Venezuela Government Urged to Provide Asylum for LGBT Ugandan Refugees


Earlier this week, members from a number of LGBT organizations allied with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced they would petition the country’s Foreign Ministry to grant political asylum to any LGBT Ugandan citizen seeking refuge in the country. Blabbeando reports:

The announcement, carried by the official government news agency AVN, said the groups would submit a written statement to a Foreign Ministry representative urging the government to "suspend any type of collaboration or plans to strengthen a relationship with Uganda by making a public statement addressed to the international community and Uganda and to and grant political asylum to gay Ugandans."

On Thursday, members of the Hugo Chávez Command for Sexual Diversity, Equality Venezuela and the Venezuelan United Socialist Party Youth Committe handed the letter to an an unnamed representative outside the Foreign Ministry offices and said that they decided to speak up as citizens of an important nation.

"The reason we came to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry is that we do not consider the Bolivarian Government to be just any government at this time in the world – at least among third world countries," said Chea Rodriguez speaking to the EFE news agency, adding "this is a country that has great influence."


  1. jamal49 says

    One hopes that Venezuela and other governments such as Cuba or Uruguay might begin to offer asylum to LGBT people from Uganda or Nigeria or any other of those countries in Africa that have been corrupted by American evangelicals. That the U.S. has not yet done so is an outrage.

  2. andrew says

    It is not possible for the U.S. to offer asylum to the millions of LGBT people who live in the many repressive homophobic African Nations. Just like we can’t send the U.S. Military into North Korea to stop that government from killing it’s own people. Or send our military into South Sudan to stop them from killing each other. There are limits to what we can do. We have already spent trillions of dollars since WW II being the worlds policeman, while neglecting our own infrastructure and allowing tens of millions of our citizens to remain part of a permanent underclass.

  3. Andres Duque says

    As the person who wrote the original blog post:

    The United States, unlike many other countries in the world has long had a policy offering political asylum or refugee status to LGBT immigrants who are able to prove past persecution or credible fear of persecution in their home countries – which would certainly apply to LGBT Ugandans.

    The Venezuelan government, on the other hand, has close ties with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Vladimir Putin of Russia and has never raised a peep about their human rights violations against their LGBT communities.

    It’s great to see LGBT organizations in Venezuela become more visible and make demands of their government but I would be shocked if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro actually responds to their demands.