1. Gregory In Seattle says

    His views are in line with the Shi’a theocracy in Iran (no surprise there.) In Iran, any kind of homosexuality is punishable by death. However, the government heavily subsidizes sex transition, and happily permit a same-sex couple to marry as one as one transitions and the couple maintain a completely heterosexual front.

  2. Telly says

    I’m glad that by the time he croaks, America will be 1000% times openly gayer than it was when he was born.

  3. Lucas H says

    Who is this man? The pat Robertson I know if is typically much more ignorant and hurtful than this…

  4. Buck says

    That kind of sounds like an admission that he has dabbled in the trans-pool before.

    Which, obviously by his logic, is ok because it doesn’t make him gay. There was a penis, but it belonged to a female.

  5. Helene says

    B-b-b-but I thought that all homophobes lumped LGBs and Ts together! I thought that their hatred for one was indistinguishable from their hatred for the other. That’s the most common justification for LGBT! It would seem like this is just one more lie told by “LGBT” activists to perpetuate a fraud.

    LGB and T are not the same. We are not one people. Forcing the 2 together and insisting that they are one is a lie. Even if every homophobe in the world lumped us together, it wouldn’t make it true and it wouldn’t justify LGBT. But here we see that even the premise that all homophobes lump us together is false.

  6. Thedrdonna says

    Yeah Helene obviously this one man completely cancels the huge establishment that hates the gender nonconformity of being sexually attracted to members of one’s own sex, along with people who fail to conform with gender in other ways. Nobody is claiming that LGB and T people are the same, just that we are all members of a greater group. But you just keep on beating up that strawman.

  7. Bryce Ageno says

    Helene don’t let the door hit you on the way out, we don’t want you. I find it troubling that even this extremely anti-gay minister is more progressive when it comes to transgender issues than the people that post on a gay news blog.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    Pat Robertson: transgender supporter?

    By Pat’s own logic, if he believes that someone can naturally (genetically) be born in a body that is the opposite from what they mentally believe they are, then it should follow that naturally there are people that are attracted to the same gender. Why is one group suffering from a mental illness and not the other. Obviously, this guy is not even using logic.

  9. Bill says

    @Lucas H : it is probably due to dementia: when his brain was working better, his level of ignorance made the accuracy of his statements fall way below the “guess average”.

  10. Helene says


    You illustrate the insanity of LGBT. Are you keeping a running tab of what homophobes think? LGBT is still OK because Pat Robertson is only the minority view within the homophobe community? If and when his view becomes the majority, then LGBT should go away? Should we be polling homophobes annually to determine what they think and thus, how to define ourselves?

    We should NEVER define ourselves based on the opinions of Robertson or any other homophobe or transphobe. If most phobes lump LGB and T together, if only a few do, or if all of them do, it doesn’t matter. LGBT is a lie regardless of what any of them say on any given day.

    And BTW, it is true that LGBs are part of a greater people, which includes those who are not LGBs. That would be the people called humanity. LGBs have no more connection or obligation to a straight transsexual or a straight crossdresser or a straight hermaphrodite than we do to any other heterosexual human being on this planet. In fact, I’d say that there is a greater moral obligation to help straight men and women in dire straits in the DR Congo and Syria than to focus on the bathroom dilemmas of crossdressers in California or the demands of a straight transsexual murderer to taxpayer funded hormone treatments.

  11. Thedrdonna says

    Yes, that’s exactly what I said, you haven’t concocted a strawman at all. Now that I’m done being sarcastic, I only have this to say: you are a (admittedly loud) small minority, and there is effectively no one who is working in a broad way to segregate trans folk from LGBs. You have effectively no political capital, and the reason is because you are pushing for discrimination. You’re a bad person, whether intentionally or otherwise.

  12. bobbyjoe says

    “Teresa” is seeking the moral advice of a man (Pat Robertson) who made a fortune using planes meant for charity work (and paid for by donations of people who thought that’s what they were giving toward) to instead haul blood diamonds for his own profit mined by slave labor.

    So shouldn’t it be Teresa (and anyone else who asks for Pat’s moral advice) who needs and intervention and psychiatric help?

  13. bobbyjoe says

    “Teresa” is seeking the moral advice of a man (Pat Robertson) who made a fortune using planes meant for charity work (and paid for by donations of people who thought that’s what they were giving toward) to instead haul blood diamonds for his own profit mined by slave labor.

    So shouldn’t it be Teresa (and anyone else who asks for Pat’s moral advice) who needs and intervention and psychiatric help?

  14. Bernie says

    let’s not give Pat Robertson too much credit on transgender issues…….he was probably taken out of context…….

  15. RICK says

    I’m not surprised to see Pat Robertson supporting trannys, they both share the same outright hatred for LGB people. I bet the reason he supports them is because he knows that as long as the LGB is shackled to these shims and crossdressers that we’ll never be able to get real equality. Just look at the comment section here, nothing but hatred for anyone who doesn’t share your delusions that genetics somehow makes you want to wear panties and makeup.

    Helene is right, get your own movement and stop trying to strangle ours with your ridiculous demands to pee in women’s bathrooms and the right to crossdress at work. You all aren’t fooling anyone, you aren’t part of the LGB and you never will be.

  16. Helene says

    I am gratified by your answer. You have made clear that you can’t defend LGBT on substantive grounds.

    With no arguments you take solace in the assertion that I have no political capital. Whether that is true or not, and whether or not it remains true in the future, political capital doesn’t determine what is true or right. If you think that it does, it is a further disturbing reminder of the amorality of many trans activists, and a further reason why LGBs should be wary about getting into bed with those activists.

    More laughably, you then declare that I am a “bad person” as if you have any moral authority to level any judgment against anyone. You are the one supporting a lie. You are the one supporting the notion that LGBs and Ts should define themselves based on the views of some homophobes, an inherently degrading method of developing self-identity. In light of this, I’d suggest you cast your moral judgments at yourself.

  17. nate says

    So pat robertson, a gay man, and a mtf transgender woman are in a room together.
    only one of those kinds of people have a mental illness. I think we all know which one.

  18. Richard says

    So it’s NOT okay to be gay, but okay to change your sexual identity from a male to a female or a female to a male? WTF He is, in effect, saying that God got it completely wrong and made a person the wrong sex. I think that being gay has nothing to do with having the wrong parts. And, you have to love the old throw back to “most of these people were abused. And that is why they are gay.” Seriously? I have only met a handful of abused men or women. And I have met hundreds (maybe thousands) of gay people in my life. So what is the justification in relation to people who were abused, but aren’t gay?

  19. andrew says

    The Bible, the Koran, the Book of Mormon the Code of Hammurabi, the gods of Mount Olympus should all be kept in Museums where we can study about our primitive past. They should never be used to inform our modern mind, unless you believe that we should stone to death those who work on the Sabbath etc.,