Rose Parade Float to Feature Live Gay Wedding


The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has a float in this year's Rose Parade for the third year in a row, and will feature a live gay wedding, the organization reports:

Following a United States Supreme Court ruling in June that allowed same-sex marriages to resume in California, AHF’s float this year will celebrate same-sex marriage and the role it can play in helping to reduce new HIV infections among gay men. As part of its ‘Love is the Best Protection’ theme, AHF’s float will include what is believed to be a first: a same-sex wedding performed live during the parade. In 2013, the Rose Parade attracted approximately 700,000 attendees, aired live nationally on eight networks to 56 million viewers, and was televised in 174 countries for an additional 28 million international viewers.

Playing off the Tournament’s 2014 theme of ‘Dreams Come True,’ Aubrey Loots, 42, and Danny Leclair, 45, a gay male couple from Los Angeles together over a decade, will be ‘Living the Dream’ as they legally marry on New Year’s Day during the historic parade. AHF’s ‘Living the Dream’ float will highlight the fact that ‘Love is the Best Protection.’

Loots, originally from South Africa, and Leclair, from Canada, together own Studio DNA Salons, a chain of three successful L.A. area hair salons. Loots also shares the distinction of being recognized as a Wella Top Artist, who serves celebrity and civilian clients alike while his soon to be husband manages the day to day operations.

The Rose Parade takes place on New Year's Day.


  1. says

    Completely OT, but it surprised me that the 2013 Rose Parade drew 700,000 people. The 2013 Chicago Pride Parade drew over a million.

    For some reason, I’m just not used to thinking of Gay Pride as being so — mainstream.

    Otherwise, neat idea. Everyone should do it.

  2. asamb says

    The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is doing the work of conservative Christians by linking male homosexuality to AIDS. Disgraceful.

  3. johnny says

    “a gay male couple”

    I think that pretty much goes without saying. One need simply read the headline.

  4. Bill says

    And this is a good thing? Reinforcing the idea that gay=AIDS/AIDS=gay? Take the money you’re wasting on this float and do some good with it.

  5. Mitch says

    This may just put One Million (rounded up) Moms over the edge. So much so we’ll probably lose a few of them.

  6. titus says

    will whatever network telecasting the parade take a commercial break or pan away from this float when it passes by?

  7. titus says

    will whatever network telecasting the parade take a commercial break or pan away from this float when it passes by?

  8. says

    The float should host weddings of both a gay couple and a straight couple, to show that AIDS affects all type of people. Gays getting married alone while heterosexuals continues on with unsafe multiple sex partners will not end AIDS. Also, if a gay couple can get a free on-float-wedding, it is only fair to provide a free on-float-wedding to straight couple.

  9. jomicur says

    So gay marriage has been reduced to the level of a publicity stunt? Yeah, that’s progress, all right.

    And I have to note that the very theme of the float is wrongheaded. Love is NOT the best protection. As we all kn ow, CONDOMS are the best protection against HIV infection. And this is a float from an AIDS activism group?! Jesus!

  10. manbot says

    AHF can take a flying F_ _ _!

    No amount of billboards, community outreach, or services (that they overbill the County for) can compensate for the poor leadership and ill-advised political activity of the organization.

    I won’t even support friends who are raising money that benefits them, and I certainly don’t drop off my old clothes at Out of the Closet any longer—I want nothing to do with them.

  11. Diana Scrimger says

    We think that it is disgusting that the Rose Parade has to lower their standards to have this kind of wedding. We are shocked because they cannot have the Rose Parade on Sundays. Why doesn’t have their wedding in the Doh Dah Prade instead of the classy Rose Prade!

  12. Richard says

    Bob Eubanks will probably not talk about, nor will their station show the float/wedding. Bob made sure that the 1990 Act Up protest was not shown, saying on live TV that he would not publicize the cause by showing the demonstration.

  13. Jmco says

    The sickness of homosexual deviance and behavior brings out the worst anger in people. I understand feeling sick over the sin of homosexuality. It is a sick behavior. But we should feel more pity for
    the people and anger at the sin. I for one am also sick of this deviance being shoved down our throats. It is deviance. I do feel sorry for those stuck in the torment of the chosen behavior. I rejoice when those who leave it and realize it.