1. marc says

    According to many news sources the lights were never meant to symbolize gay rights. They were meant to symbolize peace (the “rainbow flag” in Italy is a symbol of peace) and then dedicated to Mandela after his death.

  2. QJ201 says

    The “gay” rainbow has 6 colors, 3 primary and 3 secondary colors (and yes trolls, I know the original had 8). The Italian PACE or Peace rainbow flag has 7 colors.

  3. RonCharles says

    Let’s see, the mayor of a city and a leading gay rights activist have a rainbow banner of lights put up in a country where there is an ongoing controversy over gay rights, including civil unions and gay marriage, and in a city that contains within it a separate nation that is rabidly homophobic. Like anyone is going to see this banner and not think of gay rights? If you think that, want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

  4. renovato says

    Quite right Q1201, wonder what these right rabid bigots do do after it rains in Rome?
    After all being gay is as natural as the rainbow, but don’t expect reason from these idiots.
    Its very beautiful and is up there amongst the most impressive festive decorations I’ve seen. Dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela or the 21 year old medical student or both, well done
    Peace and goodwill is better than hate any time of year

  5. Mitch says

    We can’t have marriage. We can’t have rainbows. What next? No glitter and sequins? No unicorns? Redefine the traditional definition of bigotry? If only these folks would focus on doing good, being kind, and sharing warmth.

  6. jamal49 says

    Who knew? Christmas lights in a certain pattern can be “ideological”? Symbolism in the interest of human rights is not “ideology”. It is compassion.

  7. Bill says

    What to say to these conservatives in Italian:
    “Cornuto” (a hand gesture to go with it consists of an outstretched little and index finger).

    If the bigot is religious, try “Cazzo de la Madonna” (and needless to say, I will not translate these as the translations might offend someone).

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