1. Ronny says

    Gosh, Pat, great job of dismissing and not understanding at all the work a costume designer does. While the clothing may be purchased, it has to suit each character and situation, make the actors feel comfortable (potentially while shooting out of season), and coordinate without drawing attention to itself–all while staying within budget.

  2. kdknyc says

    True, Ronny, but these days the title should be costume “stylist”, rather than “designer”. They don’t actually design the clothes (like the old-time film, and Broadway) and direct them to be made. And, as I know of some of these people, sometimes they even don’t end up paying for the clothes–they “borrow” leaving a credit card and return the stuff, or charge the clothing businesses to do product placement.

    So, designer–no. Stylist–yes.

    It’s like calling Ralph Lauren a designer–he isn’t. He can’t pin a hem on a dress. He’s a stylist and brand manager. Did well for himself, but these people who want to be “designers” and “artists”–it’s not the same thing, even though people say it is.

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