Jim Kolbe: GOP Rep. Randy Forbes’ Anti-Gay Crusade is ‘Outrageous’

Openly gay former congressman Jim Kolbe is speaking out against Virginia Rep. Randy Forbes, who has recently begun a push to prevent funding of openly gay candidates within the Republican party.

The Washington Blade reports:

6a00d8341c730253ef019b022fff49970b-800wiKolbe, who served in Congress from 1985 to 2007, told the Washington Blade via email that Forbes’ statements against candidates like Richard Tisei and Carl DeMaio are “outrageous” and merit a response from House leadership.

“They represent everything the party is trying to get away from,” Kolbe said. “Both candidates have very good chances of being elected. Forbes, apparently, would rather lose the two seats and further jeopardize our chances of holding the majority. I am pleased that Cong. Walden was quick to say the NRCC would support whoever was nominated, but I would like to see all of the leadership condemn such bigoted remarks as those made by Forbes.”

Forbes has found a supporter in wing-nut Peter LaBarbera who issued the following statement:

"The Republican party platform is opposed for the most part to homosexual activism, especially gay so-called marriage. So Forbes understands that the Republican Party should not be in the business of promoting candidates that are going to promote sexual immorality."

Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner went on record as saying he does support openly gay GOP candidates.


  1. Zell says

    As much as I agree in this case, it’s an interesting commentary on our two party system that Forbes and Walden are pledging to support “whoever is nominated.” As though the R or D next to a person’s name is the only thing someone needs to know in order for that person to deserve their support.

  2. Profe Sancho Panza says

    To be fair, Forbes is getting no support on this issue from other Republicans in the House. And if the best you can do for support is Pete LaBarbera, no one’s taking you seriously.

  3. jjose712 says

    Merv: Since they (at least some on the Republican party) realized that antigay bigotry don’t give them votes (or at least not enough votes to win elections).
    Unfortunately a lot of their candidates are not that smart, and probably we’ll get our dose of antigay, antiwomen and atilatino proclamations in the next election

  4. jamal49 says

    Not “outrageous”. Just typical of the Republican Party. No matter how it spins, the Republican Party in any permutation of its insidious self will always be at its core homophobic.

  5. anon says

    Sexual immorality can take many forms. The question is whether gay sex is a priori always immoral. A lot of people would love for this to be the case, even though rationally it’s not.

  6. FFS says

    Not so fast, there, Congressman Homo. The Republican Party, en mass, isn’t trying to get away from anything. All they’ve been trying to do is game the system so that they can still hold on to what power they have without actually having to abandon any of their bigoted, classist stances.

    Tisei and DeMaio are both complicit and should have drinks thrown in their faces anytime they attempt to socialize with other LGBT people.

  7. ian says

    I hope Rep. Randy Forbes initiative succeeds. It would be another nail in the GOP coffin. It would also serve to drive gay GOP-ers even more insane than they already are. Presently, being a gay republican is akin to being a jewish nazi, or even a gay nazi for that matter, and that is insane. I would enjoy gay republicans tie themselves in knots trying to justify their party affiliation in light of this.

  8. Merv says

    @JJOSE712: After the 2012 election debacle, RNC chairman Reince Priebus tried to start sending signals of flexibility on same sex marriage, but was publicly shot down by the party and instead had to reiterate opposition. So, no, I don’t see any changes, except for a few individuals on the margins. It goes way too far to say that Republicans are “trying to get away” from their anti-gay animus. As a party, they have done nothing concrete.

  9. Gay Guy says

    They’ve not really been trying to get away from this, just to conceal it enough to be electable.

    I have a solution for Me. Kolbe; leave your bigoted party and join the party that supports LGBT rights!

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