Source Close To ‘Duck Dynasty’ Clan Believes A&E Set Up Phil Robertson


The unceasing "Duck Dynasty" saga will not end today. Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the famous southern family, is currently suspended from the network based on the homophobic comments he made in a recent GQ interview. Now, some of the Robertson clan are claiming that they believe A&E set up Phil when they became fearful of the conservative values the stars tout. They believe the controversy could have easily been avoided. 

The New York Post reports:

Robertson’s opinions about gays and religion were so widely known, in fact, that members of his family are accusing the A&E network of “hanging him out to dry” — setting up an inflammatory interview with GQ magazine just so they could punish him.

Sick of the Robertsons and their Christian beliefs, liberal television executives at A&E manipulated the situation to control the Louisiana family, the Daily Mail reported, quoting sources within the clan…

“You have to ask yourself why this interview happened and why it ever became public. Someone from A&E was there and was aware of the kind of answers Phil was giving,” one source said. “But despite that, they didn’t ever try to stop it or control it. Instead, they let it hit the headlines and then released a statement condemning it.”

Is it a publicity stunt? A display of A&E's liberal values? Does the motive matter when the words are discriminatory? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. litper says

    Why are we even discussing this trash. Buzzfeed reports 10th circuit denied an emergency stay in Utah – that’s far far more important!!!

  2. wheelie81 says

    This family has made it very, very clear what their Christian beliefs are from the very beginning and the show has been on for how long now? If A&E really had a problem with them expressing their religious point of views, they would have put a stop to it a very long time ago.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    The fault lies with one person alone – Phil Robertson, the bigoted Christian patriarch of Duck Dynasty. A&E should dump the show ASAP. Make sure you boycott Cracker Barrel who reversed themselves yesterday and are now selling ALL of Duck Dynasty merchandise (how hypocritical can you get?).

  4. BobN says

    Oh, please. The man goes around the country giving fiery, anti-gay “sermons” to GOP groups.

    It’s interesting that A&E had someone at the interview, I suppose, but what’s the family’s argument? That they should have censored him???

  5. the other Ken says

    Sure A&E knew, but “liberal” network honchos are more interested in revenue and income than anything else, and this show is pot of gold.

    But look, this show is seen by probably only 5% of TV viewers. That’s all you need to have as an audience to be the highest rated cable show in history. Many others are probably familiar via youtube. But really 95% don’t watch the show and the right wing who are falling all over themselves to defend this guy probably don’t watch either, but the topic of gay-hating automatically makes them fans of the show.

  6. Phillip says

    Daily Mail aside, one does have to wonder why subscribers to GQ would want to read an interview with someone from that show. I’m not saying it’s out of the realm of possibilities, but you’d have to have pretty eclectic tastes to watch that show and subscribe to Gentlemen’s Quarterly.

  7. Patrick says

    Yes, A&E probably let him hang himself, but the story was done better with Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain.

  8. mickey says

    Its Always a conspiracy with these people.

    Someone is always out to get them and their “rights”. Their Special “rights” of course never existed but they have decided the privilege of suppression taken to extreme while in the “moral majority” (which they are no longer) is everlasting.

    They have told themselves lies for so long reality is now an attack on their “religious freedom”.

  9. says

    Daily Mail, NY Post, TMZ: do you have any idea what you are linking to? They are all run by homophobic bigots (one owned by an actual gay man). Good grief.

  10. Geoff says

    Gotta play the victim card. It’s mandatory if you’re a conservative Christian…to end up being “martyrs fer Christ”. This is a very old, badly drawn cartoon.

  11. Will says

    This show is for trashy people. How this is even entertainment is beyond me. Almost anything aired on A&E these days is for disgusting humans. I’ll be glad when the trend of stupid ‘reality’ TV is long gone.

  12. Hansel Currywurst says

    I’m so old I remember when A&E was about Arts and Entertainment. But then MTV had music… on TV!

  13. Michael says

    So Phil, nor anyone in his family, couldn’t fathom what might happen if he spouted out some homophobic BS to the most popular national men’s magazine?

    “Yes sir, I didn’t realize if I threw a match in a can of gasoline that it would catch fire. It must be the devious plan of the gas company.”

  14. mike says

    Tired of this already, and it’s only but what, a couple days? No productive, thoughtful discussion has come from any of it. Seriously- explaining what First Amendment rights are to his supporters is an exercise in futility and all his supporters want to do is play the victim. I would gladly take being called “redneck” every day of my life than a “faggot”- oh yes, being a Christian in this country is soooo hard and oppressive. Give me a break.

  15. Aunt Sharon says

    So, A&E set him up! What about freedom of speech? He was certainly free not to spout any of that homophobic and racist BS. Just not smart enough.

  16. Sean Maloney says

    As soon as you utter it, you own it. That’s called being an adult. Stop trying to play the Blame Game. No one forced this clown to be interviewed by GQ. He easily could have skirted around any potentially hot button questions. This guy really needs a publicist or at least a lesson or two in media savvy.

  17. woodroad34d says

    Ah, yes. Reptilian Republican thinking—fear, fear! conspiracy, conspiracy!! A&E may have known of previous rants, but I’m sure once any contract that A&E had the Doof Dynasty sign with a morals clause would’ve taken care of that; but the doofs that that Dynasty is probably thought their “morals” were above that clause. Small minds never realize that they’re responsible for their own actions.

  18. swagfag says

    It’s America, the man has a right to his opinion and a right to express his opinion, which he has done in the past. I believe in free speech, even when I do agree with message, he has a right to say it and not lose his job. I have never seen the show, but I do live in Louisiana

  19. james st. james says

    All this controversy is just to pump up visibility for their new fragrance, DuckStink, if you walk like a duck, quack like a duck, then smell like one too! GQ readers will flock to it. Available at Cracker Barrel, and other fine purveyors of fragrance.

  20. Bob says

    A&E probably won’t cancel the show. If they come right out and cancel it, the family and the producers probably have the right to then shop it around to another outlet. If the family refuses to abide by the terms of the contract, then as far as litigation goes, A&E are in the catbird seat.

  21. Liberal Martin says

    @SWAGFAG, sadly, you seem not to realize that the right to a job is nowhere in the US constitution.

    Perhaps, you should exercise your right to an education,

  22. Randy says

    “You have to ask yourself why this interview happened and why it ever became public”

    Well, I think a millionaire moron wanted to let everyone know about his bigotries. And he did.

    That’s not A&E’s fault.

    But of course, everything on the right is a conspiracy. Alex Jones probably has the inside scoop :)

  23. anon says

    Well, the DM must be quoting the dumbest member of the “clan” here, because what they said makes no sense. How could A&E put words in his mouth? Why didn’t he think beforehand that he should not expose himself? Why would he think a magazine interview would not get published? Why is A&E’s setup worse somehow than what he said? Why would A&E risk their most popular show with overexposure when reality TV is normally so tightly controlled?

  24. simon says

    What you said may be relevant in a university. But the duck guy is in the entertainment industry. His “free speech” potentially will hurt the bottom line of his employer.

  25. Francis says

    BKMN—because no-one is defending them. Which is sort of reflective of a society where racism is, on the mainstream national level, completely looked down upon and given zero credence, whereas homophobia still has some play.

  26. matt says

    Im tired of this topic and think it was overblown. I also find it painful to read articles on this. There is truth on both sides of this spat, but no one seems to want to see the other side’s view.

  27. TT says

    I agree, TMZ is run by a gay man (Harvey Levin) who is a republican conservative who has been quoted as saying “gays are intolerant of religious people”….so much self hate with him

  28. Lake says

    Conservatives get the Dixie chicks fired (or ATTEMPT TO) by calling their management at the time and threatening they be dropped from their label. They called radio stations demanding they never play their songs.

    Christians and conservatives are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth! They are evil. Born evil

  29. SoLeftImRight says

    For the love of god, stop posting more Duck Dynasty nonsense! You fuel the non-“controversy” with every additional post.

  30. Klien says

    His words were hateful and he has many sermons about gays that is just vile. The family need to own their bigotry.

  31. 'W'orry says

    Anything, and I do mean A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G to be the victim.
    Or in their own pseudo-religious terminology: they are lost without their claim to martyrdom at the hands of some liberal bogey-man. No matter how you slice or dice this non-story, martyrDUMB is actually closer to the truth.
    It’s truly idiotic to try to blame someone else for the things HE said. He doesn’t deny that he said it, he doesn’t claim that his words were misrepresented in the written GQ story. So………….
    BAM!! He said it, he should suffer the consequences…. end of story.

  32. mydaisy says

    I suppose if there were to be an award given out to the biggest bottom dwelling, blood sucking, pond scum POS, it would have to go to the pathethic loser who conducted the interview knowing full well the outcome, otherwise wouldn’t have gone there in the first place.

  33. Jay says

    Phil set up himself the moment he embraced this garbage. They all know they acted like bigots and are now feeling the shame.

  34. Brian says

    Does this source understand how ignorant they sound when they (hopefully rhetorically) ask why Phil, a celebrity, was being interviewed and then asked why the interview, by GQ Magazine, was brought to the public? Does he not understand how being a celebrity works?

    Who is this guy?

  35. Bob says


    Remember, these are a bunch of educated former preppies playing hillbilly characters.

    All the “bad” publicity is good for getting more of the audience they want.

    He is prejudiced like a fox, and does not care if it hurts anyone.

  36. millerbeach says

    Funny, I am a Christian, and I never recall Jesus saying it was o.k. to hate a special group of God’s children. This Phil idiot is not a Christian, doesn’t act like one, nor does he speak like one. Maybe Bubba can buy him a real Bible for Christmas, and they can all go back to lovin’ their cousins or whatever sick things they do down south. Reason # 875 why I would never, ever live in the deep south…idiots like Phil seem to pop up like fungus.

  37. Just_a_guy says

    Omfg “silencing Christians”? That’s such a disgusting lie. I’m tired of hearing about this. Phil Robertson hates gay people and can go to h with the other gay-haters, however rich his hatred of gay people makes him. Has anything really changed for him since a&e’s announcement?

  38. NwYrkr says

    When we will stop persecuting these poor misunderstood multi-millionaire’s ? Well I bet the poor things have to use the side entrance at their country club to avoid the hounding of the libtard press, or worse they may have to lease a villa on St Barths or USVI to lay low till all this blows over. Maybe we should start a gofundme site to help them out in their time of need ? Who’s in ?

  39. Sean Maloney says

    LOL @ MYDAISY. Thank-you for playing the Blame Game. No one forced Robertson to answer any type of question. No one forced him to consent to said interview. Further, it’s not uncommon to have a publicist tell an interviewer beforehand certain topics are off limits, and any questions pertaining to such topics, if asked, will torpedo the interview right then and there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Robertson was paid handsomely for this interview. That’s a common practice, too.

  40. karri says

    If A&E set up the interview, then they didn’t think about the backlash. By definition Phil Robertson is not homophobic or racist- but the LGBT community wants to trump up his comments to “hate” speech just so they can suppress free speech.

  41. crispy says

    One of the interesting, not-very-well-known things about the Duck Dynasty interview is that it was conducted by Drew Magary, one of the editors of the Gawker-owned sports site, Deadspin. The Gawker sites of course thrive on controversies like this one.

    Phil Robertson is still 100 percent to blame though for his words.

  42. jamal49 says

    @BKMN Thanks for mentioning this. His racist comments are probably as outrageous (if not more so) than his anti-gay comments!

  43. Fenrox says

    Wow so that’s the family? So they are faking on being trashy people too, That is a Romney-esque family portrait.

  44. q says

    Hey Bigot Robertson Clan;

    You cannot say that the show has known about PR’s anti-gay and extremist christian views, from the show’s beginning, and has been expressing them openly…

    …Then simultaneously claim that the A&E network set him up to fail…a full five years later.

    It implies that the first talking point never occured…and THEREFORE the second talking point was a trap.

    Who’s handling these people? John Boehner?

    Such Ambiguity We Have In Jeeeeezeus!

  45. ThomT says

    And they set him up because? They couldn’t stand having the number one rated cable show? They got tired of making so much money off selling advertising time? The publicity for the show was driving too many people to their network? Give me a break. This GQ rage by Robertson was just the most recent of his outbursts. A&E got what they wanted when they took on “Duck Dynasty” and should not have been the least bit surprised when this incident occurred. However, there is no way in the world that it was a set-up by A&E or that they are to blame for the outcome. And, since Phil isn’t backing down from his statements you’d think his supporters would thankful if A&E “set him up”

  46. leonard says

    This is real a&e takes sides with the gay community over a man of god the robertson family is real and i do watch the show you know a&e are not the only tv show I’m shure discovery could use a good family show and phill taught me about ducks and a&e taught me what quacks are maybe that’s why they wanted him gone before he named the next call the a@e guacks good luck phill and family the carolinas are behind you 100 percent. you are either gay or not or a sinner or not so if a&e trust the gays then i quess they don’t trust god and they can stick a&e up the gays I’m shure they’ll like it thanks be happy happy happy abd not a happy pappy.

  47. tina juel says

    You go Phil don’t let the pus you around this is America a&e it does nit t matter if you stop the show I will never watch your channel again and otherpeople your done

  48. tina juel says

    Guys need to stop being so sesative and they should read the bible it is not right to be guy and god did not make you guy and Phil is right and I stand for god I love every one and you can answer to God like everyone else

  49. Tom says

    Eminem (Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, Whatever you want to call him) spouts anti gay and lesbian verses in TONS of songs and what happens?
    He goes platinum, does a song with Elton John, goes on to win numerous Grammys.

    His second album which is worse when it comes to anti gay and lesbian slurs goes DIAMOND (10,000,000 record sales in the US alone)!

    He is all over MTV and other TV stations, His new song is in an Xbox video game, He has his own record label and clothing line.

    Most of the people that are at Interscope records (his primary record label) are gay, lesbian, and transgendered friendly.

    He gets filthy rich and is now considered the best rapper alive by many and the best and most INFLUENTIAL of all time by many.
    Everyone loves him and no one is freaking out about him.

    Phil Robertson a backwoods redneck says exactly what you would expect a backwoods redneck to say and everyone flips out?
    I don’t get it?

  50. NavyMike says

    A&E certainly did not go blindly into creating a show for this family. I blame the network for even giving this family a show. You want reality TV? Well, I expected nothing more or less from the backwoods South no more than I expect the realities of a show from the Projects of the North. Southern Rednecks are no different from the Northern Ghetto Welfare moochers. Oh, wait…the Robertsons are self-made millionaires.