Bill to Ban Gay Marriage in Indiana Moves to Senate

The Indiana bill constitutionally banning gay marriage, HJR3, has been assigned to a Senate committee by Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, the Indy Star reports:

LongThe constitutional amendment, known as House Joint Resolution 3, will now go to the Senate Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee rather than the Judiciary Committee, which is where Long said he planned to send it last week.

Long said he changed his mind after giving the decision more thought, noting that the larger, 12-member rules committee includes top legislative leaders from both parties. Long also is chairman of the committee, which will give him stronger control over the debate. The committee hearing is likely to happen during the week of Feb. 10, he said.

Long, R-Fort Wayne, also said he preferred that any changes to the House version of the resolution be offered on the full Senate floor rather than in committee. Long said he expects the measure to pass out of committee.


  1. TonyJazz says

    What is wrong about Indiana?

    Why aren’t they trying to pass a bill to legalize gay marriage instead?

    What hateful representatives….

  2. Lexis says

    @TONYJAZZ – I think Indiana has more in common with Kentucky, which it also borders. The Wikipedia article on the Indiana Klan notes that, “At the height of its power, the Indiana Klan had over 250,000 members, which was over 30% of state’s white male population.” A young white female friend of mine who recently took a job in a suburb outside of Fort Wayne told me she got the stink eye from several people when they saw her going to break with a black male employee. She also said she got the third degree about her personal life when she was looking for an apartment to rent.

  3. says

    I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I left 30 years ago. I remember going to lunch with a black friend (co-worker) once, and I kept noticing all the people starring at us and it started to bother me. I mentioned to my friend, “It seems like everyone is starring at us, what is the problem?”

    I could tell by the look on her face she knew exactly what the deal was and it had not even dawned on me they were all just a bunch of racist pigs!

    I also remember driving through the country roads and seeing Crosses burning in the corn fields when I was young.

    It’s a very races, homophobic state!

  4. SpaceCadet says

    There are plenty of gay people in Indiana and especially Indianapolis so one would hope this measure doesn’t pass but at least Illinois next door is gay marriage-friendly. Gay Indianans could always make the road trip for the nuptials or just move permanently but in an ideal world they shouldn’t have to. They should vote out every politician signing onto this bill.