1. will says

    Good lord, if I were an alien, I’d say we were obsessed with sex and skin and shirtless hunks. We fetishize everything. Maybe this accounts for why most gay men you meet are self-involved and vapid. Andy, isn’t it time for another underwear model interview?

  2. Dback says

    Yeah, Alan was the one I liked too–if he has that much of a problem keeping his tie on, hopefully his pants and underwear are similarly inclined. :) (And I love that Ellen, an open lesbian, is the biggest proponent of exploiting shirtless men on daytime TV!)

  3. David From Canada says

    Great surprise birthday gift, and beautiful guys, but a question: who is Allison Janney? Never heard of her before and she doesn’t look familiar. A T.V. star?

  4. John Freeman says

    David from Canada, Allison Janney is a very accomplished actress with a big career in television and movies. Look her up on Google. What surprises me about this is that I am sure I read that she is a lesbian. Could be I was misinformed.
    John (also from Canada)

  5. Craig says

    She’s perhaps most famous for her role as White House Press Secretary/Chief of Staff C.J. Cregg on the TV series The West Wing. She’s also been in the movies The Object of my Affection, American Beauty and Juno among others.

  6. jarago says

    I want the hunk with the beard as my birthday treat! Isn’t Ellen’s target audience stay at home women- I would think they would enjoy the male eye candy…

  7. mattman says

    wow – you guys remind me of the group of men sitting in the corner of a party, just mumbling to each other about how strange it is that people have fun sometimes. Because it is obvious that you don’t see the lite part of life at all.

  8. AriesMatt says

    Janney was also in The Help in a very significant role. Her acting ability range is phenomenal. Just a couple of weeks ago, she made me tear up a little from TWO different shows in the same week: Masters of Sex and Mom (I know, a comedy, but she still had some heavy material to work with).

  9. jen says

    Ellen is a hypocrotical pig. Huge step back for real women! No male talk show is GUILTY of sexism as Ellen is! Women need to take accountability for there behaviour

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