are you talking about, Jaker?

    People like YOU are the danger to LGBTS. Not the other way around.

    People like YOU have spent a thousand years killing, harrassing, maiming us LGBT using your ‘BIble’ to do that.

    People like YOU are cretins and…because of your continued lyng about what you jeeesssuuuusss said…

    People like YOU you are dangerous.

    The DAY that any couple gets ‘Straight-bashed’ by gays is the day YOU can open your fat GOB and complain.

    Til then you’re a pabalum spewing intellectual midget who drools over the idea of an LGBT Purge.

    You must have stock in the Russian Oven Company.

  11. Sean Maloney says

    She’s simply another empty-headed talking head for a company that is not interested in airing factual anything but intent on an agenda less-and-less people ascribe to.

  12. simon says

    MSNBC once had a face to face interview with Barney Frank and Tony Perkins on gay marriage. The latter was repeated smacked by Barney.
    Tony really looked pathetic.

  13. Jaron says

    Chris Hayes on his show said he agreed with Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal in their support of Phil Robertson. Once again, he proves that he is no friend to the LGBT community. After making a fool of himself when he criticized international protests against Russia’s anti-gay laws, he makes a point of criticizing those who have denounced Phil Robertson for is high-profile attack on LGBT people. His stop-being-so-sensitive and can’t-you-just-take-a-joke condescension proves that he’s the type of straight liberal who pays lip service to gay rights but doesn’t take the struggle of LGBT people seriously.

  14. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Simon, that is probably why they didn’t let the GLAAD guy engage Perkins directly, to protect him. Megyn Kelly said she would ask Perkins about the charges GLAAD was making, but she didn’t.

  15. Jaker says

    yep behold the psychotic delusions of the authoritarian pc left, where every dissenter is an evil lying troll. it’s really pathetic and despicable. people are watching this you know. watching y’all sputter in rage. it’s sad, bc it’s actions and speech like yours which will set us all back.

  16. simon says

    who cares? You don’t get points for playing nice. Watch the interview with Barney Frank and Tony Perkins. Barney never played nice. You can see the disdain on his face.

  17. litper says

    @Jaker, people are watching pathetic inbred redneck trash like you screaming and crying while being dragged into 21st century. Thanks for showing the true face of GOP once again!

  18. Michael says

    @Jaker, your track record isn’t so good on here and neither is your credibility. People who try to speak down to our thriving LGBT community are pathetic and easily tossed aside. Our community has won every single legislative battle in recent years. Step aside fool

  19. DingDong says

    jaker, you’re having no influence on us to be apologetic. You’re making us MORE proudly LGBT and willing to voice our convictions and standing up to this man’s ignorance. You’re calculating ploy is not working on here. Try queerty.

  20. Jaker says

    @simon. thanks for making my point. you engage the bigots and call them on their crap. that’s how you defeat them and persuade others. not by stamping your feet and trying to freeze them out. you’re not going to win any debates that way. rational people can see this. petulant lefties can’t for some reason. they pull this nonsense all the time on all their most strident/passionate topics. topics that often many people would agree with the left, but are so turned off by these childish tactics, they’ll side against you. wise up, already.

  21. Derrick from Philly says

    I wasn’t going to comment on this topic, but I’m so bored here at work that I read all the comments.

    There is a case of “Three Faces of Eve” going on in this discussion. There is a Towleroad “regular” playing atleast 2 posters here. Why does he do it? I guess he’s bored also.

    I leave it at that.

  22. cminca says

    Everytime I see the line up at Fox I am reminded of the Don Henley line:

    :The bubble-headed bleach blond comes on at 5. She’ll tell you about the train crash with a gleam in her eye. It’s interesting when people die. Give them dirty laundry.”

  23. JackFknTwist says

    Stop Press !……

    New openings for committed Christians and Evangelists and believers of the ‘religious carnage’ same sex marriage has caused….
    apply now, Uganda High Commission , United Nations.

    All bigots, haters, members of NOM, Baby Brown, Tony the Twisted and dear old Pat Robertson, the non stop pharter,( you’ll love the warm climate, ) guaranteed executive positions.

    Uganda for all Evangelicals……and they must stay there to see their mission to the ‘final solution’.

  24. JackFknTwist says

    @ JARON :
    I have to agree with you about Chris Hayes; I’m pretty sick of the pseudo intellectual condescension…….
    Every night he seems to want to impress himself with his new super take on whatever issue is under discussion.
    And you are also spot-on that he is no friend of the gay community; he would just as soon throw us under the bus if he could score some new imaginative angle.

  25. EchtKultig says

    In 50 years, this incident and the Chik-Fil-A one will be studied by business school students as a innovative form of “hot button baiting” marketing. A&E knew exactly what they were doing. This is ALL about the bottom line. If you’re a liberal and you’re (for some reason) surprised by what the old racist hillbilly hick said, or if you’re a right-winger angry at A&E denial’s of “free speech” you’re just a pawn in the game. Sorry to break it to you. It’s called being played. Sales of Duck Dynasty related garbage will soar among the tea party pea brains and that’s all that A&E cares about. You had to appear outraged to get A&E to make a move to make other people outraged to make them go buy stuff. Call it…Rube Goldberg capitalism.

  26. simon says

    As Barney Franks said :”What planet have you been living on?” The fact about all the past success on marriage equality proved you wrong.
    You don’t compromise with your enemies especially irrational ones.

  27. jamal49 says

    “The increasing awareness of this collateral cultural and religious carnage….” Say what, Tony? Carnage? Carnage implies bloody violence. Standing up to the filth that is fundamentalist christianity and saying that we will no longer tolerate you evangelical cowards to spew your biblically-inspired hatred and bigotry is not “carnage”. It is common sense and a firm line drawn in the sand.

    Where I am concerned, Tony, I dare you to cross that line. I’ll be on the other side, baseball bat (or worse) in hand. Then, I will give you a firm example of what “carnage” means.

  28. simon says

    In that interview:
    Barney Frank never did “stamping your feet and trying to freeze them out”
    He just destroyed Tony Perkin’s arguments with perfect logic. I think that’s called “irrational” in your GOProud playbook.

  29. Mike says

    I saw Chris Hayes show. His gay guest from the Nation made a statement about “anal sex pleasure” and the camera literally ZOOMED IN on Chris Hayes as he was convulsed in laughter, bent over.

    If that had been a Fox News Host, Towle would be apoplectic and have video.

  30. says

    I’d like to know where Fox News was when The Dixie Chicks were being called “traitorous anti-American terrorist sympathizers” and were being boycotted, and their lives threatened, due to the statement made by Natalie Maines on the eve of the Iraq War…

    …oh, wait. That’s right. They were the ones leading the charge – condemning the Chicks for exercising their “free speech”

  31. JackFknTwist says

    Yeah, I’ll risk the ‘religious carnage’ anytime Tony is it would only include you in some auto da fe , just like your crowd to any dissenter in the middle ages and after.

    We must stand up to the filth of Perkins, his rabble rousing pond scum speech and realize that this hired hater is a malevolent toad and if paid more to start a cult of satanism he would be off like a firework.

    He has got his thirty pieces of silver and we will remember him forever for that fact alone.

  32. Zell says

    This is exactly why this is the worst comment section on the internet (a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still pretty bad). Anyone who even slightly disagrees with the majority of commenters gets shouted down, called names, accused of being a troll, accused of being other posters in disguise, etc. Ironically, in this case, that’s exactly what Jaker is accusing gays–more specifically, the left wing–of doing. How about this: next time someone says something heinous about gays, instead of demanding that they be silenced immediately, we engage them in a discussion and try to change their minds, or at least expose them for what they are.

    In Robertson’s case the reason he holds his views is because of religion, plain and simple. Christianity is the root cause of this brand of homophobia, regardless of how liberal christians try to rewrite the Bible. Attacking Phil Robertson specifically is only attacking a symptom, not the disease.

  33. says

    Jeremy did fine. He got a little emotional when talking about the safety of his new baby but that was actually endearing. Anyone whose children’s safety is threatened daily would. It shows that his advocacy is not just a job and rhetoric for him.

    He made a good effort trying to bring up that Robertson made derogatory racial comments as well but Kelly wasn’t going there. She wanted to keep this all about LGBT.

    Notice how quickly the ‘free speech’ issue has gone out of the Robertson story narrative? Now it’s changed to ‘religious liberty’.

    The idea that Kelly would be so benign in excusing oppression & discrimination as ‘it’s their religious teachings’ as though that exempted it from any scrutiny. What if a religious group started teaching the subjugation of women as mans property because that’s in the Bible also? Would Kelly be so quick to excuse it?

    As a group we’ve been victimized & oppressed by the political efforts of organized religion for 2000 years. People like Kelly aid & abet that oppression. Call her out on it.

  34. Jaker says

    @simon. you keeping my point for me. yeah frank did not stamp his feet and try to silence him, he engaged him. that’s the point.

    but petulant leftist totalitarians don’t want to engage. they just to silence.

    you dont have to be a rightie to see that.

  35. Jaker says

    @simon. demanding and praising robertson’s suspension from dd. hello. that’s the problem. that’s the pc silencing/punishing action that has turned this minor incident (robertson’s interview) into a major culture war clusterduck, and this minor redneck reality star into a national antigay folk hero/martyr, bringing new energy to their cause while losing sympathetic allies to ours. because that’s what’s happening here.

    really dumb tactics from the pc left. yet again.

    i’ve said my peace.

  36. emjayay says

    Onnyjay, it is a service to me anyway to be made aware of what garbage millions of Americans watch and accept. It’s not like I’m gonna monitor Fox News to find out. I don’t have to actually watch the clip if I don’t want to. Or you can even not click on the teaser and skip to something else.

  37. emjayay says

    Thom, there are way worse rules in Leviticus that they also ignore while not cherry picking the Bible.

    Referring to American fundamentalists as Christian when their overal beliefs are the opposite of millions of real Christians is a gross injustice and insult to those who really understand the message of Christ. (And I’m not even a believer.)

  38. emjayay says

    Well I watched it. For Fox News, she wasn’t as bad as I thought. The worst thing Perkins got away from, unchallenged, is quoted in the TR article: “We have also seen wedding florists, bakers, and photographers hauled into court, fined and even ordered to violate their religious beliefs by participating in same-sex weddings.” Those people do not participate in weddings. They provide some services to the public for money. It’s an extension of the concept of Woolworth’s lunch counters having to serve people who aren’t white. And they have lost in court in several states and will continue to, and also under a somewhat different set of laws of course, in the UK.

  39. simon says

    Not many straight people will read the comments here by the so-called “pc left”. That is why I am puzzled. HRC and GLADD just issued some statements without actively petitioning for his removal from the show. The claim that it will lead to the death of the gay movement has been greatly exaggerated.

  40. Francis says

    It still is…pretty disgusting, that Tony Perkins is still held in high enough esteem that he continues making the media rounds in defending homophobia and transphobia. Wonder when the day will come he’s ignored the same way an avowed racist or sexist would be.

  41. Jaker says

    @simon. peole are reading the comments of pc left people everywhere. and many moderates and liberals think this whole brouhaha and suspending the redneck is overkill. they’re right.

    if you think glaad and/or the hrc didnt petition a&e to suspend him, ive got a bridge to sell you. thats what they do.

    i haven’t seen anyone claim this will kill our movement and i doubt anyone seriously thinks that. maybe some deluded haters do. but this will absolutely set us back in the polls for a time. it happened after l’affaire prejean. and this is bigger and has more legs than that. hope im wrong. i doubt i am.

  42. jar says

    Frankly, I was disappointed by the GLAAD spokesman’s presentation. His focus was all wrong. The best way to approach this (remember he is arguing to the audience, not Perkins or Kelly) is to say that GLAAD, as American cirizens voiced their opinion on this matter, as everyone has a right to do. This decision was A&E’s to make, based upon their business model and what is in the best interest of their shareholders. They made a business decision that we happen to agree with.

    That leaves the discussion in the very terms that Fox and conservatives love to use. I’m just a citizen expressing my opinion. A&E is a corporation that makes decisions that are in the best interest of its shareholders. Do not debate the rightness or wrongness of their religious views because you can’t win that argument. And you are playing on their field. That’s where they want the discussion to occur because it helps to rile their religious marytrs against the gay menace. I am really disappointed at GLAAD’s handling of this interview.

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