1. Francis says

    No, this ruling wasn’t expected. As Jim said, a hearing was to come before Judge Shelby Jan 7th. A decision was likely to come shortly thereafter. I read that most expected a decision by February. Judge Shelby really knocked it out the park today and did so in a way that completely shut down any argument surrounding marriage equality being a constitutional requirement. Just amazing. Congrats to everyone in Utah! Life changing day!

  2. Homo Genius says

    I just got off work and check the internet for the first time today. All I can say is this is just AMAZING! And a complete shock.

    Congratulations to all the couples!

    And because of the folks pictured it will be very very hard for the powers that be to reverse this decision. Everyone one of those couples would have standing in the future.

  3. Christopher says

    What? No Youtube Flashmob proposal? No color coordinating attendants, confetti drop or Youtube video montage of the event?

    This is the way people waiting for a right react. When you’ve been checking the news and waiting for the government to say, “Ok we recognize you.”, you get in line. The couple of hour wait is worth it! Congratulations, I know Utah is going to stay an equality state.

  4. SFRowGuy says

    For all the time and BS that occurred around Prop 8 in California, it’s path through the court system, and it’s eventual abolishment, Utah’s marriage equality was like WTF, weren’t the haters and mormons paying attention to their own state? Arkansas and Mississippi get ready for a bumpy ride.

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