Lady Gaga Urges Boycott of Sochi Olympics


Amidst congratulations to British diver Tom Daley on his recent coming out, Lady Gaga recently shared her feelings on the Olympics, in particular why she's advocating for a boycott of Sochi. From The Independent:

“I don’t think that we should be going to the Olympics at all,” she told Alan Carr on his Channel 4 show Chatty Man.

“I mean, I would never take anything away from [the athlete’s] hard work, I just think it is absolutely wrong for so many countries to send money and economy in the way of a country that doesn’t support gays.”

“They pepper spray and beat them in Russia,” she added.

Despite the fact that Daley, a diver, does not compete in the Winter Olympics, she continued: “It made me very sad to see the pain that some of the gay kids are in in Russia, and for the world to send their finest for the Olympics… I can’t, it just feels so wrong and sad. I hate saying that, because I’m so excited for those like Tom Daley to go and to win and to rejoice.”

Asked whether she would ever go back to the country for a visit, she said: “I don’t think I’m even allowed in anymore because I screamed ‘I’m gay, arrest me’ on stage last time I was there, so…”

Last December, amidst fears that her show would prominently feature "gay propaganda," Gaga told a crowd in Moscow, "You can be gay in my house."


  1. says

    Sad she would say this….Boycotts don’t really work..remember Chick Fila’s profits went up 11 percent during the “boycott”….

  2. says

    So happy that she has spoken out like this. Boycotts DO work and the resulting negative publicity is and can be devastating to a company or a country. The longer we turn our heads the longer it will be for us to achieve full equality. I can’t stress that enough. Take the money away from Russia and the Russians will stop their hate.

  3. Gregg says


    Are you kidding? Why is this sad? Boycotts do work in many situations. During the Civil Rights Era, African Americans boycotted organizations that discriminated against them. In the 1980s, international boycotts against South Africa’s apartheid regime helped to force the country to end apartheid.

    At this point, there is not going to be a boycott against the Sochi Olympics. There’s too much money to be made by the big companies that have invested millions. Of course, average people could just not watch the Olympics on TV or buy the products of sponsors. 😉

  4. RonCharles says

    Boycotting the 2014 Olympics in Sochi is not going to do any good. It just ensures that the gay voice will not be heard there. The best thing that celebrities and non-participating athletes could do would be to turn out en masse, speak out for gay rights and wear apparel expressing support for gay rights and to meet with gay Russians and gay Russian groups. What is the government going to do? Arrest all the international celebrities who go to Sochi?

  5. Glow says

    I hope those that go offer vocal and symbolic support but I’m not an Olympic athlete and I will not be watching the games.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    Boycotting the Sochi Olympics would be very beneficial and would do good , @RONCHARLES.

    Don’t expect them, the athletes, to turn up and speak out…. just look at the lilly-livered response of “Apartheid-busting Elton John.

    It’s ALL OUT, as the Russian LGBT want us to do.

  7. Glow says


    Ender’s Game tanked, but maybe because sci-fi isn’t the religious right’s preferred recreational choice. They do like gut busting fast food though. Jesus loves slaughterhouse chicken sandwiches after all.

  8. Troy says

    She’s a hell of an actress and singer, she killed it on Saturday Night Live but watching her kinda makes you think she’s singing and moving a tad bit too hard for her dinner…

  9. Visage says

    Thanks to Lady Gaga for speaking up!

    Though, I think it’s time, as one commenter said on antoher thread, that we need to start being more descriptive, graphic, explicit about what’s going on for Russian gays.
    They’re not just being pepper sprayed and beaten; they’re being baited, swarmed, tortured, mutilated, and sometimes killed. Their meetings and organizations are being spied on, broadcasted, and attacked.

    It’s time to expose anti-gay Russia in all its ugliness for the world to see. No more euphemisms or white-washing.

  10. RonCharles says

    To see what Elton John himself has publicly said in Russia, just look up the following video on YouTube:

    Elton John Supports LGBT On Stage In Moscow 6 Dec by LilyBop

    He used the public platform of his concert to denounce the current hate legislation in Russia and to speak up for gay rights.

    You can read the transcript of what he said on Joe My God’s website.

  11. alex says

    Other than an asterisk in the record books, what did the 1980 and 1984 boycotts accomplish? I’m curious to hear opinions on this question: Should the US have boycotted the 1936 Berlin games?

    The image of Jesse Owens atop the podium is a powerful one. Rest assured, lesbian/gay athletes and allies will defy the Russian law. Those acts of civil disobedience will have an affect.

  12. artemio says

    Ugh, why can’t this attention-seeking drama kid keep her body and disingenuous bids for relevancy out of sight?! You can bet that if she didn’t have a sinking album to flog she’d keep her yap shut … I detest how she always feels the need to preach to the clueless 10th-graders who might be out there willing to download her latest effort. From sporting a Mona Lisa poncho as ‘fashion’, to cavorting with a robot version of herself in Japan, to this lame attempt at a boycott-to-stir-controversy, she’s really so tiresome.

  13. datlaw214 says

    Good for her. She’s a great ally, so is Elton. They do it in different ways, but both are effective – yes, boycotts work in many ways – even Chic Fil A is softening on many gay issues. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Honestly, some of you commenters are just sad.

  14. Mary says

    So she’s happy to make money off these people but not happy for their economy to get more than likely a welcome boost by the over flow of money that will benefit small business. Basing her whole argument against a country’s people as opposed to their oppressive leadership is cowardly. She should go read some of those John Lennon lyrics again since she’s such an expert. Over this chick and her feeble attempts to use issues for her gain. She’s pandering to our community because no one else likes her.