Joe Manganiello’s High School Photo Gives Hope to Every Skinny Geek Who Wants Muscles: PHOTO


Joe Manganiello has a new fitness book out today called Evolution.

Appropriate title.


Here’s how Manganiello went from scrawn to brawn:

1. Challenge the impossible. “I’m not asking people to work as hard as they can. I’m asking you to go beyond what you thought was possible for yourself. That’s how you get in the best shape you’ve ever been, instead of just okay shape.”

2/ Double your muscle groups for twice the results. Work chest and back on Monday, legs and triceps on Tuesday and shoulders and back on Wednesday. Then restart the cycle after a rest on Sunday.

3. Eat high-protein, low-fat meals every few hours. “You’re training your body not to store anything, and that in conjunction with a fat-burning cardio program raises metabolism.”

4. You get what you give.
“I can’t think of anything else in life that gives you back a direct return the way training does. Focus on each breath, each rep, and you will see results.”




  1. Petes says

    This man has serious mental health issues. Why waste so much time and effort “to go from scrawn to brawn”? Sure, be healthy and fit, but, otherwise, get a life.

  2. Chaz says

    I really don’t think upping your bench and eating a few extra chicken breasts constitutes ‘serious metal health issues’. His body is not extreme by modern standards. That photo is most very fit men on a good day, with hella make-up, lighting and photoshop post-production. Plus, nobody noticed that his geeky face was regular and handsome and that he had excellent bone-structure.

  3. Chaz says

    That body can be achieved with a few protein shakes a day and a whole lot of the right kind of food. Anybody can afford it who can resist the sludgy carbs and put the money they waste on booze and snacks into an organised diet. Most people don’t realise how totally obvious steroids are: you CANNOT hide the fact that you are on steroids. Plus, he’s Hollywood: it’s his job to look that way and he gets well paid for it. So it makes perfect sense. Frankly he has come a long way for a guy who looks like, well I don’t know, EVERY SINGLE DAYTIME TV HUNK of the last twenty years.

  4. keating says

    yeah, he looks good.
    But how honest is he about all the “supplements” he takes?
    And when your career is focused on your physique, is it any wonder that most people didn’t take your recent Stanley in “Streetcar” more seriously?

  5. rroberts says

    Why the rush by some to tear someone down? Manganiello works hard, he does ‘have a life’, AND he shares his time. He’s active with several charities including Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC and the Los Angeles based “The Art of Elysium.”

    Sounds like a pretty decent guy to me, and I wish him all the best.

  6. Alex N says

    I don’t think there is a rush to tear him down. I think some people are simply sick and tired of having celebrity body worship thrown in their faces all day long, as if the only real accomplishment in life is to get ripped and take your clothes of to be admired by sexually frustrated viewers. Narcissism is obviously a great motivator in the gym, but when you state that you can’t think of anything else in life that gives you back a direct return the way training does, you really should go back to the drawing board. Perhaps those of us who take care of our bodies and also invest in a less superficial philosophical approach to life should just rise above and keep quiet, but readers all have the same equal right to post opinions. That is the point of these little white boxes we write in.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL…sh.t. I wish I had the body he had in highschool. I could fit into all these clothes I refuse to throw away.

    I look into my clothes closet and all I can think of is “A Rose For Emily”.

  8. andrew says

    If I were a school teacher, I would post the photos of Joe the boy and Joe the man on my classroom bulletin board. It might help some boys who are feeling insecure about their present physicality, understand that things change.

  9. tinkerbelle says

    Instead of insisting that everyone become a clone, it might be better to say that skinny is also OK. To each his own. In any event, physically Joe the boy is a boy and not yet a man. i would be curious to see how he would have turned out without the regimen. As a normal person. I think normal is so much more interesting.

  10. Chaz says

    Guys, the book is about getting ripped and muscular.

    The target audience is guys who want to get ripped and muscular.

    The forward is by the pope of getting ripped and muscular.

    The picture on the cover is of a guy who is ripped and muscular.

    Complaining about any of this on the basis that you don’t care about being, or don’t find attractive being ripped and muscular is like complaining that the recipes in a cookbook by Emeril Legasse are too rich and fatty, or that asbestos is bad for you.

  11. Eric says

    Bitchy Queens! Always looking for a negative in everything. Do you listen to yourselves? Do you hear those bitchy bells ringing in your ears and spewing the venom from your mouth?

  12. lookyloo says

    “Joe Manganiello’s High School Photo Gives Hope…”

    Except that’s an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL picture, folks.

    St. Bernard was his elementary school and he’s probably no older than 11 in that pic.
    Some quick internet research shows he went to Mt. Lebanon High School and was the captain of like every sport.

    The fact that so many believe that’s a pic of a skinny high-schooler shows Joe has always been more manly then the rest of us through all stages of life. It’s genetics people.

  13. Bob says

    For the critics —

    Since I actually have met Joe a few times, I can tell you that he is super nice and humble.
    He is in show biz, and has to go with what works. At 6’5″ and very Italian looking, he gets roles that fit the look. Once in those roles, he has to bulk up and have the abs, etc, so why not write a book about it, for those who are interested?

  14. Perfect Physique So I Can Criticize says

    Gross. Way too big. Don’t want to look like that. Don’t want to “date” anything that loks like that. Go away, Balloon Art.

  15. angry Snappy Black queen says

    Lord, I love when people scream “STEROIDS”. That’s all you have to do. Shoot a needle in your ass and sit there and you’ll look like that. Yep. That’s exactly how it works.

    He doesn’t look like he’s done a single cycle ’cause he’s musculature is very lean. You retain a lot of water and look puffy when you’re on the mones, people. But even if he did, so what? You’ve all jerked off to guys on ‘mones more than likely so why knock her?

  16. Sargon Bighorn says

    Keep in mind he is maybe 35 years old or so. He is naturally Big, and it is his JOB to stay in tip top shape. Bravo for him. Make the most of it Joe as you like every one else is slowly but surely fading into the great beyond (anyone caring).

  17. ratbastard says

    Fit? That’s not fit, that’s exaggerated and overly muscular/build. And was that a freshman/sophomore (14-15) yearbook pic? I was as scrawny as him at that age,too,it’s normal. When I graduated at 18, I was 6′ and 145lbs. Now almost 20 years later I’m 175lbs, almost all that gain is muscle. I’m fit, but not in the sense some think he is. If you see a guy who is built like a proverbal brick sh#t house, he most likely has used steroids.

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