1. Chaz says

    When the HELL did it become even vaguely acceptable to hit someone from behind without warning?

    I know, violence is never but that is the most craven, despicable thing I have ever seen. What do they do for an encore: beat up a four year old?

  2. aj says

    and is the culprit being charged with Assault Charges with a “Hate Crime” attached??? You have more then enough evidence and the assailant being 16 would be charged as an Adult…. Time for GLAAD or some Legal Group to step in and advocate for this victim!!!!

  3. Smeejay says

    R.a. Williams · Top Commenter · GRACIE BARRA NEW MEXICO
    Coronado mall rescinded the ban on the victim and announced it on Facebook at about 3 PM today.

    They do not appear to be using Facebook to apologize to the victim (that’s better done in person or directly instead of through social media!) but they did issue an apology to people who were ticked.

    It’s possible the boycott initiative and bad publicity worked, but if this had happened in the spring or summer instead of a couple days before the biggest retail orgy of the year, they may not have caved.
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  4. Smeejay says

    Dear Facebook family,
    We really appreciate the feedback on the recent incident at our shopping center. We also agree that discrimination of any kind is wrong. For no other reason, we ban individuals if they do not abide by the Code of Conduct posted at every entrance and on our website. There was an altercation prior to what’s seen on the video that precipitated the ban of all the individuals involved. Management was not made aware of the alleged personal details now being reported until after the fact.

    The video that was referred to in discussion is disturbing. As noted, we are still investigating the matter in its entirety so we and the police have all the facts. In addition since this is now in the hands of the police we must follow proper protocol so not to disrupt their investigation.

    Coronado Center is in its 50th year of business next year and we care about our community. We do hope you can understand our stance to handling this entire matter very carefully.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback and hope that you continue shopping and visiting our center.


    Coronado Center Management

  5. says

    Here’s my letter to Coronado Center and a link to their contact page:


    To Whom It May Concern;

    Your recent ban on a 14-year-old gay male for being the victim of a cowardly assault by another teen is wrong. How can you justify banning someone who’s been the victim of a crime? That makes no sense at all, especially in the United States, a republic founded on the principle that no person should have his or her right to defend him- or herself removed, even by a majority. It’s the principle that makes us a constitutional republic, not a true democracy, and it’s why the rest of the world has long aspired to our form of governance.

    You’ve abrogated this young man’s basic rights. General Growth Properties should be ashamed of your mall’s management’s actions, and of the person who was responsible for taking this action.

    I wonder, would the same action have been taken if this young man were heterosexual? I’d wager not.

    On the heels of GGP’s bankruptcy, I’d be interested to see if a few – hundred…thousand…million? – people who feel that you’ve acted improperly can tank your Xmas season.

    Care to wager your career?

    Jim Chatman

    P.S. I’ll be sure to #hashtag comments I make concerning this on social media so you can follow along.

    Have a nice day! :)


  6. Rotundra says

    One of the obstacles to empowerment is that gay youth by and large do not bond with each other on the scale that thugs do. Gay youth tend to be closeted, or benefiting from not looking or acting gayish. It’s like fat kids, you rarely see fat kids hanging with each other, rather each one is accepted in a group. So gay male youths often have a group of friends who know or suspect that they are gay, but don’t want to hang with a gay group.

    I would love to see a ferocious gay band of brothers who look out for each other and who beat the shlt out of attackers.

  7. ratbastard says

    that was the most punk a** thing I’ve seen come down the like in a while. Issaic has nothing to be embarrassed about. Good luck to him and I hope he has a bright and happy future ahead of him.

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