1. ratbastard says

    Mr. Quinto lives a rarefied life in L.A. and NYC, where he can not worry about “wearing the same thing” a few days in a row. Most people, gay or otherwise, don’t live in such a rarefied lifestyle in the right neighborhoods of such happening cities. I relate to him as a human being and a man, but not the rest.

  2. Taylor says

    Here’s hoping he reconsiders India as a travel destination. I’m thinking he’s smart enough not to make that mistake.

  3. BobN says

    ” I will literally wear the same thing for a few days because my days are spent running around” […]”

    Plus there’s the very lucrative used-clothing market on EBay, especially for socks and underwear…

  4. woodroad34 says

    Indeed, he has come a long way from Tori Spelling’s gay Sassan; however,is anyone else finding him to be a little self-possessed artsy? Where I used to find him somewhat intellectual and down to earth, he now is being portrayed as the grand dame of everything outré and Innnn-ta-resting–**long cigarette holder in hand, billing smoke into fantastical creatures**.

  5. JMG says

    Yeah, I like the guy, but he comes off incredibly pretentious and obnoxious in this interview. L.A. is beautiful but ‘has no soul?’ I could say the same for his personality, based solely on this interview. Whah. =/

  6. Alan says

    I was very impressed with his performance in “The Glass Menagerie.” It was an impressive cast, production, play . . .

  7. ratbastard says


    Are you being a smart ass? Of course that literally is not what I meant with that remark. I’m referring to the bicostal “lifestyle”, and the $ to live it, in the hip cool neighborhoods, of course.

    And I was born in NYC (not one of the hip neighborhoods), lived there as a child and adult, FREQUENTLY visit, and have also lived for one year as an adult in L.A.

  8. Mike Ryan says

    Encourage him to boycott India. As an openly gay man he should not be hanging out in a country that would put him in jail if he were the same openly gay citizen.

  9. Jim says

    He’s right, LA has no soul whatsoever. It’s a company town, the company being entertainment, and it’s filled with people who are stars, wannabe stars, or failures at being stars who are miserable. If you go to a party everyone is talking about the business all the time and looking over your shoulder to see who’s more interesting. People always ask, “What are you working on?” Good looking people are given far more value than smart people. Money and status rule. People like Kim Kardashian are allowed to get on TV. The gay community in LA is horrible – if they’re not attracted to you, they don’t even want to talk to you. People are nice to your face but killers behind your back. I hate LA. Good weather, though.

  10. Jim says

    As Neil Simon said, “When it’s 100 in New York, it’s 78 in Los Angeles, and when it’s 5 below in New York, it’s 78 in Los Angeles, but there are 2,000,000 interesting people in New York, and 78 in Los Angeles.”

  11. MARTIN says

    If you can’t find soul in L.A., you can’t find it anywhere. There are millions of people who don’t work in the entertainment industry living the good life in Los Angeles. I’m one of them!

  12. Armando says

    When you only talk to people who work in the entertainment industry, then yes, it’s the only thing people talk to you about. If you open yourself to the millions of people in LA who don’t work in the industry I’m sure you’ll find it a much more interesting place.

    When people talk about how great New York is, they’re usually only talking about Manhattan and then only a couple of blocks. Don’t get me wrong, I love NY, but I live in LA and am happy to do so.