Luxembourg Swears In Openly Gay Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Europe has its second openly gay prime minister, Reuters reports:

BettelLuxembourg swore in Xavier Bettel as its first openly gay prime minister on Wednesday, paving the way for the introduction of social reforms such as same-sex marriage.

Bettel replaces Jean-Claude Juncker, who was until Wednesday the European Union's longest-serving head of government, with 19 years in power. That distinction is now held by Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, who took office in April 2005.

Bettel, whose deputy Etienne Schneider is also openly gay, is expected to introduce other changes like replacing religious instruction in school with more general ethics classes.

Bettel was previously mayor of Luxemboug city. Europe's other openly gay prime minister is Belgium's Elio Di Rupo.

Bettel told Buzzfeed that visibility for elected officials has improved quite a bit since he stepped into the political spotlight in the 90s:

"I once had a [female politician] who said I was more lady than her. But society is changing and what would be considered as not normal is fully normal nowadays. You can live your life as yourself and be considered as you are – not because you look like a politician who is married and with children."


  1. emjayay says

    It’s certainly interesting that the UK/western Europe are generally in many ways ahead of us on gay issues. The gay liberation movement was really centered here, and for example the UK had much more virulent anti-gay policies and laws than us until fairly recently. In reference to the goverment response to something years ago in Canada, a asked a Canadian guy what the difference was there and he said “we don’t have a South”. He was right. Same thing on current gay issues, among others. (All Southerners don’t actually live there.)

    Also with Prime Ministers vs. our President, European countries have a tradition of having a king or queen (even if they don’t now) who is the Daddy or Mommy of the country, and the civil stuff is sort of separate. We don’t have that, so the President is the Daddy and Daddy has to be straight. And particularly recenlty be really Christian and mention God all the time.

  2. GregV says

    He is Northwestern Europe’s second CURRENTLY serving gay PM, but there are THREE countries in Northwestern Europe to have had a gay PM this year (as well as for all of history). Iceland’s gay Prime Minister just retired 6 months ago.

    @Emjayay: It’s that fundamentalist religion that’s so common in the South that trains people not to think for themselves. Slavery, segregation, keeping women and gays in their place, etc… Southern Baptists and others were trained that it’s all mandated in the Bible and must not be questioned. Western Europeans and Canadians for the most part have put that pattern of non-thinking into the past.

  3. UFFDA says

    MRS CAMPBELL – are their any of you doing same. In addition to presenting yourself as an assh****.