1. David From Canada says

    Everything in this video reeks of bad taste. It might be entertaining to someone who is drunk, with an IQ of 15.
    It could pass as a bad parody of a parody.

  2. Tyler says

    Jerry, pay no mind to that other Tyler. It’s just our resident troll trying to make it seem as though I’m an alias of LittleKiwi, while also posting bigoted comments to slander both kiwi and I. The problem is that it is so obviously Rick posting. He hates kiwi and I because we always call him out on his shi*. It’s pathetic.

  3. throwslikeagirl says

    Love this! Fans should also check out Jackie Beat’s Christmas album. It’s hilarious. “Blurred Bynes” should win a Grammy, or whatever is given for terrific downloads.

  4. steve says

    I used to be very annoyed and judgemental of drag queens – but after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race – and to learn that many of these guys who quite literally born with the desire to dress up as women – or simply born with the desire to entertain and make people laugh – I have embraced them more – and they do represent diversity. They do not represent the entire gay community – but they are a component and I think challenge us (or at least me) to open our minds a bit and acknowledge the diversity even within our own community. Ultimately, I think they should do what they want.

  5. UFFDA says

    More crap from the Sisters of Perpetual Repulsion. The so-called trolls here have got it right, in fact supporting this stuff has turned into the real troll call. With every obnoxious post the drag fags foul our approach to respectability. That’s right Respectability. Only trolls (people from the dregs) trash it.

  6. Randall says

    I am so sick of Trevor Wayne. He’s nothing but a whore. He spent years posting and selling increasingly hardcore naked photos of himself, until he was showing close-ups of his raging hard on with his finger trailing a string of cum from the head, and then he turns around and pretends like he’s an artist and never meant to be the useless waste of flesh that he is. If you want to hire him for a party and pass his hole around for everyone to load up with jizz, that makes sense, but stop putting him in videos and on film in general.

  7. Alex J says

    Oh shut it!!!… this is comedy not real life!… If you feel this offensive then you have serious issues.. Besides, this is not everyone cup of tea so dont drink it… #Byefelicia

  8. Stacy says

    It is one thing to critique the video, it is another to be so hateful and judgemental lol. I am really surprised at a lot of these comments. I love gays, lesbians, Drag performers no matter what gender or sexuality, and transgenders…I see all this hatred within one community. A community that needs to be banded together to fight for equality. How in the hell are you going to fight for that equality if you are so fractured. I think everyone needs to learn to love, period, no matter what community you are in, but especially in a community that is trying to gain their equality. Now simmer down with the hate, and critique the video. You don’t have to find it funny, but you don’t have to be so damn hateful towards Drag Queens. love.

  9. CJ says

    Y’all bitches need to lighten up, take the tree out ‘cha ass, and stop hating. It’s Christmas. It’s meant to be frivolously festive, over the top and entertaining.

  10. Ryan (@RyanTee82) says

    Jason Smets and the aššhole David From Canada after him: You two really need to hear what Willam said about you: “never seen such vicious comments. reeks of str8-acting/masc4masc fags” Willam is dead-on, as usual.

    “so very sick of drag queens – is this truly all the gay community can come up with?” Okay Tyler, what do you have to offer? Oh… nothing. Hmmm

    I love that the bulk of the comments on here are putting you few ƒucktards in your rightful place. In the words of Barbra, shut the ƒuck up.

  11. Ryder says

    Willam, Detox, and Vicky are the top goddesses of drag. I met them in Orlando this year and they are some of the sweetest, most hilarious people I’ve ever talked to. Their songs state surprisingly real facts about our gay community, and believe it or not, most of you hating are just too stuck up your own ass to admit that we all like to have trashy fun. This is damn good music, keep it up DWV!

  12. Jonny says

    I love everything they do and the response- “What are you bringing to the table, exactly?” WHY would you watch this if you don’t like drag queens?! You are just making yourself look stupid. LOVE THIS. Please keep these videos coming!!!

  13. Chris says

    THis was really disappointing, i thought Blurred Bynes was fun, and of course ‘Chow Down”, I liked “RuPaulogize” too, but this was just vile.
    I mean there’s “fun trashy”, and then there is just sad…this crossed the line into sad and pathetic.
    DMV, like any performers, have had ups and downs, but never have I seen them put out anything this embarrassing. For this as a follow up to “Blurred Bynes” was a mistake.

  14. DJBrianna says

    I am sorry, this is Hysterical. Willam is genius to work with Vicki & Dee. I know them all. I Love them all as people & entertainers. They keep the drag fun, upbeat and twisted. Remember we are a gay community so stop frigging ragging on others. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing. And #Kudos for these girls Really Singing. How many queens can actually sing? #LuvUAll Peace, Love & Dance Music!

  15. Troll Alert says

    Good Job Towleroad Misfits…even Willam Belli think’s you’re all a bunch of self loathing jerks:

    From Twitter @Willambell:

    “never seen such vicious comments. reeks of str8 acting/masc4masc f*gs”

    Apparently Willam has never seen Towleroad before.

  16. Jordan says

    Yup mhmm lets all Be little C*unts. Does them making a video that some people, actually, a lot of people will enjoy affect you? No., So if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Simple as that. So just calm your hormones and stop acting like a coked up 12 year old girl.

  17. Brian says

    Dear fellow homos…
    Relax…take the plug out of your ass and stop being so uptight. Their entire MO is parodies and vulgar humor. If you don’t approve, don’t watch…it’s pretty simple. I don’t approve of the Catholic Church like I did when I was a kid, so I don’t go to church any more. I don’t approve of bitchy gays that like to speak in secret code like a bunch of 12 year old girls, so I don’t go to bars and clubs anymore. And just because someone finds vulgarity and jizz funny doesn’t imply that they have a low IQ. Just admit that your sex life is terrible and that you hate your job so we can all laugh together.


  18. Steven says

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Detox several times and Willam as well. I just went on a Drag Cruise they were apart of and they are really sweet, kind and hilarious people in and out of drag. You aren’t going to please everybody and what they do isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you should be rude and degrading just because you don’t like or understand what they’re doing. Watching and attending drag shows make me happy, one of my biggest inspirations is in fact, a drag queen. STOP promoting hate and just let people be, being catty and bitter is not going to stop them from being who they or doing what they do.

  19. Jack Ford says

    Love DWV (especially Willam – he’s f-cking hilarious) and this song was funny but it needs bloody subtitles! I couldn’t understand half of it. And yes, English is my first language lol.

  20. David says

    WILLAM… WHAT are you doing to your life??? You are LITERALLY a superstar. Yes, you’re so hysterical but you have a gift that almost NO ONE in LA has. You could literally have a CD that wins Grammys. You could be doing dance music AND power ballads and be mainstream in a way that really both entertains and makes waves. Please start taking yourself seriously. You’re not a joke. You are something so special. If you sing one more song about a pussy, I think it might be over for you. This is not where you belong in life. I say this with love. Make fun of me as you probably will. But when you’re alone and the persona comes off, all I want you to know is that you are BETTER than this.

  21. Jon Mitchell says

    No one has a claim on my individual respectability but me, and if anyone thinks that other people who identify as LGBTQ and express it differently than they do has some hold on “our respectability” needs to get back to the 20th century because we’ve all moved on. How sad that you think everyone’s self worth in the LGBT community is inextricably linked. If you didn’t like the video then you didn’t like it, but don’t be all “these bitches are draggin’ us all down” because when you say that, it’s you – and only you – who’s draggin us all down. Now go rant on that and prove me right! Can’t wait to hear it.

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