1. Matt27 says

    This guy doesn’t need to talk about his sexuality. He is too artistic to do so. He has posted numerous videos about himself, one of the latest playing a gay husband and I think we have got many clues. Keep playing Franco. Or in another way, be yourself.
    I like him and his guts to do whatever he likes. Being drugged? Very bad.

  2. quietriot says

    …he was drugged, somebody slipped him something in bed & doesn’t seem to recall anything…so he’s implying he was raped…so why make a vid & not call the cops, if this was a female celeb I don’t think people would be so non-nonchalant.

  3. ReHashed Crap says

    Some of you are so f*cking hateful! But God forbid someone say something negative about gays, then you’re all up in arms!

  4. UFFDA says

    You know there are straight guys who like to be effed. But they’re actually straight, I mean their only direct feelings of lust are for women. But they like the feeling of a man in their butt they can’t face it directly. They have a motto “you can f me and s my c but don’t kiss me I’m straight.” That’s Franco and I knew a guy like that once who became the most confusing cataclysm of my life. He had two drugs: cowardice and denial, mine was him. Franco is very curious and fun but in my heart he makes me shudder and run.