Pastor Robert Jeffress Defends Phil Robertson, Asserts Gays Are Sexual Threat To Children

Robert Jeffress

First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress was brought on to CNN's "New Day" to discuss the never-ending Duck Dynasty controversy. Jeffress, who was dumped by Tim Tebow and compared gay sex to plugging a TV into the wrong outlet, predictably took Phll Robertson's side with the standard tired defenses that Robertson was merely expressing the beliefs and moral standards outlined in the Bible. Said Jeffress:

He is simply quoting what Paul says in Romans 1. Now, people may not agree with that, they may want to attach some new interpretation to it, but people don't have the right to label Phil or me or tens of millions of evangelical Christians as hateful because we hold to a historical understanding of the Bible. 

Except that people DO have that right. Just as Robertson has the explicit right to hatefully compare homosexuality to bestiality, adultery, drunkenness, deception, and the rest, people who took offense to his hatred have the right to call it what it is. CNN host Victor took the opportunity to question Jeffress' education on homosexual issues, challenging his past statement that homosexuals were a disproportionate threat as child molesters, asking:

Where is that in the Bible, or in science?

Jeffress claimed that his assertion was true and made a feeble dodge, saying to consult the book he wrote for the sources Victor asked for.

You can watch the unembeddable video at CNN's website.


  1. 1♥ says

    RE:”people don’t have the right to label Phil or me or tens of millions of evangelical Christians as hateful because we hold to a historical understanding of the Bible.”

    He said this because Christian’s believe they have special rights and are superior to everyone else.

  2. bkmn says

    The long term bigots/haters really dislike when you ask them for proof that gays are child molesters, since most predators self identify as straight.

    I was wondering if this guy is any relation to Warren Jeffress, the culty polygamist that is in jail.

  3. Mouths of Babes says

    Once again, Jeffress is trying to deflect attention from his own perverted desires by deliberately confusing adult sexuality with the disorder of pedophilia.

    One can only wonder how many boys (and perhaps girls too) have suffered at his hands, and how long it will be before law enforcement catches him in the act.

    His church knows. The people of Dallas know. And yet they do nothing. But it’s just a matter of time.

  4. mike/ says

    no one should cite Paul when it has anything to do with sex. his view was everyone should give up sex for god. well, except for once in a great while to have a child, otherwise there would be no more christians. AND you better not enjoy it!

    as far as CNN, they have this warped idea of how to present ‘both sides’ of an argument. their problem is they choose the wrong ‘experts’ to present the other side. anyone who is emotionally involved isn’t really an expert.

  5. JackFknTwist says

    First, it is manifest on the evidence that most paedophiles are heterosexual and that molesting of children takes place within straight families…..where paedophiles have an available victim……and very often the perpetrator is drunk

    Second, I’m sick of the amateur CNN interviews where questions are held back and there is no pursuit of bigoted assertions, weak interviewers are tied up in knots by bullying bigots.
    CNN should get some coaching lessons in how to interview from Jeremy Paxman at the BBC.

    Third, Paul was just another born again converted bigot, who enjoyed his persecution of Jesus followers ( not Christians) until he got some pangs of guilt.
    Is there anything more low and dubious than the zeal of the reformed aggressor ? They still have their aggression but turn it on others – the non believers.

    Zealotry from Paul or Saladin or Torquemada is despicable in its self righteousness.

  6. anon says

    They weren’t quoting Romans I, which is in ancient greek and therefore not easily understood in a modern context, they were paraphrasing it to suit their political ideologies.

  7. says

    Did he also defend Robertson’s appallingly racist statements about “how much better things were for blacks in the Jim Crow South?” and how much “better they behaved” when the threat of lynchings hovered over their heads every day?

    Im frankly sick of people talking about Robertson’s homophobic comments; by focusing solely on them, the right-wing idiots are turning this into a non-existent “freedom of speech! he’s a Christian sharing his faith” non-argument; ignoring his outright racist nonsense. of course, they can’t defend racism the way they defend anti-gay bigotry. take note, folks.

  8. thom says

    …well, I certainly agree that this tool sure seems …gay? If that is the case (and it probably is) he joins a long list of “Christians in Charge” (ya listenin’ Teddy-boy Haggard?) of self-haters who try to cover their desire for man/man sex with religion. Seeming gay and loathing oneself for being so is a totally different argument. He falls into the latter. Being gay is a blessing and I am grateful everyday that I am. He needs to go away.

  9. Michael Barber says

    We aren’t a threat to children. We don’t have a world-wide following of non-thinking myth eaters to lie to unlike the kiddie raping priests of the church.

  10. Literarily Inclined says

    Jeffress is NOT gay! He’s a pedophile! Don’t you people even know the difference? Stop equating him with normal homosexual desire. Jeffress is NOT normal. He has sex with CHILDREN.

  11. Literarily Inclined says

    Jeffress is NOT gay! He’s a pedophile! Don’t you people even know the difference? Stop equating him with normal homosexual desire. Jeffress is NOT normal. He has sex with CHILDREN.

  12. AdamTh says

    It is really sickening how many christian bigots think they can excuse their hate speech by claiming to be Christians and that it’s justified by how they read a book. Christians are not entitled to any exemptions or “free passes” just because they claim to be Christians.

  13. Jaker says

    in a way, it’s good to book this rabid xian bigot for this segment, bc this will incline moderates to turn off from phil robertson. that’s what we want.

  14. jexer says

    Pastor Robert Jeffress: There are disproportionate amounts of sexual assaults against children by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.
    CNN: What’s your source?
    Pastor Robert Jeffress: Um, uh, well, uh… {subject change}

    “There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”
    —Proverbs 6:16–19

  15. Chevytexas says

    CNN keeps legitimizing this pastor (not like they couldn’t find one in Atlanta) because he has an agent and us actively presenting himself as a “mainstream” evangelical opinion. His may be “first” baptist but there are otger, larger congregations with younger professional memberships across DFW who don’t subscribe to celebrity religion on the teevee.
    Jeffress is trying to P.T. Barnum his flock and CNN producers enjoy him. You won’t see the West Monroe pastor of Phil Robertson, he sounds like Porky Pig.
    Jeffress is popular with his aging flock because they think Phil wrote a book, much like the closet-queen Paul, seen as a Jew outsider and shunted aside by locals Timothy and Philip. Self-hate is self-recealing, wherher it’s Paul/Saul, Robertson or Miss Jeffress. Pay her no mind.

  16. andrew says

    All those bible believers who use the bible to rant against the sin of homosexuality can rightfully be labeled as haters. They use the bible as a cafeteria. They pick out things to use against those they already hate and ignore the things that apply to themselves and people they like or just don’t want to offend. When was the last time you heard a bible thumper preach against working on the Sabbath? The bible requires that those who work on the Sabbath must be stoned to death. That primitive book calls for the stoning to death of adulterers, those who curse their parents, those who act as mediums or seers. It calls for the beating of children to set them on the right path, it justifies slavery, it calls women the property of their husbands, it calls for the stoning to death of those who blaspheme and all those who worship gods other than their biblical god. The horrors found in that bible are many but the bible thumpers ignore most of them. They just pick out the ones they can use to beat up on people they hate. They are all FRAUDS.

  17. simon says

    Of course he is talking about intelligent design. Recent advance in evolution theory has dealt a fatal blow to this kind of nonsense.
    As expected, he is ignorant of scientific progress and empirical evidence.
    According to fossil records in Burgess Shale, Canada and elsewhere, there were a lot of “design faults” in early creatures 500 millions years ago. Most of them were extinct and only a few evolved into modern day species.

  18. Bill says

    @Simon : the flip side of “Intelligent Design” is the tongue-in-cheek demand that God issue a recall and fix body parts that aren’t working properly (tendons and joints, based on the usual complaints from people who get a lot of exercise). Can’t we at least hold this deity to the same standards we apply to General Motors or Toyota?

  19. JoeBuddha says

    Phil Robertson is a sexual threat to children. I wouldn’t let him within a hundred miles of my kids, and they’re in their late twenties!