Michelangelo Signorile At Odds With HRC Over Positive ‘Duck Dynasty’ Message

FredFred Sainz (pictured right), the VP of the Human Rights Campaign gave a statement to CNN regarding the lifting of Phil Robertson's suspension from "Duck Dynasty," and Michelangelo Signorile was not happy about it. The statement was positive and affirmed A&E's decision, and the Sirius XM radio host took to Twitter to air his grievances.

Joe.My.God. reported on the HRC statement:

"It's not really a reversal [to reinstate Phil Robertson]. We think it's actually a positive outcome, and we want to thank A&E for their attentiveness and collaboration over the course of the last few weeks. We've received assurances also that the Robertson family is now open to working with African-American and (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people to address the real harm that such anti-gay and racist comments can cause. That's been our 'ask' since Phil's comments ran in GQ, and while it's a positive step, it certainly cannot and should not be the last one."

Signorile fired back with his own 140 character statement:


What do you think about the HRC's affirmation? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. dlovejoy says

    who’s dumb? @msignorile sounds like you say a lot behind closed doors because you’re ‘smart’ and we’re not. I support the VP of the HRC and his statement to CNN. This isn’t the end of the conversation only the beginning. You can’t just shut people up when you disagree with them… You have to have a hard dialogue.

  2. Homo Genius says

    ‘ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) ”

    hmmmm… wonder if he made the mistake of just saying GAY and had to be corrected least some transsexual go off the deep end

  3. Lumpmoose says

    The whole orchestrated reaction by A&E was a publicity stunt. They had no real intention of limiting their biggest money-maker. If the HRC wants to spin this as pseudo-win, fine with me. The whole affair is stupid and should leave the news cycle ASAP. Reality TV is trashy and segregated demographically, so I don’t see a point in getting up in arms when they put offensive people on cable.

  4. Craig says

    @LUMPMOOSE – 100% correct. All these rednecks are going out buying DD merchandise to show their support? Support for who? A&E owns the merchandising. Money and free publicity for all! Congrats for the scam they pulled on ‘Merica. Well played.

  5. Reality says

    What? Satisfied with where things are with Duck Dynasty? Says who, HRC? I’m still seething and there have been 0 accomplishments. A&E bowed to the almighty dollar.

  6. Dan says

    If A&E turns this into a teaching process, and the family realizes how such ignorance about gay and black people promotes and justifies prejudice for those who already hold it, this could be a good thing. Seeing them overcome irrational prejudice would help others do the same.

    However, if they continue to use the bible to promote a misinterpretation of a few religious texts which requires ignoring and contradicting the Golden Rule, they will feed the religious exemption excuse for intolerance, which has been used throughout history to demonize and dehumanize minority populations. Failure to challenge the religious excuse for prejudice continues to promote it.

  7. says

    I understand HRC’s intent, I believe, which was to use the very person who made the offensive remarks to undo the damage, since he would likely address the same sorts of crowds in the future. This would have the additional impact of forcing Robertson to play nice when gays, blacks, or women were present. If it works.

    But, I don’t see it working. Robertson and his kind don’t see the grey areas that we do; they see things in a polarized black and white view with clear-cut divisions between homosexuals and heterosexuals, non-Christians and Christians, and African-Americans and Caucasians. He may pay lip service to acceptance as long as the checks are coming in, but he’ll plead out the first chance he gets and will retract anything he’s said that could be construed as positive.

    Of course, the ignoratti will instantly forgive him.

  8. Hyde says

    You know what would be really amazing and make this whole betrayal worth it? If A&E used Duck Dynasty to help change the south’s views of LGBT people. Get some manly bears to star on the show with them to open minds.

    If a white power Nazi can get over his hate and become friends with one of the victims he attacked for being gay, then that bigot, his family, and the ignorant south can have their minds changed too.

  9. david says

    I dont understand what you people want? You want A&E to fire the star of the biggest show on cable? Not gonna happen. You are not the shows demographic anyways. Stop being babies and act like men. I say this as someone with no hate for homosexuals, but it seems like you want to silence an opinion? Create fear of you (or homophobia) thats all this is doing.

    It seems lile you’d want this story to leave the news cycle seeing all the hate its brought out against your community. HRC are acting mature, glaad are acting like sniveling little babies. You know which one to donate to now!

  10. says

    HRC is sounding a lot like Log Cabin Republicans . . . Oh, we’re going to show these idiots the light and change their minds. Just wait, you’ll see, it’s going to be better for the LGBT community!

    That’s just not realistic.

  11. david says

    @Twitdude what is realistic? They should be shunned until they fall into line?

    The way you people operate is gonna create massive backlash ( like it almost did here).

    Let people live. You are getting marriage rights all over. He’s not standing in your way.

  12. Merv says

    Dumbest scandal ever. It’s a reality show. A reality show! HRC is right to declare victory and try to move beyond this stupid episode. Signorile is turning into the mirror image of a right wing radio hate jockey continuing to impotently scream “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!” after everybody has gotten tired of listening.

  13. says

    The HRC has repeatedly been on the wrong side of issues when it comes to those who act and speak against gays and GLBT issues, remember Targets high rating from the seriously flawed rating system the HRC uses just before it was revealed that Target funded anti gay politicians and anti gay PACS, I agree with Signorili, the HRC isn’t taking a strong stand against this homophobe and racist, they are just continuing their don’t make waves attitude.

  14. TrollHunter says

    Creating hate is what you are doing David. You’re agreement with ‘Duck Dynasty’that being Gay is worse than being a murderer only shows us how much you hate us.
    Your comment only proves that you can’t stand it if Gays dare to speak back at you.

  15. BZ says

    I think we need to pick our battles carefully. Much as I dislike Phil Robertson and Chick-fil-a etc. there’s not a lot we can do about them for the moment. We’re better off focusing our energies on fights we can win like marriage equality and ENDA, and continuing to build international support against Russia’s antigay laws. Many Duck Dynasty viewers hate us anyway, we have next to no influence with them.

    Better to just let this one go for now – but in another ten years it will be a different story.

  16. David says

    “continuing to build international support against Russia’s antigay laws”

    No, BZ. This is only creating more hostility against gays in Russia. The change has to come from inside Russia, not outside of it. The reason the law is so supported in Russia is because it’s seen as a strike against the west, Russians see it as a form of nationalism, rebelling. You are not helping the gay cause one bit.

    Also, step outside of the gay bubble and you’ll see that you should focus attention on the US, there is gay bashings daily. Yet you’re worried about a country an ocean and a continent away?

  17. Putney says

    HRC has always been more concerned with themselves than with the people they claim to represent. This just reaffirms what I have always thought about them-nothing.

  18. Henry Holland says

    The “community”, if there is even such a thing, is sure as hell NOT united, Signorile. I know it’s your breadwinner to cause controversy and it’s Joe.My.God’s and Towleroad’s click bait to post a bunch of stuff about A&E and Duck Dynasty, but it’s bizarre to me to see gay marriage happening all over but culture war nonsense like Chik-Fil-A and this makes Gay Inc. look silly and ineffective.

    Posted by: David | Dec 31, 2013 11:36:25 AM

    Exactly. I had Christmas dinner with a huge group of men, two of whom left Russia in the 1980’s. They were quite adamant: the more the West pressures Russia to do something, such as boycott the Sochi Olympics, the worst it’s going to get for gays & lesbians there. Russia has never ever in its 1200 year history been a democracy or anything close to it and the populace there bitterly resent being told what to do by western Europeans and the US.

  19. ratbastard says

    The duck ‘scandal’ was contrived, jus in time for the Christmas shopping season. It worked. The got that merchandize of the shelf.

    Why so much silence over Robertson’s comments regarding sex and marriage with underage kids? Seems like the whole affair has fallen off radar screen. A&E suits knew all along about what kind of man Robertson is. That they still went along with this ‘reality’showtells you the whole thing is contrived and designed to attract maximum publicity.

  20. Enchantra says

    HRC is nothing more than a front group. Explain to me why a gay rights organization opposes the Second Amendment and support amnesty and an open border with Mexico.

    Fyck HRC

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