1. Bruce says

    If gays were a unionized organization on strike, Thomas Robers would be a scab trying not to come accross as such a scab.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    Sending NO ONE would be the best answer to Russia’s bigoted discriminatory laws. I can’t understand why groups like Human Rights First refuse to suggest a boycott. You are NOT going to change the mind of Russian officials unless you hit them where it hurts most and that’s the pocketbook. Rip those billions of American dollars that Russia would make out of their hands. Let all those monies they spent building the Sochi Olympics go right down the gutter.

    I can’t stand Thomas Roberts. He is a traitor to his own gay community.

  3. Crow says

    @ WOLF; You’re the kid in school who skips class, and doesn’t listen when you are in class, and then start demanding explanations from others who HAVE been paying attention when seeing something you don’t understand or want to challenge.
    Why don’t you try doing some homework/research yourself and not presume entitlement to others’ time and energy. Try answering your own question.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Because of his trip to Russia and his sucking up to, as he says, “The Donald”, I had to bail on this clip. What was once respect, admiration and, er, lust is now just nausea.

  5. andrew says

    Great interview of Shawn Gaylord by the always insightful Thomas Roberts. I was especially glad to hear Mr. Gaylord say that LGBT leaders in the USA are taking their cues from Russian LGBT people about what are the appropriate responses to Czar Putin’s government. Some of the more irrational posters on this site might do well to listen to people like Mr. Gaylord. He is tuned into what LGBT Russians think are the best responses to Putin’s tyranny.

  6. andrew says

    @Randy: Some use to call Bill Clinton the “first black President” now some call Mr. Obama the “first gay President”. They are meant to be complements. I would rather they refer to Mr. Obama as a straight man who is committed to expanding equality for all Americans including LGBT Americans.

  7. Rob Sevin says

    I know you travel with Thomas and you’re close friends, but you’re promotion of him, his worthless “television reading” and his elevated view of himself is almost shameless.

  8. Liam says

    The US should send only gay people as the official delegation if they have to send one at all. Maybe that would be a better protest than sending no one at all. I really think we have to take our cues from the gay Russians. They know what would work best. We did that in South Africa.

  9. Dagger says

    I am happy Mr Thomas went to Moscow for the Donald”s beauty pageant. By hosting, he showed that we all don’t follow lock step to everything that our gay groups want. The whole thing was good pr for our community.