Shreveport Becomes Second City in Louisiana to Pass LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance


Shreveport, Louisiana is now the second city in the state (joining New Orleans), to pass a "fairness ordinance" protecting LGBT people, the Times-Picayune reports:

While state law does not bar discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, Shreveport voted 6-1 on Tuesday to pass a local ordinance banning discrimination based on these factors as well as race, color, sex, disability, age, ancestry, national origin and political or religious identification.

City Councilman Ron Webb of District E cast the dissenting vote.

Councilman Jeff Everson, who co-authored the ordinance with Councilman Oliver Jenkins, hailed the panel's bipartisan support for the change, adding, "we now join the ranks of cities in our region like Dallas, Ft. Worth, New Orleans and Austin in recognizing that Shreveport values equal protection and tolerance."


  1. SpaceCadet says

    I have never heard of a “fairness ordinance”. Seems kind of ambiguous. Crafty lawyers can always spin ambiguous wording to their advantage and argue that “fairness” means an employer can fire someone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. At least the city’s intent was meant well but the wording is not clear enough. Just out of curiosity, I looked up the Facebook map of where people’s profile pics were most changed to the HRC symbol and it did not appear to be especially significant in the Shreveport area. I think the case here is we just have some progressive people on the city council.

  2. says

    Hey spacecadet, the “wording” of the ordinance isn’t the title, especially not the colloquial title used to refer to the ordinance itself. They could call it a “rainbows and unicorns” ordinance if they wanted, but only the text has any legal force.

    There’s a link in the article to the PDF of the ordinance, which defines everything quite nicely.

    In Shreveport from now on that cake baker would be breaking the law, since it covers “sexual orientation” and “public accommodation.”

  3. SpaceCadet says

    Thanks Kevinvt. I actually misread the text in the article where it mentioned “state law” not having the protections in place and I thought they were still referring to the Shreveport ordinance. I looked up the actual city ordinance and sure enough the proper language is there. This is great news for Shreveport and its people!

  4. Hyde says

    Damn, I live in Bossier…

    This is actually a pretty big surprise for me though. Had no idea that there was anyone down here that really gave a damn about LGBT rights. Think I’m going to move across the river to Shreveport.

  5. andrew says

    Hopefully they will go to the polls next time and vote in large numbers to reelect the centrist Senator Mary Landreu.

  6. Louisiana Man says

    Spacecadet, et al: This ordinance has been years in the works, shepherded by the Shreveport grassroots group PACE in collaboration with Forum for Equality. HRC is involved on the federal level, PACE and Forum for Equality are focused locally and statewide, respectively.