1. AdamK says

    Apparently Mygyyn thinks Jimmy Kimmel, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, etc., are humorless. They just can’t understand her oh-so-subtle “tongue in cheek” snark. Somehow they got the idea she was a racist. Just out of thin air. Because people are out to get Fox News for absolutely no reason at all. Because they’re humorless! So Megyyyny and Fox News are victims. Poor things!

  2. terry says

    Fox’s 65+ demographic will be shocked to discover that their icon and favorite talking head now believes that jeebus wasn’t white. What’s next? The revelation that Santa is mythical, like news on Fox?

  3. Mike says

    ALL consistent Fox viewers think this way! Face it they are the racist, money loving, bigoted, hating, backward thinking scum of the earth! Why do you think Obama has had such a problem compared to other presidents?

    Megyn Kelly is only one of the more blatant example who was caught saying exactly what she TRULY feels . . .

  4. Nick says

    Faux Snooze wouldn’t know humor if it hit Roger Ailes and his staff storm trooper minions in the face. Megyn’s tongue is firmly planted on Rog’s cheeks. Sane people laugh at their “reporting” all the time-except they think they are this generation’s Edward R. Murrows. Sad-cuz that is where ‘Merica gits its nooze.

  5. Hugh says

    What the hell happened to this site? When did the comments get so vile around here? One thing we seem to have in common with wingnuts: when it concerns a woman we’re supposed to ‘hate’, we happily bring out the misogyny.

  6. Ernst Rhoem's Ghost says

    A serious comment: Santa the symbol of Christmas is any color you want; Santa the historical figure (Saint Nicholas) was a Caucasian. Take your pick.

  7. SoLeftImRight says

    Um, yeah…it was hours spent with PR flacks trying to come up with something. Not bad, flacks, not bad, but not believable. She is relatively friendly to the gays though, for Faux, isn’t she? I really couldn’t care less what this moran has to say about anything.

  8. oncemorewithfeeling says

    They took an entire day to come up with a PR strategy and THIS is what they got? “I was kidding”? A five year-old’s excuse for a five year-old’s mean, moronic rant, I guess.

    So now she’s branded herself a racist and an idiot. Works for me!

  9. Acronym Jim says

    I believe Paula Deen considered her “jests” to be “tongue in cheek” too. At least she didn’t blame those criticizing her of race baiting after being called out on her own racist stupidity.

    Megyn Fox, on the other hand, declares a BC/AD bicuspid middle eastern man simply MUST have been white and that Santa Claus is real. How telling that she seems to lack the intelligence of even Paula Deen.

    In her defense though, I can say the fictional Santa IS white…in the same way the Grinch is green.

  10. simon says

    On the other hand, the racial origin of Jesus is a serious question. Not sure if the Pope has the answer. Perhaps the Church should conduct a Church council to settle this important historical question.

  11. NY2.0 says

    Assuming Jesus did exist and was around in present day America, these right-wing Fox “news” talking heads would’ve branded him a Muslim terrorist that espouses “communist” ideals much the same way they attack the pope, Obama and anyone that doesn’t follow their twisted ideology.

  12. Bernie says

    sorry, ain’t buying,…….her past behavior and history speak for itself………this was NOT tongue in cheek except her twisted tongue got her in hot water…….

  13. Rick says

    “Saint Nicholas was Turkish… not caucasian. Sorry”

    Turks and Arabs are of the Caucasian race. Just because their skin is darker than a blonde, blue-eyed Swede does not make them non-white, any more than it makes a Sicilian non-white (and nobody would argue that Italians are not white, would they?)

    So, yes, St Nicholas and Jesus were both white–and any attempt to represent them as anything but is nothing but yet another attempt on the part of the Far Left to manufacture lies for the sake of promoting “multi-culturalism.”

  14. gri says

    She’s clever. She knows the average fox watcher is a racist goon and hates anything brown/black/yellow or red and played right into their little claus, er claws, with that statement.

  15. kdknyc says

    On top of being stupid, she’s humorless. The things Jon Stewart said were hilarious. Making a bad call on what to say is one thing (stupid in her case) but geez–if she showed a sense of humor about the ribbing she’s taken, she might not look quite so stupid. Or mean.

    As if.

  16. BrianM says

    Oh, please, Rick: “Race” is a human invention. And there is no color scheme involved. There are many extremely pale Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, but no one would describe them as “white.” You would never call them “yellow” anymore, either.

    The study of the genome found there is no genetic difference among humans, only mutations that determine skin hue, eye color, hair texture, height, eye shape and fold, nostril structure, etc.

    You and I and Megyn Kelly know that she, and most Americans, define “white” as Northern European.

    My take is that Jesus and Santa can take on any physical attribute for believers, since the power they have on culture and the individual is in their stories, not the hue of their skin.

  17. andrew says

    @TOM: GRI’s comments are inappropriate to be sure. Rick’s constant bigoted antagonistic comments about our more “effeminate” gay brothers is far from “calm, scientific reasoning” they are also offensive.

  18. jamal49 says

    I watched that segment with Megyn and I got that she was speaking tongue in cheek. I mean, I think some liberals sometimes are just looking too hard for the next conservative outrage. This is all pretty ridiculous. However, I do appreciate the debate that has arisen about the mythical Jesus, and his ethnicity. Surely, if he had been a real person he would have been Semitic and not the implausible, golden-haired, blue-eyed man that most American christians seem to think he was.

  19. Setting Records Straight says

    Alright, YOU people need to get a few things straight (so to speak).

    1)Martin Luther King was WHITE. Ghandi was WHITE. Anwar Sadat was WHITE. In a few days, Fox News will be submitting an application to elevate Nelson Mandela to whiteness, now that he is too dead to object. Idi Amin stays Black. Hitler was Black too. Obama will be made White, post-humously. Dubya and Rick Perry will be made Black and Gay, respectively, when they die. Putin will be made Gay too.

    2) Duke Ellington was WHITE. John Coltrane was WHITE. Michael Jackson was WHITE. Whitney Houston was WHITE. Tupac Shakur stays Black. Phil Spector will be changed to Black as soon as he dies.

    3)Tchaikovsky was STRAIGHT. Rachmaninov was STRAIGHT. Sviatoslav Ricther was STRAIGHT. Van Cliburn, STRAIGHT.

    4) Bugs Bunny was Jewish. Foghorn Leghorn was a tranny. Speedy Gonzázles was Spaniard, but played Mexican. Derrick From Philly stays Black.

    5)Megyn Kelly is Bill O’Reilly in drag, talking out of his mangina.

  20. Bernie says

    sorry folks, I listened to Megyn Kelly’s original statement and it was NOT tongue in cheek… is just that Ms. Kelly’s tongue got caught in her cheek and in hot water……….

  21. Keppler says

    Snork! Her White Santa remarks were tongue-in-white-cheek. My guess is that she wouldn’t have found them nearly as amusing if her cheek were black or brown.

  22. Keppler says

    Snork! Her White Santa remarks were tongue-in-white-cheek. My guess is that she wouldn’t have found them nearly as amusing if her cheek were black or brown.

  23. simon says

    Mary was betrothed to a carpenter. She must be of humble origin. It is likely she was working the street and picked up a Roman or a Jew. That’s why Jesus’s birth was such a mystery and his ethnicity indeterminate.

  24. FFS says

    Nope. Sorry, sweetie darling. Race baiting is what you did with your original reactionary white Santa tirade.

    Rick, Rick, Rick. You mean to tell me there are entire nationalities of people whom you DON’T consider beneath you? Well, you just show new facets of yourself, every day. Don’t you?

    You’re like onion, man. A smelly, acrid, layered onion.

  25. LaShaniqua says

    Hey everyone!

    Greetings from da Bronx where it’s snowing like a muthafucha!

    Just wanted to let you know da snow is black. Yup. It’s a politically correct world we live in. And now, the snow is black.

    Merry kwanza y’all! Mmmhmmm!

  26. wheelie81 says

    Let me show you all how to disagree with someone while still acting like an adult: Megyn obviously didn’t see the firestorm her comments created coming, so this is her attempt to backtrack and save face. I think what she really means when she says they were “tongue in cheek” is that they more off the cuff. When people like this start saying things that aren’t in the script, they are bound to get burned for it.

  27. gunther says

    @ Hugh
    The comment section on this site have always been a bit mean spirited…..I think it is because of a mistaken belief that we gays need to think like a hetro in order to fit in.

  28. Rick says

    “Hey everyone!

    Greetings from da Bronx where it’s snowing like a muthafucha!

    Just wanted to let you know da snow is black. Yup. It’s a politically correct world we live in. And now, the snow is black.

    Merry kwanza y’all! Mmmhmmm!

    Posted by: LaShaniqua | Dec 15, 2013 12:16:53 AM”

    Hilarious! LOL.

  29. Rick says

    So is there really nothing else going on in the world? Why is this news? Santa, Doesn’t exist and has mostly been depicted as white. Jesus, the man, not the deity, most likely existed and being from the middle east was probably not white as snow but instead brown. so what? Santa is a symbol of happiness for so many. Why should his skin color (if he was real) matter? Jesus is a symbol of hope for so many, why should his skin color matter. Are their messages somehow less valuable because they don’t look just like you? lets get over ourselves people!

  30. dee says

    fool megyn is trying to be a blond o’reilly, it was no tongue and cheek remark, that’s what’s on her narrow mind, that if it’s not white than it’s not right. what she had was a foot in mouth moment. she’s an racist idiot. santa is the color of the person that is buying their kids toys, not some imaginary white man coming down a chimney. she’s funny

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