1. says

    Business as usual. “Blame the other guy for something I’ve done – this way, no one will point their finger at me.” In the meantime, many of God’s children are hurt and maligned. This is not the way of Christ or of anyone who believes in Right. Just sayin’.

  2. Jay says

    These pedophiles are so afraid of themselves that they have to latch against normal law abiding gay people. And the Church enables them to get away with both abuse and hate. Disgusting.

  3. john patrick says

    As much contempt as I have for Nienstedt’s behavior towards LGBT people, and as much as I believe his behavior has been so outrageous that it is likely indicative of repression of his own sexual feelings; this charge sounds a bit suspicious on the face of it, if this behavior was to have taken place during a group photography session after a Confirmation service.

  4. rallyxx says

    Yeah as much as I was snickering when I read about this, I was disappointed to not see any proof. This could be a hoax and may just be someone trying desperately to discredit him. But if this turn out to be true, well, SHOCKING.

  5. rallyxx says

    Yeah as much as I was snickering when I read about this, I was disappointed to not see any proof. This could be a hoax and may just be someone trying desperately to discredit him. But if this turn out to be true, well, SHOCKING.

  6. Matt27 says

    Those closets… touching underage is horrible, wrong and criminal.
    As I’ve wrote numerous times, the Catholic Church will bring itself down, step by step, and with bishops like him, it should bring itself down.

  7. Howard B says

    I’m with John Patrick on this one. Also, I hate the rush to judgement based on this accusation. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, I’m just saying he is innocent until PROVEN guilty. It makes me uncomfortable condemning someone just because we want him to be guilty.

  8. ChrisQ says

    I wish these disgusting pigs would go to a therapist to help them out of the closet instead of taking their self-hatred out on those of us who live openly, honestly and happily as gay people.

  9. Tom says

    I’m actually surprised. The church advised the accuser to go straight to the police. Maybe the church is changing (a bit).

  10. james st. james says

    I suppose we could get a copy of that group photography session and see if the kid standing next to him looks surprised.

    “I had both hands on my crozier the whole time!”

    Now THAT sounds dirty!

    Not to make light of it, but many parishioners would need a pregnant altar boy before they believed it. And then some would say it was a miracle.

  11. Jon says

    I realize some on here will jump at any sort of dangling piece of juicy meat that makes the Roman Catholic Church look to be hypocritical. But as some here have (thankfully) already pointed out, let’s not let frustration at the Roman Catholic Church carry over into rushing to judgment. The whole charge sounds a bit suspicious. Touching a boy inappropriately on the butt? Me thinks this is a tempest in a teapot.

  12. woody says

    I have no idea whether or not he’s guilty, but what really ticks me off about this report is the deference the reporters showed him. And he ran with that. He used their eagerness to give him the benefit of the doubt to turn the discussion away from the accusation against him to him being misled when he took the job. Whatta guy.
    …and whatta crack news team.
    Excuse me while I go vomit.

  13. woody says

    tom, they have to tell the accuser to go to the police. It’s part of the Dallas Charter the US bishops adopted after the sexual abuse scandal broke in Boston a decade ago. It’s an internal Catholic Church rule for the entire United States that the bishops approved themselves.
    they also spoke to the papal ambassador before acting. and francis isn’t going to let them weasel around with this crap.

  14. wheelie81 says

    It’s been nice to see some comments on here from a few people who are able to be reasonable and fair minded. I, too, will not join the chorus of religion hating queens jumping to condemn this guy without any proof. I actually think there is plenty of reason to believe these are accusations are, in fact, not true. But I will wait for the investigation to play out and let the evidence, or lack thereof, speak for itsef.

  15. Bill says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the archbishop is “struggling” with same-sex attractions, can’t sneak out and go to a gay bar, club, or party, and is so sexually frustrated that he latches onto children as his only “out.” He then mistakenly thinks all gays behave as he does and wants the others to disappear to reduce the competition.

    That is, unless someone fabricated the charges – possible, but one would hope that the TV station reporting it would have done a little fact checking before allowing the story to be broadcasted.

  16. JackFknTwist says

    He represents a whole generation of men who sought to deal with their inclinations towards children in a way which seemed acceptable at that time…..or if not acceptable then unspoken …….

    Their was never a link between homosexuality and molesting kids; quite the contrary.
    Every case I have come across professionally of abuse of kids has been within families or extended families or foster parents or in state institutions run by religious.
    I actually believe that it is the religion which poisons these adult attitudes towards kids.
    Paedophiles enter the priesthood as cover – not gays; these guys just like the dressing up and the pomp and the poser of having people look up to them.

    Touching inappropriately is something which is foreseeable; WTF is he doing near kids ?

    The greatest tragedy in modern times is that now teachers, boy scout leaders. youth counsellors and camp leaders are all now to be regarded with suspicion instead of being admired as great youth leaders…….these molesters have poisoned the relationships of trust between adults and children…….for that crime they will never been forgiven.

  17. Hyde says

    People need to learn to keep their kids away from Christian leaders. They’re known pedophiles, so I guess these religious nuts think if they sacrifice their kids to them they will get into the magical city that floats in the sky when they die.

  18. andrew says

    I know that this is mean spirited, but it is in the bible, so it must be true. My response to the Archbishop’s woes: Psalm 92 v.12 “My eyes look with glee on my wicked enemies; my ears delight in the fall of my foes.”

  19. oncemorewithfeeling says

    All religion is evil and the Catholic Crime Cartel may be the worst of the worst (it does have plenty of competition). He’s a priest, therefore any sane person knows to assume he’s a child rapist until proven otherwise. Anyone who lets a child within a mile of a Catholic priest is guilty of child abuse.

    Anyone who would doubt a child accusing a Catholic priest of child abuse is evil and/or an idiot and/or a slave to the evil that is religion.

  20. Rich says

    Is the picture behind him Mary? That confirms Mary is white and therefore Jesus is white.

    POSTED BY: SIMON | DEC 17, 2013 3:35:24 PM

    Not exactly. Obama’s mother was white.