1. Thedrdonna says

    Gotta agree with you Jamal: it’s great to see Barney’s raising awareness of trans issues, but that in no way excuses or downplays their issues with racism. And, of course, if a trans person of color actually went into their store, I wonder how they’d be treated?

  2. tinkerbelle says

    Barney’s is only jumping on the bandwagon because they have to try to simulate being cool. Like B. Weber, the photography world’s biggest closet case. He’s 1000 times worse than Queen Latifah, who at least doesn’t feel the necessity of sharing obessions vicariously through her art. Long live Latifah. Bruce, get a pair already.

    This is not a generous gesture, but a shameful sham. And taking advantage of real, honest people to do it.

  3. Matthew says

    The only part of this story that has actual news value is the reference to the “LGBT Center” and the “National Center for Transgender Equality.” Why is one organization “LGBT” and the other is T-only? Why are there no protests th at the NCTE is segregationist or is exclusionary?

    Well, it is because in the weird, hypocritical world of LGBT, only LGBs are required to sacrifice their identity, their money, and their organizations. The so-called LGBT Center was actually the LGB Center. It was created and funded and maintained by LGB people, not by transgenders. But when the bogus concept of “LGBT” was invented, LGBs were forced to give up their center to trans activists. But that only applies to LGBs. The transgenders openly run their own apartheid-like groups. And they demand that LGBs fund those as well.

    LGBT is a scam and a fraud. LGBs should re-assert their identity and their right to self-determination and end the scam.

  4. says

    Matthew, your comment sounds just like when straight people say, “Why do you need a gay pride parade? There’s no straight pride parade.”

    It’s offensive when straight people say it about gay people, and it’s offensive when gay people say it about trans people.

  5. Matthew says

    No, Mark. It isn’t like that at all. Both groups can have their pride parades and anything else they want. That isn’t the issue.

    The better analogy would be if LGBs had demanded in the 80s or 90s that African Americans “merge” with LGBs forming one fictitious people called LGBAA. Then, LGBs demand that they be given partial ownership in all the organizations that African Americans had built up over the decades BUT at the same time LGB organizations would not become LGBAA. Oh, and the African Americans would have to fund the LGB-only groups too.

    There’s your analogy. Of course, it would never happen in the real world because LGBs wouldn’t be so selfish and obnoxious to make such demands and African Americans wouldn’t be dumb enough to agree to those demands even if they were made. It is too bad that some LGBs have, at least up until now, been dumb enough to buy into the sham of LGBT.

  6. andrew says

    @MATTHEW: All the “G’s” I know, love being part of the LGBT Community. You should learn to love it, because it is the Now and the FUTURE!!!

  7. andrew says

    MATTHEW is a gay hater. He doesn’t hate gays. He is a gay who hates. He hates transgendered people. He doesn’t want to be associated with them. Unfortunately for him, the overwhelming majority of LGB’s have chosen to embrace the more inclusive LGBT concept. Every one of our Centers nation wide is LGBT. Deal with it MATTHEW or step aside and form your own narrowly based group.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before the anti-trans hater would come on here bitching and whining. Probably the same person who goes by different aliases putting down women and racial minorities.

  9. hank92 says

    andrew, i don’t agree with you and no one i know is happy about being associated with transsexuals. lgbt is not the future. it is the past. created by people who were young 25 years ago.

    this has nothign to do with hate. i am irish/german. i love italians. my bf is italian. but i am not italian. i don’t want someone coming up to me telling me that i am italian and that i have to start identifying myself as italian. i would object. not because i hate italians but because you would be saying something about me that isnt true. stop trying to hijack peoples identities andrew. its creepy.

  10. alliefoo says

    Hank, by “No one i know is happy about being associated with transsexuals” do you mean you, yourself, and your 50 other socks you post on here under?

  11. Norman says

    The trans people I have met [I have a GLBT radio show]are not GLBT but associate with being straight. They come under the GLBT umbrella because we are a large long term organization that has been in existence a long time. There are many “phobes” that are tansgenders. Just because they are trans does not make them GLBT.

  12. MikeInVancouver says

    If Barneys really wanted to make some news, it would have the “transman” show off his plastic wang. Srsly tho, they shouldn’t be selling clothes by using mentally ill people in this manner.

  13. says

    I am a 36 year old transgender woman. Most people I know doesn’t know about it. They just know I’m a woman. After reading the comments on this site I’m glad I decided 2 decades ago to keep it secret. My advice to Katie and Arin – go stealth, like “Tula.” You’ll spare yourselves much heartache and pain. Maybe the world will be more willing to accept us a 1000 years from now.