Ohio University Student Charged In Snapchat Sex Extortion Case


An Ohio University student, Dorian Graham, has been charged in a case involving Snapchat and Instagram as a means for sexual extortion. Graham, according to a report from WOWK-TV, pretended to be a female in order to encourage a male student to send naked photos via Snapchat; afterward Graham posted the photos on Instagram for others to see. Graham then extorted the other male student to engage in sexual activity at the school's Athens, OH campus by refusing to take the photos off of Instagram unless he complied with Graham's demands. 

It is truly a case for the technological age, and one which sees Graham facing several felony charges, including extortion and sexual battery. 


  1. MikeKV says

    …because nothing gets a straight guy to want to jump into bed with you like tricking him into sending you nude pictures, throwing those pictures into a public forum, and then extorting him.

    Wow… Does OHU not have a local craigslist section? Shesh!

  2. says

    Yeah, this seems… odd…

    “I’ve posted naked pictures of you on my facebook, and the only way I will take them down is if you make an amateur gay porn video with some guy you’ve never met and give it to me as proof.”

    “Oh, OK. Sure! Am I topping or bottoming? Where do I send the video?

    Whew! Glad that’s all taken care of!”

  3. Bill says

    One thing I’d disagree with is the claim that this is “truly a case for the technological age,” as essentially the same thing could have happened in the mid 19th century. The only difference is that, instead of posting on some web site, the pictures would be printed from a negative and plastered on telephone poles all over town, or at least in some locations like a locker room.

  4. Fahd says

    I advise everyone never to send nude photos especially if one looks good nude.

    There may be more to this “twisted extortion” story. “Twisted extortion” is what the original report headline calls it.

    Why did the alleged victim wait until after the sex act allegedly obtained through blackmail to report the entire matter to the authorities? Panic once his immediate needs had been met?

    There’s a great deal of gameplaying online.

    I’m waiting for the jury verdict on this one.

  5. says


    Dude. You’re going to the police. All the sorted details are going to come out. Why wait until AFTER having blackmail sex?

    If there really was blackmail & the perp is gay … shame on you. You do all your brothers harm. And you need professional help.

  6. jed says

    the same MO happened a few years ago in a high school in milwaukee and was reported here in towleroad. the blackmailer anthony stancl was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

  7. Steve says

    If there was ever precedent to kill the “straight fetish” that exists in the LG community, this is it. Now he can enjoy real sodomy in a “federal pound-me-in-the-ass” prison.

  8. Eric says

    Just like bomb plans were readily available for everyone that wanted them before the internet. There is nothing that really makes this “truly a case for the technological age”. Replace Instagram with photographic negatives and this could have happened 60 years ago, and I can guarantee that it certainly did- I can’t even imagine how many frat brothers blackmailed pledges with the threat of photographs and negatives.

  9. Bill says

    @SERIOUSLY : of course he went to the police. Now that word is out (but not the pictures), this guy, who is most likely straight, will have a reputation for being so hot that people would risk a jail sentence to have sex with him!

    Half the women on campus will be after him.

  10. Tyler says

    Yes, Derrick, he is Black. Sadly, this sort of acting out is more acceptable in the Black community than it is among the US population. But this doesn’t excuse what he did. He still has to be held accountable.

  11. BreckRoy says

    If there ever was a case where the race of the perpetrator wasn’t relevant to the story, a story about two college students in a sex extortion case is it. There is nothing about it where knowing the race of either the accuser or accused would enhance or explain the story better (the journalistic standard) and there is certainly nothing that indicates that “this sort of acting out [sex extortion????] is more acceptable in the black community” which is a disgusting and racist thing to say. Especially since the only other high profile gay sex extortion case in recent memory involved a hispanic man, not a black one and most college tech/spying/cyber bullying/sex shaming stories we read are about white people. This is a human problem that is not acceptable in any community, and is certainly not more tolerated in black communities.

  12. Ted says

    Serves these guys right for being so stupid and sending out naked pics of themselves that show their face. Have ZERO sympathy for them.
    Posted by: Perry

    Do you blame rape victims too?

  13. Saturnalia says

    This has been in the news over a week now. It would not be mentioned on this propaganda site had I not mentioned it on another Russia bashing thread as a example of hjiding the gay criminal perpetrators, but lambasting Russia for their sovereign right to legilate their country as they see fit.

    Towleroad, the home of double standards and hypocrisy.

  14. Tyler says

    Rick stole my username as well as derricks to post negative comments. And as long as this site continues to utilize the same comment system, he will continue to do so. I don’t get why the staff of this site continue to allow people to do this.

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