1. RonCharles says

    To Perry:

    How about the fact that so many trolls on the Internet preaching homophobic bigotry seem to be obsessed with gay anal sex? In fact, they cannot seem to stop thinking about anal sex with other men. That may strike a great many people as being a lot creepier.

  2. RonCharles says

    When Thomas Roberts was in Russia, he did not just use his visibility as host of the Miss Universe Pageant to show the Russian people an out and openly-gay man in a public, positive role, but he, also, used his media presence there to report on the plight of gays in Russia and to interview the Russian anchor who had lost his job for publicly coming out as gay.

    Now, Thomas Roberts is using his public position to promote this campaign that will bring attention to the ideals of the Olympic movement in Sochi, Russia, and that everyone will know is primarily about gay rights as part of overall Olympic and human rights. This will certainly promote awareness amongst the more enlightened segments of Russian society.

    Thomas Roberts should be applauded for this and not criticized.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    @RonCharles – the Russian people had NO IDEA Thomas Roberts was gay. The entire Russian broadcast was censored not that it would have mattered because Roberts was forbidden from even talking about anything gay (i.e., that would have been promoting) and Trump made it clear Roberts was to do nothing to jeopardize the pageant.

    It is ridiculous for so many of you naive Thomas supporters to try and justify or cover up his personal desire to sell out the gay community for fame, money and celebrity status. Weir has done the same, if not worse.

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