1. Tyler says

    What Rick/Litper/AsamB/JimBryant posted about this story on Queerty under his name JimBryant:

    “Oxford St in Sydney is a joke. All that you see is drug-fu@ked queens with bleary eyes at 7 in the morning loitering on the footpath for that last desperate pick-up attempt.
    The Mardi Gras is a fake gay rights event that has been taken over by the corporates. It shimmers with the Spandex of chicken-legged white boys marching to the beat of a Kylie song. Disturbed men dressed as women do their best to mimic Divine with a case of slack jaw.
    Dec 16, 2013 at 8:49 pm”

    And “Australia’s gays spend too much time organizing dance parties than they do fighting for marriage rights.
    Dec 16, 2013 at 6:33 pm”

    Just remember how vile Rick/Litper/AsamB actually is.

  2. andrew says

    @Tyler: You aren’t telling any of us who follow Towleroad with any regularity something we didn’t already know. I think it is better to ignore the mutant because attention is one of the things he craves.

  3. Lars says

    @Tyler why are you trolling for the trolls? They feed off your fascination with them. Your indignation is their sustenance. Just ignore them like everyone else does.

    It’s bad enough when pollute these boards. We don’t need you importing their garbage for them. If they don’t post something here, I’d like think that it’s because they realized we don’t give two sh*ts about them.

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