1. steve says

    so…they have an “It Gets Better” for Russian kids…and it’s in English? And has English subtitles? I’m confused. Someone needs to update this video with Russian subtitles so that Russian youth can actually understand it.

  2. will says

    This video has the most abrasive “epic” musical score going on over the images. Note: let the people inspire us, not the pounding, thumping score. You’re subverting your own intentions.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    I have to agree, such videos are a great help to those who feel their lives are nothing and they are useless. Knowing there are people out there, people around the world, who care about you and are working on your behalf is a great and wonderful feeling. Videos like this will save the lives of many who feel life isn’t worth living. It is a great start and as a community we have to keep pushing harder and harder until we are as equal and free as everyone else.

  4. FFS says

    ‘A’ for Effort.

    But, does it get better, tho? Even if Russia kids grow up to escape abuse & homophobic oppression . . . they’re still stuck in a 3rd World country.

  5. sam says

    It’s something. If the LGBT youth in Russia actually get to view this video, it is indeed something. Hopefully more gets done, what that more is I don’t know. It’s a lot knowing you’re not alone, and that the world isn’t ignorant as to what’s going on. I’m just not sure if this, or any other, “gay propaganda” is reaching them.

  6. MaryM says

    Telling Russian LGBT youth that it gets better is a promise that the US groups cannot and should not be making in light of what is going on in Russia.

    Can the project not be renamed ‘Fight for your rights and be safe’

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